What Is Custom ROM? How To Install Custom ROM instead Of Stock ROM?

What Is Custom ROM? How To Install Custom ROM instead Of Stock ROM?

As good as Android, sometimes you just require a little more. Whether the Samsung Touch Wiz does not hit the nail on the head, you think your Android Device runs too slow or simply because you get impatient waiting for your device to receive the Latest update, sometimes installing your own version of Android OS (Custom ROM) is the only way to move.

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What is a Custom ROM?

The main selling point of the Android is open source and customizable nature. If you’re entirely unhappy with what your Android device has, you can change it with an innumerable modified version of the OS(Operating System) developed by the independent software developer.

These modified versions are  Custom ROMs.Custom ROMs help to get you updates of the latest Android version quicker than the manufacturers receive it.

To proceed ‘flash’ or install a Custom ROM, you’ll require the following 3 terms:

  • An unlocked bootloader
  • A rooted phone
  • Custom recovery

You should know well about 3 terms before beginning the Flashing of Custom ROM. Furthermore, you should not forget to make a backup of any important data.

1. Unlock the bootloader

The Bootloader is a program that starts whenever a device is turned on to activate the right operating system. It is not only for Android and can find out all devices with an operating, it may be a smartphone, a tablet, a PC etc.

It occurs well while a device(PC) may be equipped with two different operating systems (dual boot). In this case, either one or the other bootloader starts, it is depending on the user’s preference or the user can be pre-programmed to happen automatically.

In order to the concept, locked bootloader on Android devices is virtually impossible to flash a Custom ROM which it is included by manufacturers due to the varies purposes such as barriers to change the device by users as developer to make huge personalised Android device and may be changed setting to make a bricked device by mistakes proceeding  the user.

However, if you need an unlocked Bootloader of your Android Device when you should follow some specific steps which they differ android device by device. If you need to unlock your bootloader of Android device when you can proceed given guidelines as below easily.

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2. Get Root Permissions

“Root permissions” brings from  Unix and Linux and which this term mean the system administrator for your device. If you have maximum administrative permissions/rights when you can modify system files, parameters, uninstall default apps and all sorts of useful stuff.

Although Android Rooting isn’t as complex as it may seem. Take a look at the articles below to find out how to do root your phone and decide whether it’s right for you.

3. Install a Custom Recovery tool

Android devices bring with Google’s recovery environment which is often called the “stock recovery.” The stock recovery is a limited system which It’s designed for the purpose of flash OTA updates and ROMs provided by the device’s manufacturer. Furthermore, Stock Recovery is not offered to flash third-party ROMs.

A custom recovery is a third-party recovery environment. Flashing this recovery environment on your  Android device change the default and customized recovery environment.

A custom recovery environment will proceed the same process as the stock Android recovery. However, custom Recovery has additional features. Custom recoveries allow to create, restore device backups and install custom ROMs. ClockworkMod and TWRP are popular Android Custom Recovery Tools in the Android world.both are available from the Play Store. If you need to know how to use custom Recovery Tool when you follow guidelines as below,

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4. How to flash a custom ROM

Custom ROMs is the Android Operating System but they design by Non-Google’s Android developers. Custom ROMs are offered you highly personalized features and options. Some popular Custom ROMs are mentioned as below,

  • CyanogenMod: Excellent performance and versatile
  • MIUI: Superb graphics and safe
  • Paranoid Android: Quick-running and flexible
  • AOKP: All-rounder with great performance.

If you need to know more details about Custom ROMs when you can follow the article as given below,

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After you have selected your dream Custom ROM, here’s the safest and productive method to flash your Custom ROM:

  • First, you need to download selected Custom ROM and copy it to the internal memory or an SD card.
  • Then, you can switch the Android device to recovery mode with the key combination you have found earlier.
  • In this step, you should make a backup by selecting Backup and Restore then Backup. Wait until this is finished and return to the main menu. If you do this, you’ll be able to restore your device should anything go wrong.
  • Now, you should select the options wipe data (which will remove the old ROM), wipe cache and wipe Dalvik cache (found in the Advanced section).
  • Then, you need to hit install zip from SDcard then choose zip from SDcard. Next, you need to find the copy of the ROM you made earlier and the phone will automatically start a series of processes.
  • Now, you should wait for the end of the procedure and restart the phone. The 1st startup will take longer than normal, but if it takes more than about 15 minutes when something is probably wrong. But don’t afraid. Just remove the battery and repeat the procedure again start to end. If the error occurs again when you can try a varies Custom ROM.

Google Play Store and Samsung Apps

After you’ve finished installation of your Custom ROM. After all steps, you’ll understand a distinct lack of apps as well as the Google Play Store or Samsung store. They don’t give permission to place them in 3rd party Custom ROM. You can find Google App out of the play store and install it to further use

That is enough. You can feel huge android experience using this guideline. Thanks

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