What we can Expect From the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Specs and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the most powerful Samsung phone affordable on the market. The device gives out a stunning power with all new 6GB of RAM and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset for UK and other nations obtain an even powerful Exynos chipset. As far we tested the device, we were not able to slow down the device.

In our test, we tested running the Geekbench software on it, the Galaxy Note 8 CPU gives an average of 6524 for multi-core score when in normal use. And then we tested downloaded many apps, running Google maps and playing music in the background everything at the same time the Geekbench Software gave us a score of 6164. That is really amazing. This is much faster than Galaxy S8 Plus for sure.

This amazing news is for multitaskers and power-users, you guys have an awesome device waiting for you. You guys can take full advantage of the Note 8, also it is an S Pen-equipped device. While the Galaxy Note 8 comes with just the one storage option as the 64GB of internal storage, it includes the microSD card slot for expansion. The Note 8 is not lacking in any of the part as a productivity device.

The Fingerprint Sensor

Our whole team hate the fingerprint sensor placement on the Note 8, it is just like the Galaxy S8’s Fingerprint placement. As the fingerprint sensor is visually hidden while using the device and beacause of the size of the device, it is really hard to reach the Fingerprint sensor on the device back.

Coming to the fact that have made with the fingerprint sensor of the Note 8, what is really improved with it? The balance between fingerprint sensor and center-aligned camera are a few millimeters far from one and other. The Samsung lightly moved the flash light and the heart rate monitor in between the sensor and the camera.

The main problem is while grabbing the whole area to find the Fingerprint sensor, the camera part and other places takes fingerprint on it. Sometimes this things extremely annoying with the Note 8.

Also the Samsung has given us some other unlocking alternatives, but still this things don’t work as advertised about them. The Face unlock is the one has proven to be less secure on your Samsung device, so that we don’t ask you to try them even. This security types don’t need to be broken, they break themselves.

This fingerprint sensor problem will be cleared in the future, when Samsung finds the way to add an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The Fingerprint sensor on the front glass is a dream for Samsung fans. We expect this might happen with the Galaxy S9 or the Note 9.

The S Pen

For those people who want to get with S pen and for the fans of it, the note 8 really valuable for its price. With the S pen on the Note 8 you can write or sign any king of document. With this S Pen is also very useful on sketching as it is functioned with over 4096 pressure levels to sense.

Usually this kind of feature and a gadget is functioned with pro level tablets or 2 in 1 computers, but with Note 8 it is even compatible to use. Also with the S Pen on Note 8, it becomes an awesome note taking device with all the other ones.

Especially for note takers, the loving feature is the off screen note taking. This feature just lets you drop white ink on the locked screen immediately after pull out the Pen from the device. The cool off screen memos was introduced with the Note 7, just to take notes without even unlocking the device.

The Note 7 brought us all these mentioned features with it but still these will be new to the new Note users who are getting with the Note 8. Now actually what is new with the Note 8 is, it lets you write Live Messages, with animations, you can send this to anyone through anything as a GIF form.

For sure the S Pen makes many things easy with the Note 8 and makes sense the extra dollars worth for it which is compared to the nearly similar S8 Plus.


For those who do not know, what is Bixby? The Bixby is the Samsung’s intelligent system, which works through the voice commands. The Bixby was expected to perform as a stunning voice control system that can do anything on your device, but still this feature lacks and fails at many points. Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant works much better than Bixby (the Samsung promised about the Bixby as. “Anything you can do with touch, you can do with Bixby”).

However the Samsung is so invested with the Bixby as you will notice that it even included a ‘Bixby button’ on the left side of the Note 8, just below the volume rocker. This button can’t be remapped, while long pressing the Bixby icon you can talk to it.

The Bixby doesn’t have trouble listening, it just ears perfectly, but it is just hearing things correctly, Bixby does not make sense on speaking on it.

Battery Life

We have been testing the Note 8 for the whole last week and the battery does not provide for the need. We also tried to overclock the battery by some of the power hungry to cycle through, and no use. The Note 8 is packed in with a 3300mAh battery, while the Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 7 is even getting with a 3500mAh battery.

You can still obtain a full day of battery life and Samsung’s power-saving software can extend this to slightly over 24 hours, this sounds something ok. However, we made some on screen tests and that gave us that Note 8 is weak in holding power when compared to S8 Plus.

I don’t know why Samsung couldn’t provide an even better power for their device, when even Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom is providing a huge 5000mAh battery in with a 5.5 inch screen. This where Samsung has to work hard I think, but anyhow the Samsung’s battery is safe to use, as it has no explosion.

The Note 8 also provides you rapid charging and it is still a Fast Charging device. But when we tested the device it took longer to get charged, the time was 114 mins to fully charge the battery with the provided USB-C cable. Technically this should be faster than previous Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 7, but it is not.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (101 mins)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (98 mins)

Clearly Samsung is making the mistake for the second time.

One good point is wireless charging is great than ever, but it is also not letting to charge fast as the company promises to do. On our testing, the Samsung’s newest Fast Charge Wireless Convertible pad charged the Note 8 to 100% after 155 minutes (two hours and 35 minutes). You should get to know this things before you dig your money into Note 8. If you are willing to buy a wireless charging pad for any other devices get to know such kinds of information before you do buy.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best and biggest phone you can buy. You would have understand that the Note 8 is worth more than its size of the screen, the power of the S Pen and stunning hardware to count into that. It also lets you captures superior telephoto and bokeh-rich photos with the Samsung’s all new dual-lens array and it also clocks in faster with 6GB of RAM.

There is a huge price to pay on it, however. This is taller phone with a mega size price tag. Note 8 makes you to stretch your fingers so much to reach the outer edges of the screen. Also keep in mind you are getting only an all-day battery life which is lower than expected with the device.

If you can handle all these things and manage with the lacking battery, than the Phone is yours. There is more screen than ever, stunning Camera and great S pen with it.

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