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YouTube For Android Devices

YouTube is one of the best video platform for all internet users.Actually,it is very user friendly video hosting web-site so you can share your feeling,emotion,knowledge easily. However,technology always change due to add so many new features.To make good experience ,we also need to change with technology changing.Other important facts is you can earn well with YouTube easily by sharing your Knowledge.YouTube provides every facilities to make money to their users as their wish.Okay,why do you delay to get experience with latest YouTube Apk. You can download now from Google play store easily. Official YouTube APP facilitates you to  find millions of videos, upload your own video and subscribe to other channels.Otherwise, You can search and watch your desired video and also discover from the recommended ones according to your preferences and interests.

The Latest design of the YouTube app is most user friendly software.You can  Directly share a video from the app to social media such as Facebook, twitter or even email to  friends. If you want to view a video from your browser, then you can directly copy a video link from the app and paste it into your browser when you can do it easily.

Most critical feature of YouTube app is as possible control playback with shortcuts. Like, swipe to close a movie, and double tap your finger to forward or backward a video. You can play videos in the background and do other tasks on your own phone or while you search through other videos.

Antother imprtant fact of the YouTube is you can use YouTube app without signing in.However, recommendations on the app homepage could be more personalized to your taste if you are using while logged into your account. You could delete or pause your watch history if you are concerned with your privacy or if others use your device.

If you are a video creator when it is much better to make use of web version of YouTube rather than the app, although we notice that Google is continuously working to boost the app for video creators and channel owners. While all of us embrace that YouTube is the fastest and most popular Video hosting service, the advertisement frequency is increasing day by day especially if you are in a nation where cost to advertiser or quite simply, advertisement payment to the video creator is higher. Still it is not making it enough money to produce YouTube a profitable business to Google. So, we must expect more annoying advertisements unless an alternative to advertisements is discovered by Google.


  • Be careful with SHORTENED links
  • Protect your Password
  • Change your Password frequently
  • Don’t give your information others or message them
  • Fill out Recovery form given by Google …Read More-Source

Download & Other Information

Download Latest Version<<<YouTube App

YouTube file information

Offered By: Google LLC

Version:Latest Version

File size:Varies with device

Minimum Android version:Varies with device

How T0 earn well With YouTube

Neil Patel and Dr.Sanath who are the best earner by YouTube.Furthermore,you can find so many example for that.If you need to earn with YouTube when you should need fulfill some requirements to do that.

How To earn Complete Guide Simply

1.First,you need a gmail account. However,if you have already gmail account when you can proceed the further process with that.

2.After you have made a gmail account,then

3.Visit YouTube and click “Sign In.”

2.Register a Channel or Video.Set up and build your YouTube channel.

3.Once the approval process is complete, you can publish awesome video easily.Gain an audience

4.After you have published so many videos,then you should visit to the Ad-sense for the YouTube ,finally if you have qualified to achieve requirements needed of the YouTube.

5.If you have still fulfilled the requirements need by YouTube when you will approve the Ad-sense Registration for YouTube easily.After you have approved by Adsense when you can Monetize your videos

6.Make completely unique video has included good content,then you can make organic traffic easily.Pulish your videos elsewhere. Don’t publish your videos just only YouTube! Start a blog, make a website or post them on other video or social media sites continuesly. The more views it gets, the better. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the internet, you are increasing the chance of it getting noticed.It will help to earn ultimate money as your wish.


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