What are your thoughts on Android P Developer Preview 2?

The Google launched its initial developer preview of the upcoming Android P back in the March of this year, but unfortunately, it was one that not many of the people were not interested in using. Instead, most people decided to wait until the second developer preview to be released. The company has announced the second developer preview at the Google I/O which happened last week and since then all of us had a really good time to dig through the update and seek out for the changes. So, now the community can use the update for a while has it had time to search for changes, we decided to reach you people and ask for your thoughts about the Android P Developer Preview 2.

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We are always used to the Google’s sprinkling in new features from one developer preview to the next, so most people are excited to get with the new changes that came packed with the last week’s developer update. The all-new navigation gestures are being the big topic in the community with some really cool and like it while others are left like feeling it seems to be half-baked. To totally accommodate with this all-new navigation method, the Google has also included a new recent apps switcher page which is packed with animations to tie into the new navigation gestures now available.

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The Adaptive Battery and Adaptive Brightness are both have included in the latest update in a serious attempt in order to increase the longevity of the battery life along with improving the user experience by making possible the auto brightness. Under the hood, we have got so many changes as well with the Android P preview, such as the native support for iris and face scanning biometric authentication methods which are becoming more and more popular day by day. The Google has also put a great focus on improving the digital wellbeing experience by making possible to reduce long periods of usage over the time, revamped the do not disturb mode, and added in a new Wind Down feature.

Recently, we have gone through all of the new changes that we have discovered in this new update and we really encourage you to check out the update has it is really great. Anyway, we are really interested in hearing what you think of this new update now has it has been out for a few days. Please let us know which of the changes and new features that you like with the update and also include some of the suggestions about how you would like to fix if there is an issue that you discovered on it.

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