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Towelroot is one of  the best Android Rooting Application available in the Android market today. Towelroot is absolutely different from  other Rooting apps.Furthermore,this user friendly android rooting tool is totally free and can root your android device easily and effectively.

Key Features of TowelRoot

  1. Very light app
  2. Available for free
  3. No need to connect your Phone to PC for rooting.
  4. One click Root.
  5. Towelroot supports various devices (If not, all the Android devices)
  6. Basic Features are included.
  7. Enhanced version – Most Used & Best Version

TowelRoot APK V3

The very first version of Towelroot APK which was not supported by many Android devices at the time. But, you can still use this to Root your Android phones with the help of MOD Strings.


Name: TowelRoot Apk 
  popular developer and hacker Geohot
Version: 3.0.
Size:101 kB


How To Download Towelroot apk ?

  1. Go to setting > security > and unknown sources ON to install us third party Apps.
  2. Towelroot apk download from upper link, unzip it.
  3. Save Tr.apk file to your devices pull down the notification shade by pulling down from top of device.
  4. Then touch download complete notification then touch Install, while wait you touch installation complete to open the Apps touch on make it ra1n button, then you should get a success notice that’s you are rooted.

After Towelroot apk download, you should  install SuperSU

(SuperSU is the Access management tool of the future)

  1. 1 Go to play store on your devices and search for Super SU Touch on the one by chain fire and install it by the way touch on the open button
  2. Allow it to update its binaries and anything else it prompt you to do.
  3. Test root access,   go to the play store on your device search for root checker touch on the result and install it, once done touch the open button touch run and make sure you are rooted

Some devices are not supported  with Towelroot apk while Don’t Worry the problem is due to Modstrings that are used to Modify the exploit parameters. You can manually change the strings and try.

You use below way

(1) To charge the modstring open towel root application and tap wellcome Towelroot three times.

(2) Then will open a box under make it ra1n button

(3) You type one of following codes.

Code 1 133701040 (standard works on most phone)

Code 2 13370173804(for Samsung Galaxy device)

Code 3 133701041(universal but give temporary root Access only)

(4) Type the first number and then press the root button.

(5) Samsung Galaxy may be not work almost all new Galaxy devices.

(6) The third code is universal it is temporary root but it can use latest android devices

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