Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X & Root|Official Method

Honor 7X is a grat Smartphone, which brings with 5.93 inches, 90.7 cm2 (~77.0% screen-to-body ratio) IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen display powered by Octa-core (4×2.36 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4×1.7 GHz Cortex-A53) along with 4GB RAM and the device runs on Android V 7. (Nougat) OS.

Aim of this article is explaining about How to Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X.Generally,all the Huawei smartphones forward you as locked Bootloader.Similarly, Honor 7X is also one of those which comes with locked Bootloader in it. So,Anyway why do you need unlock Bootloader of your Android device? if you want to Flash custom ROM, Install TWRP Recovery or Root Honor 7X,first, your device should be unlocked bootloader Before begin mentioned  any activities  why your device is not permission to install any 3rd part Apps with Bootloader locked states.


What is a Android Bootloader? What does it stands for? Why it comes as locked feature?

These are frequently raised questions for users who are new to this term “Bootloader”. Simply Bootloader is a piece of software that runs every time when your phone starts up. It is a code that runs on a device before the operating system starts up. Android phone is similar to a hard drive, made up of several partitions. Each of these partitions holds different system files of Android. Bootloader acts here as a security checkpoint for all those partitions. If you own the right to swap out what’s included on those partitions, you have the authority to manage things if you do not aware of what you are exactly doing. Different manufacturers manage the Android Bootloader differently, and it can even differ from one software version to the other. Every operating system comes with Bootloaders of some kind. It is specifically designed to a device considering the software and hardware loadout that varies from one device to the next.Read More

Benefits of Unlocked Bootloader

There are many features that you can make huge Android Experience after  unlocked bootloader of your android device. Few of benefits are listed as below:

  • Install Custom ROMs.
  • Flash Zip Files.
  • Root Android to gain superuser power.
  • Remove Bloatwares.
  • Use unsupported apps.
  • And many more things.

Now, I am happy that you would also like to unlock Bootloader on your Honor 7X device. To proceed so, follow the below steps  carefully.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X

Unlocking Bootloader will void your Huawei device warranty. So, we don’t recommend anybody to Unlock Bootloader. But, if you follow the instructions carefully, then you will not face any issue.

Before we proceed to the instructions, have a look to prerequisites, so that you wouldn’t have any problem while Unlocking Bootloader on your Honor 7X.


  • This process will completely Wipe your device. So, make sure to take a Complete Backup of your Honor 7X.
  • Charge your Honor 7X to a sufficient battery level to avoid any hiccups during the process.
  • Make sure to enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlocking.
  • Download Huawei driver Pack

If you have done with the above pre-requisites, you can move over the instructions to Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X.

Methods To Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X

Below we have discused a methods to Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X. You can follow simply to unlocked the bootloader easily.

Steps To Unlock Bootloader on Honor 7X  officially

This is the official method to Unlock Bootloader on Huawei devices. You can Also follow this method to Unlock Bootloader on your Huawei device.

  1. Visit to : https://www.emui.com/en/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail and either login or create an Huawei account to use Huawei services.
  2. After have successfully logged in, enter the following details of your Honor 7X:
    • Your Device Model – PLK-L01
    • Device Serial Number – Settings -> About -> Status
    • Device IMEI1 – Settings -> About -> Status
    • Phone Product ID – Dial *#*#1357946#*#* and Hit enter.
    • Finally, fill Captcha Code.
  3. Then, Submit. (Note: If you get error such as ‘The Huawei ID used to apply for the unlock code has not been used on the device for more than 14 days.’, then try the unofficial method.)
  4. Launch CMD on your PC/Laptop.
  5. Now, connect your Honor 7X to the Computer using USB cable and allow the Security Prompt on the device screen.
  6. Type the below command and hit enter to enter into fastboot mode:
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. Now, enter the below command and hit enter:
    fastboot oem unlock [insertnumberhere]

    Replace “insertnumberhere” with the number which is provided by Huawei after the Registration.

  8. That’s it.

Finally, you will see a message “Unlock Success, the device will reboot and factory reset“. It means, Bootloader is Unlocked on your Honor 7X.Wow,great job.

Root your Honor 7X


Download TWRP and SuperSU

  • Get the Honor 7X TWRP here
  • Get Super SU here
  • Place TWRP file in your adb folder
  • Place SuperSU file on your SDcard


  • Turn USB debugging back on after reset
  • Plug your phone into your computer VIA USB
  • Type the command ‘adb reboot bootloader‘ and hit enter.
  • Once in bootloader mode, type ‘fastboot flash recovery twrp_Honor_7x.img‘
  • Once finished, type ‘fastboot reboot
  • After reboot, unplug your phone and power off
  • Hold Power + Volume Up to Launch TWRP
  • Swipe to Allow Modifications
  • Go to Install > Select the SuperSU file
  • Swipe to flash
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache then reboot

You are now rooted. You can use a root checker app to verify that you’ve done everything correctly.

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