Xposed Xprivacy apk download to Save Private Data

Xprivacy make you safe. This Xposed app will secure your privacy data from the apps that leek. It will stop some categories for apps that seeking. Wow ! How it is working? Xprivacy blocked your personal or very sensitive data and it gives Fake or never gives any privacy data to relevant seeking apps.

Xposed Xprivacy apk download to Save Private DataFor an example you can block your contacts data and locations by using Xprivacy. Then those apps that are seeking your contacts cannot be access to your contacts. So Xprivacy will gives empty contact list to that app. As same as if app is getting location of you, you can block it by Xprivacy. It is very useful for some apps and very easily you can save your private data.

These are some new features of Xprivacy apk.

  • Very handy UI, much easier to use.
  • No patches needed.
  • Have good legend and familiar symbols to easy use.
  • Supported for android 4.0.3. to 6.0.1 (MIUI is not supported)
  • Atomatically adding Xprivacy settings to apps by default and if you install any new apps, they also attempt to Xprivacy settings.
  • Display data that use for each app
  • Free tool and Open source tool
  • Ads Free.

So you can stop permissions for apps, now it is not to be afraid installing apps with more permission. Because you can control permissions as you wish by using Xprivacy app. To install this app you need rooted android device and Xposed framework or Cydia Substrate. Both systems are use to modify your android devices without flashing Custom ROMs. Handy tool for may devices.

How to install Xprivacy apk.

Make sure you have rooted your device. There are few methods to ins tall it.

  1. If you already have Xposed framework use this way.
    • Go and open your Xposed installer app.
    • Go to download sections. And search for Xprivacy.
    • Then install the Xprivacy app from Xposed repository
    • Then activate your downloaded app by going to Xposed modules section.
  2. From the play store
    • Go to the play store and find the Xprivacy then Download and install
    • This is the Xprivacy Installer app. You will guide to install Xposed framework to Xprivacy app. Follow those instructions and you can install it.
  3. Download the apk file from here and install
    • Download the given apk.
    • If you have the Xposed framework installed you can install it directly. Then enable the installed app by going to Xposed installer/ modules section.
    • Reboot your device you can have the Xprivacy on your device.
    • If you don’t have Xposed framework installed. First install it. Download Xposed framework from clicking given link. Then install it to your device. Then go to Framework section in Xposed installer. Then Tap on the Install/Update Button. After rebooting your device you can install the Xprivacy.
    • For more detailed instructions follow this Article.

How to use Xprivacy

  • First run of Xprivacy you can have few instruction messages. Read those too.
  • In your default Xprivacy screen, your installed apps have been listed and two check boxes in right side. You can select any app by tapping on the name. Then you will see all the permissions that the app will need. You can choose what permissions need to stop by checking the boxes.
  • And you can restrict permission by using categories like Contacts, Dictionary, Calling, Clipboard, Location, etc…. Go to Xprivacy home menu and tap the upper drop down menu. You can see list of options to restrict permission. When you choose one you can see the list of apps related to your category. You can stop permissions easily.
  • Furthermore this has great help option. Follow it for further information.

Must mention this too, M66B is the developer of this tool and Xprivacy have pro version too. Pro version has some more facilities. Try out this tool and you can save your privacy data and restrict more permissions that some apps asking.

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