Top Tips To Expand Your Phone Battery Life

Top Tips To Save Your Phone Battery Every Day

We are living in the realm of computerized innovation with Smart Devices as the principle wellspring of supply and utilization of innovation. In this post, we will enable you to out with another most helpful hints on Smart Devices that are ‘ Top Tips To Expand Your Phone Battery Life’ without hanging the Smart Device for charger constantly.

Friend,understand, currently your battery charge is very important facts to run your device properly than past.Otherwise,if your Smartphone will off suddenly,then you will face so many serous trouble during the day.So keep it in your mind well and use given guidelines to conduct your day happily and without any trouble.

In the past post, we have talked about Best Top Android Battery Saver And Practices Step By Step Guide.

Your battery power is constant and we can reprasent it as below,

your battery power use for all Apps run on your Device and finally it will be finished all enegy,then if you need use yo when you should charge it.So we can explain it using by simple equation as

Battery Power(If you have fully charged)=Power ussage per hour*Number of Days =Enegy ussage your activities(Calling,SMS…etc)+enegy ussage for Apps+Heat loss+Sound Loss.Understand,Can you descrease the daily usages when you can increase the Number of days mean that you can reduce useless  power wastage on your device when you can expand the battery life productively.To expand the battery life follow guidelines given as below,

Choose The Light Theme

Most  users haven’t knowledge that their Smart Phone themes can lead to drop the phone’s battery. It is proven fact that your theme also plays a major role on your Device as well as it can be  big reason to decreasing your phone’s battery life.If you are used   thick colored and colorful display  when they absorb huge portion of  power from  your Battery.Otherwise battery drains easily as well as it will be generated shorter  battery life on your Smart Device .

Kill Auto Settings

I see recently that most of the smartphone owners use auto settings on their Devices.Oh, Do you know that  auto settings can independently despoil your battery life? yes, Oh,my friends,understand well if you use auto settings like auto brightness, auto sensors, auto location and auto time management settings  when they need big portion of energy to run them why that  programs use automated programs as well as can greatly reduce your battery life. So it is always a better idea to turn off automatic settings on your Smart Device and you can use mentioned Applications manually as your requirements.Finally,you can save power on your Smart Device easily which it help to expand the Battery life forever.

Close Background Apps

Generally,most Apps run on your Smart Phone as Background Apps.They need to conduct proper functions of the android device,but some apps are not needed to proper functionalities.Manufactures added them to make extra functionalities.So we can select that Apps and we need to turn off them to expand the Battery life.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Some Apps which run on your Smartphone consume big power than the normal usage.If you are installed App which need Big power to run it when it will be resulted a rapidly drained battery than normal situation.otherwise,we know that you need some special App to conduct your activities clearly,then you can select an app which consume lower amount of power usage.Anyway,you need to find details about the power consumption before use selected App furthermore.Additionally,you should remove/delete all unnecessary Apps on your Device.Finally,you can make a smartphone which it has better power consumption pattern.

Turn On Some App Only When Required

GPS & Wi-Fi,3G,4G..etc  are also resulted to draining power rapidly.These facilities consume huge battery so you can use mentioned service when if you are needed.Otherwise you can turn off that facilities when are not used them.

Kill Hot Plate Nature

I saw sevaral times that Some smartphone heat up when use it.Generally,recent all Smart Devices cut off their loss energy as heat using by modern technologies.Anyway check your Smartphone,if it makes abnormal heating usually.Additionally,you all understand any technology can’t cut off total heat means that all Smart Devices also make some heat when use it.It is nature of the universe.So i said that your device produce abnormal heat energy uselessly,then you should check your device quickly.Furthermore,you can follow the article of Top Best Over Heat Managing Apps For Android Devices to expand your battery life.

Try To Use Wireless Accessories when you required

If you need to use some Accessories to your smartphone when you can use wireless Accessories.otherwise, if you are used wired accessories when they loss big portion of energy as heat loss why wires has resistant and result is losing energy as heat

Root or Jailbreak Your Smart Device

If you have Android Device when you can root it to gain administrative level access to the system on your android devices.Otherwise if you have Apple Devices when you jailbreak your Device to get required modifications easily.We know some special apps  such as Greenify App help to expand battery life easily and productively.

Use Original Parts When It Required to Repair

if your Smart Phone need some repairs when you need to use and advice to your technician to use original parts to correct your device faults.if your device has included local parts when they also consume energy as incorrect portion.It will be resulted to make heat losing easily.Otherwise battery life time will decrease rapidly.

Use Original Charger To charge Your Smart Device

Original Chargers designed specially to the selected Smart Devices.It means that mentioned charger support 100% with their Device.So your battery can reach to correct charge limit easily and safely without any issues.

Use light Colored phone Cover

When your Smart Phone work,it also produces some heat,so your device need to be cooling continuously why if it not cooling when your device warm up automatically and it will  be affected to  the better performance of your device.We know that light colored surface can cool easily as well as they are not warm up rapidly.

Disable Vibrations

Vibrations  consumes high portion of power always.So you should control vibration usages to make expanded battery life.

Maintain Cool Temperature

We observe that our battery runs out faster when our smartphones are warm up or warm down. Put simply, don’t expose your smartphones under direct sunlight or in any place that is hot or most coolest place. 

The battery play optimally in optimum temperature,battery produce electric power  using by chemical reaction in the battery.If you live most coolest or most hot environment when battery can not reach their perfect performance. look out for, and try to avoid, scenarios where your phone is exposed to unnecessary and excessive heat or cool.Don’t worry,You can keep it into pocket at the unsuitable location.Human body temperature is most suitable optimum temperature for better performance of your Smart Device.


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