What is a Custom Recovery? Exploring CMW & TWRP

Android is known for being the customizable operating system and for awesome reasons. Since Android comes in many  with many different flavors from many different manufacturers. If android user not huge fan of the version of android that shipped with your android device, you can probably change it because android is the open source project. Other with time your android device is older, then you can’t take new version or updates furthermore so  Most android users need to tinkering their android devices. Furthermore you need to root and flash custom ROMs on your android device to take controllable and flexible as well as huge android device.

If you are searching or reading anything about the android device or android rooting when you probably seen flash a custom recovery but really what is recovery/ what is custom recovery /what are varies options for custom recovery? Why will involve the process of custom recovery? We know that you need to know about it furthermore clearly. Basically this documentation tries to explain mentioned terms above clearly.

What’s a Recovery?

An Android device includes of several sections of software, which include the Bootloader, Radio, Recovery, and System. The Bootloader is the most important  piece of software that is run when your device turns on  simultaneously it decides whether to load the recovery, or load Android (“system”) and the Radio.

The recovery is a runtime environment such as “mini operating system” separate from Android operating system which it can perform various system to related tasks. The stock recovery on most Android devices can apply OTA updates, delete user and cache content for factory reset purposes and allow external tools from a microSD card to run functions on the device.

Compared to a PC which it is most equal to the BIOS in that it is a small piece of software that is independent of the operating system and   also can control various system settings and functions, but it does not actually perform the same exact tasks. For example, the recovery doesn’t control any input or output functions, which is entirely what the BIOS is about. The recovery also has no power as soon as Android is being loaded.

Otherwise All Android devices ship with a recovery environment preinstalled. This recovery software can be used to restore the device to factory default settings, update its operating system, and perform other diagnostic tasks

What’s a Custom Recovery?

A custom recovery is not a stock Recovery environment.  Any android user can install customized recovery environment over the stock recovery environment. There are many different reasons why Android users will require installing a custom recovery.  Most of those reasons are extra functionality which they include Most of the major features;

  • Custom Recovery help to install third-party ROMs over the stock Android image
  • Custom Recovery perform Nandroid backups which  these are awesome  backups which  saves literally everything from your personal data to the operating system itself.
  • Custom Recovery can communicate with the Android Debug Bridge, or ADB on a computer for debugging and other developer type actions  easily  which is otherwise only possible when enabling developer tools within Android
  • Custom Recovery can provide A more useful and/or visually-pleasing interface which can include touch capabilities or an interface not driven by menu options.
  • Custom Recovery allow to root your Android Device.
  • Custom Recovery allow to Latest updates
  • Custom recovery can improve your performance of the android device.
  • Custom recovery can enhance your battery life.
  • Custom recovery can speed up your android device.

If you require to improve the android knowledge deeply android when you should use usually custom recovery. Otherwise you can’t gain anything/ new features or your required features without custom recovery. Absolutely custom recovery is a useful project on your android devices.


Top Friendly Awesome Best Recovery Tools.

We can be found two top popular custom recoveries for android   Devices;

  • CWM (ClockworkMod Recovery)
  • TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project).

Both This recovery tools are most awesome and productive

TWRP can gain few more options than CMW Recovery tool

CWM has menu driven as wel as boring interface but work well


As simply, generally custom recoveries help you to do various things that the career may not want you to do with it. They try to make the stock recovery as limited operation that you don’t turn your to the custom recovery, device will be a bricked but you know what you’re needed , right manner?


Download<<<Any CWM Tool From Official Web-site

CWM has menu driven as wel as boring interface but work well.

2.TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project).

Download<<<Any TWRP Tool From Official Web-site

TWRP can gain few more options than CMW Recovery tool which it is more dynamic,it has large displayed button that can tap easily.

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