Very Important things to change in settings of your brand new smartphone clearly

This documentation will discus about Very Important things to change in settings of your brand new smartphone clearly.You can read start to end this article to make huge android experience easily and productively with your Android smartphone.So,to make better practices with smartphones,things to do this guidelines before switching phones. 

So many excitements and impatiences usually arise for new comers while using smart phones with new settings and options.Everything is a magical, once we get totally different  interface than the familiar one with new Android Smartphone.Any how if you are intact and competent user of these features within a short period of time. Because of that we’re going to show you how to deactivate five stock options that drive us mad.

Deactivate touch response sounds and vibrations

Deactivate touch response sounds and vibrations is important stock option you need to proceed before begin your your smartphone’s journey.

Haptic feedback can reduces for very outset beginners using following guide. Unmatched imitations results incompatible indicators like unfamiliar sounds and vibrations.  Its more convenient first thing is turn off.  That will enhances the battery power.

To avoid haptic sounds and vibrations of the touch response:

  • Go to Settings > Sounds & Vibration > Other sounds or System
  • Once there you can deactivate: keyboard sounds, screen lock sounds, charging sounds, touch sounds, touch vibration, etc.

Don’t Forget: If the smartphone is going to be used by an elderly person who doesn’t have a keen sense of touch, it is recommended to leave the vibration activated, so it’s easier to tell when the screen is touched.

Deactivate keyboard vibration when you type

Deactivate keyword vibration when you type message,number or any things on your smartphone is very important stock option you need to proceed before begin your your smartphone’s journey.

Perfect, you’ve deactivated all the touch sounds on the system, so why Repeatedly vibrate when I type? Keyboard has a mind of its own. To deactivate keyboard vibrations, you’ll have to head to the settings on the keyboard itself, Please be vigilant.

  • Go to Settings > Language and input > Virtual keyboard. Note: on some devices, such as Samsung phones, Language and input can be found in the General Management menu.
  • Choose your keyboard.
  • In preferences, deactivate ‘Keyboard sound’ and ‘Keyboard vibration’.

Rein in auto-correct

Rein in auto-correct is another most important stock options for almost all android users.Without deactivating in a right way , Often times auto-correct is hindering you more than helping you. It’s great when your phone recommends words as you’re typing, but not when it tries to replace or correct them all the time. The stock auto-correct on most phones is pretty aggressive. 

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Language and input > Virtual keyboard
  • Choose the keyboard you’re using.
  • In the keyboard settings, press ‘Text Correction’.
  • Deactivate the option that says ‘Auto replace.’

Disable all the pre-installed apps that you don’t use

Manufacturers use to uploads their own apps. Some times,not familiar to you & never use those services or applications, leaving you with Wasting valuable spaces.

Those Apps can keep hibernating without even try to remove.

In such situations,you can follow our detailed article on how to disable pre-installed apps, FOR a brief overview of the main steps here:

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Choose the app you want to disable (avoid structural apps like Google services or other apps that aren’t in the app drawer).
  • In the app information, you’ll find a Disable button.
  • You can also choose to Deactivate notifications if you’d like.

Turn off the boot animation

To avoid embracing from unwanted and less important Apps of your Smartphone.If you need to remove such useless Apps from your Android Device when you can Root your Android device easily. 

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Deactivate the boot sound, so you don’t have to listen to “Hello Moto” or the like by following these steps:

  • Head to Settings > Sounds
  • Depending on the manufacturer, there will be different options that you should deactivate. For Motorola it’s called ‘Power up sound’ and for Huawei/Honor ‘Start up sound’.
  • It’s not quite that easy for Samsung users, but we’ve got a couple of options. For non-root users, put your device in silent mode before you restart it or turn it off. You can also deactivate all sounds in Settings > Accessibility > Hearing. For root users, you can delete the audio files in \System\Etc\ PowerOn.wav for power up and \System\Media\Audio\ui\ shutdown.ogg for shutdown.

Bonus: Changing ringtones

When the first phones with polyphonic ring tones, choosing a ringtone was a difficult and important decision that often took all afternoon. Now, most of us do not even pay attention, but there are many customization options, if you’re interested in them. You can even make your favorite song your ringtone as your ringtones.

This article will be continued….

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