Why you should root your Android device?

Why you should root your Android device?

Are you in view of rooting your Android? If it is yes, you are at the right place, because today I am going to describe you some important reasons to root your Android.Why Root Android? Simply it is the best way to fully experience what is possible with Android. Rooting your device means giving yourself admin rights. That means you are getting rights to make changes in your system files which normally would not be accessible to users like us. Manufactures usually keep these areas off-limits to users by default. They apply these restrictions to keep safe these system files. But with these limitations you cannot experience the real taste of the power that your device is gifted with. That is why people consider about rooting their devices, and that lets you experience the full potential of your Android.Why Root Android

You must be really careful if you thoroughly decide to unlock your phone’s full potential by rooting, because a single mistake within the procedure might let your device remain bricked. Therefore proceed with caution.

Here are the top reasons why root Android device:

  • A whole new world of apps is open on your rooted Android

There are thousands of advanced apps which have more power and rich of features than usual applications we are familiar with. But to get all these benefits you need to have a rooted device. Whatever you want, rooting lets you do a lot more. You can make incompatible apps compatible and enjoy a vast experience with Android. Many benefits can be experienced with your rooted Android device by installing some super root apps which are only accessible on rooted devices. They help us to increase our Android device’s performance and add new features. If you wish to root your device, the next most important thing is to get best roots apps on the device. There are thousands of different root apps available and with time we get even more applications. For example: Greenify, ROM Manager, Root Explorer, CPU Tuner, Titanium Backup and so much more.

  • Customize like never before

Android devices have a higher ability in customizing and it is already the most customizable mobile operating system out there. It can change launcher, icon packs, wallpapers, ringing tones, keyboard features and much more to make your device feel in a different way. However this customization is limited in some areas. With the help of root you can experience a higher level of customization with the same Android in your hand. With root permissions you can modify the system files as you desire and experience customization like never before. Beyond just customizing your device’s existing features, rooting helps you to discover true beauty of your device. For sure you will love it.

  • Get rid of troublesome bloatware

The benefits of accessing administrator privileges over Android are numerous. And you can have a great control over each and every application installed on your device. So you do not have to suffer anymore from that annoying, battery-draining, space-wasting crapware that comes preinstalled on your devices. There are many cases where manufacturers will install applications that you would not like or need on your device. They come and set as system apps which you cannot uninstall or remove as you desire. But rooting definitely fixes that by making your device to what you really want it to be. Rooting is the only way to get rid of annoying bloatware that eating up your memory space.

  • Real backups

Another major benefit of rooting your Android is improved backup and restores options. If you are not rooted, you can backup only few things like apps and data. So if you want to keep everything safe and the way it was, rooting is the best option you have for complete backups.

When I talk about real backup, Titanium backup is one of the most popular apps for rooters and which you can easily grab on your rooted device. It can be safely managed for advanced backup options.

Once rooted, you can also create complete backups of your device with the help of the Clockwork Recovery option. It will provide an extra protection even in case of a malfunction.

There are number of goodies come with a custom Kernel which is important to control many hardware aspects on your Android which can only flash with a rooted device. It adds value to your device by improving performance and battery life with many more extra features. In the other way a ROM is a modified version of Android that can be installed to experience many extra features. Unlike custom Kernel, custom ROMs can be used even without rooting, but it is much better to use a custom ROM with a rooted device. Custom ROMs are needed in innovation on your Android handset. And this makes rooting even more important for the user. A main capability, why root android?

  • CPU Clocking

CPU Clocking is normally not available with un-rooted devices. It is important in increasing the performance and improving the battery life. If you want a super powerful device with decent battery life, this is the convenient way to get closer. There are easier apps to manage this which are freely available in the Google Play Store.

  • Blocking

This is a very popular feature among rooted devices. Rooting allows a person to use specific apps that are used to block annoying ads. Apps like AdBlocker Plus or AdGuard give you the best control over advertising contained in apps and browsers. So this feature keeps safe your device from annoying advertising.But undertand well,this Ad-Blocking operation is gained you so many disadvantages long termly why you can’t know the new details about products(Newly released Devices) and services(Schools,universities,hospitals..etc).So you can use AdBlocker at your busy time.it means that you can use this apps when you have lot of works need to be done.But you always try to not used the Ad-Blockers.

Why root android Summary

As you see there are plenty of things you can experience with your rooted Android device. In spite of all these benefits, you should clearly decide whether rooting is right for you. As manufactures say rooting voids your warranty. And you might get your device bricked if something goes wrong with the procedure. But if you do it with careful attention there are plenty of benefits in your hand.

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