WhatsTools download for share files via WhatsApp,Hike,Kick or any IM apps upto 1 GB

WhatsTools download for share files via WhatsApp,Hike,Kick or any IM apps upto 1 GB

Whatstools for Whatsapp, What is this?

 Whatstools Download

WhatsApp is a very popular mobile messaging app available for google android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Nokia Series 40, Symbian 60, Windows Phone. In addition to sending text messages over internet, it also allows users to share and send Images, Audios and Videos with each other. But it has certain limitations you can face as shown bellow,

  •  It allows users to send only image, audio and video files only.
    • There is no in-built option to send other file types such as PDF, DOC, APK, etc.
  • The maximum video size that can be sent over whatsapp is restricted to 100 MB.
    • You cannot send videos larger than 100 MB. However whatsapp allow you to trim and compress the video before sending.
    • But still its a limited feature. We cannot send large videos.
  • If you have noticed, when you send images on whatsapp, they are compressed and sent to the receiver.
    • However the quality is not noticeable on mobile, but it can be noticed on computer.
      If we want to send HD images, the quality will be significantly reduced.

The above are the severe restrictions for file transfer in whatsapp. However you can upload the image, video, audio or  any other file type without losing quality, to any file sharing site and share it with your friends.  But it will be a lengthy process. So, here is a whatsapp trick to share and send any kind of file and transfer your images, audio and videos without losing its quality. We need one more app along with whatsapp to use this WhatsTools download.

WhatsTools Download and How to use

WhatsTools download

You can share any files with maximum limit 1GB, by WhatsTools Download.

  • WhatsTools download from upper given link.
  • Then install it on your device.
  • Next turn on WhatsTool Services by this tool.

Next we see how to use it

  • Tap on attach button on Whats app or PLUS button on WhatsTool app;
  • Connect Your Google Drive to it.
  • It will automatically create WhatsTool folder on your Google Drive.
  • Now you are able to use this amazing tool on any apps included File manager.
  • When share files,  First it will upload your file to Google dives’ Whatstool folder.
  • It will show uploading status to sender and as well as to receiver too.
  • But receiver can download files directly. Don’t need WHATSTOOL DOWNLOAD and install.

Whatstools Download-Bestrootapps.com

Special Features obtained after Whatstools download

“WhatsTools download” is not for Whatsapp, It will work with these too.

  • SMS
  • Email
  • WhatsApp,
  • WeChat
  • Google +
  • Facebook
  • Hike
  • Kick
  • Hangout

Single or Group Sharing facility.

Receiver can display video file or Download.

You can share larger files without quality controlling.

Share same file many times as you want by Whatstools Download.

Click to Official Site Whatstools.com. And We mentioned, All the details and Images are given by Official Developers – “Techmasters”.

Hope you got a good overrall understanding. Feedback will be appreciated.


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