Why Root your Android?

Customization On Your  Android Device Easily

For Your Android Phone & Device

If you want to make the maximum out with an Android device, the device has to be customized in a responsive manner, such as customized User Interface and all. This will seriously give you a good change over to have a better viewing each time you use your device.

Unexpectedly, the default User Interface in your Android device will not match for everyone’s need and interest, of course each one as their own interests and needs, so you can make a unique User Interface for you. But there are no possible ways to tweak your device unless you gain root access on your device.

Importance of Customising the UI of Your Phone

Considering both the PC and the smartphone are computing devices to make things easier, both these devices are totally different from one and other. Smart Phones have limited minimal screen size, connectivity and these are powered with small range of batteries. Still, it is not correct to guess that thes devices are a smaller and less powerful version of a PC.

When considering the functionalities and portability of these tiny smartphone, it is really safe to decide that these devices contains great power than the desktop PCs. This Smart Phones are handy, ready to use, frequently connected to the internet and in other words these are highly personalized. These are also built with intelligent sensors in them that are capable of detecting location, acceleration, environmental conditions, proximity and etc.

Rooting with KingRoot for Endless Customization Possibilities

KingRoot is an amazing one-click rooting tool which simply provides root access with a single tap for your Android devices. Basically, you will have to download KingRoot software and the install the software and get the device rooted.

KingRoot is the fastest and the easiest way to get your Android device rooted. While using KingoRoot you will never experience any problems getting through the rooting procedure. Once after the device is rooted, installing custom ROMs to make great User Interface on your device can be made possible. Of course you can easily select from a number of stunning custom ROMs that will let you make some serious tweaks and improvements to the interface of your Android device.

Customization Options for Rooted Android Phones

You can install custom ROM to your Android device once you have made root access on it. Installing Custom ROMs modifies you’re your User Interface and adds new feature for your Android OS. This also provides unique themes and tweaks to improve the device performance.

The CyanogenMod is one of a great Custom ROM for the Android devices. The CyanogenMod is available for the rooted Android devices, which really offers some amazing features such like lock screen gestures, DSP equalizer, CPU overclocking and a ultimate theme engine carries out with its very own theme store. Another cool custom ROM you can find for your device is the Paranoid Android, which offers User Interface customization, floating notifications, multitasking, gesture controls and hidden navigation PIE mode. The main thing to keep in mind is, these Custom ROMs are supported only for a limited number of Android devices including some of the Oppo, OnePlus and Google Nexus devices.

With all these actions you should have understand rooting your Android device is the right choice to enhance the device performance and get the whole power out of the device. By rooting you can use an unreleased version of Android that has no limitations.

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