What is Custom ROM Android

If you don’t know what is a Custom ROM? This introduction is for them. When you are searching about android you must have seen this term “ROM”. Let’s see. If we get to the point, Your default android operation system is a ROM. we called it as Stock ROM. But some Android guys don’t like it, So they make Custom ROMs.

All Operating Systems build to operate a device. When we consider Android it is too. So you can use your android device only with basic or included options come with Android original operating system.

What is Custom ROMs AndroidBut in Android OS, the main advantage is Android can add third party systems to your devices. Those devices work not only with Stock ROM/ Original Android OS.  You can replace device with Custom ROMS. But it has some rules to follow because of the variation of AOSP.

So these custom ROMs made by Android developers those thinks they can modify the Stock ROM much more than official. Those called as Custom ROMs.

How to make custom ROMs.

Google makes Android as open source. (AOSP – Android Open Source Project) So they have given a chance to modify Android for all. So that makes the new invent of Custom ROMs.

Why need Custom ROMs?

Old junkies can make a new device.

All you have this problem. If your device one year or two years old you cannot update your device to a newer version of android. This is varying to Manufactures. So old users cannot have new updates to the Android system. If you have newer updates you can get new features and those have good security fixes.

The device works as a Rocket.

So many unwanted apps and services come with Android Stock ROMs. This is varying to manufacturers. They have included some apps and services related to their business. But if you use Custom ROM you haven’t those heavy unwonted apps and services that you don’t need.

New options that newer seen.

Custom ROMs not only give Updated Android version. They have some cool customizing facilities. Have to mention this too when Google developing newer versions of android sometimes they also applying some best features in these Custom ROMs.


Most of ROMs have root access. With the root, you can get more privileged options to your device. These custom ROMs have unlimited access to your system that if you need.

There is Good and but also have Bad side too.

All things have good and bad. Custom ROMs are very useful and cool, but you have to know there are some disadvantages. Let’s see them.

NO more warranty to your device

If you in your device warranty period must mention this. After installing a Custom ROM your device warranty will void. When you are buying a device you have to obey some terms and conditions that gives by the manufacturer. So they don’t like installing Custom ROMs. So you have to think twice before installing custom ROM.

Need more attention

When you are installing Custom ROM you have to follow deferent steps that take a little longer. And you have to be get updated always about your ROM. If you got some issues to contact the developers or those who using that ROM. They will help to solve those issues. So that’s why you need more attention to the ROM.

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