What is this Nandroid Backup?

What is this Nandroid Backup?

Let’s see, All you know making a backup on any device protect your all the data on that time. If you getting problem after any case, you can use the previous backup to recover best results. So as an android user, if you are working with custom ROMs/ 3rd party ROMs, Making backups is most important.

Why? If you got some problem on your device after installing custom ROM what should you do? If you have a backup on previous good configuration, you are safe. So in here the term Nandroid backup comes.What is this Nandroid Backup

Nandroid Backup

In simple words, Nandroid backup is making a backup of all the data inside on your Android Device including users’ data and system data. From this you have a backup with everything motioned bellow.

  • Full Android operating system (Stock / Custom ROM)
  • Apps on your device (System apps and installed apps by user)
  • All media files (Images, Music, messages, widgets, ringtones, User logins, Passwords and etc..)
  • IMEIs

What are the benefits of making Nandroid Backups?

  • If you lose your personal data you can get back from it
  • If your android system is not working you can recover.
  • If the device affected with virus or malware that cannot resolve, again you are safe.
  • If you installed a new custom ROM and it is not suitable or has some problems, you can roll back to previous ROM or Stock ROM as you need.
  • If you lose Your IMIEs in such a situation.

So make Nandroid Backup when your device running in good condition. It is a better option to protect your precious data.

How to create Nandroid backups?

There are many ways to make Nandroid backups. The better way is using Custom recovery. Most popular Custom recovery programs are CWM (ClockworkMode) and TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). After flash one of it into your device, you can easily make backups and restore using those programs. First, you have to turn off your device and run your device using CWM or TRWP. You can save backups into your SD card or other storage media. This is the better way because you can make or restore backups without running Android OS.

How to Flash Nandroid Backup to your device

  1. To flash CWM or TWRP programs to your device First, you have to download CWM or TWRP to your PC.
  2. Download your devices USB drivers from your produces the website. And install it.
  3. Download Android SDK from the Android developer portal. Install it on your computer.
  4. Next, connect your Android device to the computer by using the USB cable.
  5. Enable USB debugging Mode on your device. This is the way to do it.
  6. Now go to a command prompt.
  7. Now go to the Android Platform-tools folder in Android SDK installed location by command prompt.
  8. After that type “ADB devices” and hit enter. Your device will appear in the list. If it is in the list type “ADB reboot bootloader”. Now your device will reboot into Bootloader,
  9. Now go again to Platform-tools folder in command prompt. “Type fastboot devices” hit enter. Then type fastboot flash recovery FILE.IMG. then select Your downloaded .img file (related to your device) to replace img file.
  10. Now you have flashed recovery, Next Go to the “Recovery” option by using volume down key on the device. (IMPORTANT! Volume down is the Scroll button/ Volume up is the Selection Button)
  11. That’s the way to flash Custom Recovery to your device.

Normally Nandroid Backups need large space. Because it contains all the data on your device (I have mentioned above). After that, you can move it to PC from your SD card. You should use the same Custom Recovery Program to make backups and recoveries.

You can make Nandroid Backups with this app called “Online Nandroid Backup“. It is a free app and you can make several types of backups from it. This is working when Android is running. You don’t want to restart your device it works as normal app. But to run this app your device needs Root access. If not this app cannot make Full Backup of your device.

Great Appreciate and thanking for Developers, Koush for CWM | TeamWin for TWRP |  Thomas Otero (H3R3T1C) for ONB app.

Hope you have some idea. Need your Feedback.


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