Top Facts you should always automate on your Smart Phone

Hi,My Friends,Usages of  Android is really Awesome as it as an open source Operating System.It provides always huge experience forever. Android makes the life easier with tons of feature built in it. This way you can make even better by automating some of the Android actions.

In this post I have listed up 5 simple things to automate in your Android device which really helps you on day to day activities. These are really some of the basics of Android automation that you can do with the built in settings. Automation is growing up in a serious manner for the future. Now lets get with the list to automate your device.

Set up the “Do not Disturb” option

Setting up Do not Disturb option is something really important with your Smart Phone. Do you remember how many times that you have been disturb by your Phone? There is nothing worse can happen to you than getting calls, texts or a notification when you are in a deep sleep after a whole day rush. This wakes you up at complicated times and will totally ruin your sleep and mind. At such situations instead of turning off your device or putting it in silent mode, you can just simply set up Do not disturb option. By activating this option, with Do Not Disturb you can make your device time scheduled with what times the device should be turned to the mode and what time it does not, so that the device will no longer make sounds on the scheduled periods.

Setting up Do Not Disturb is quit a simple process of one or two minutes.

  • Open up the Settings menu on your device,
  • Get into Sound (might be called differently on your device),
  • And here tap on Do not disturb.
  • Then just select the days and hours when the device should be in silent and when not. Also specify which things it should mute
    (Calls, Texts, Notifications)

Post to Multiple Social Networks with one tap

There are dozens of popular social networks available today including the most famous ones such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You might be using one or more social networks according to your wish. If you are using more than one social network, then you might have to post a single post on multiple social Medias, you would have wasted so much time on it. It is really wort it to have an App like Hootsuite to automate the post sharing by just one tap for all your social Medias.

What the Hootsuite App does for is, it allows you to publish a single post on number of different social networks with just a single click at the same time. This App also lets you schedule posts for Facebook or tweets for Twitter to be publish later. You can also manage multiple social network account and monitor your brand.

The Hootsuite service has over 15 million users worldwide. The Hootsuite is free use with up to three social network accounts. If you want to connect more social networks, then can get with a paid subscription which starts from $19 per month. You can try out the App from now on download it from Google Play Store with the below link.

Download Hootsuite

Backup Photos and Videos

The most important thing you should always be set with is the backup option for all your photos and videos. Make sure that all your photos and videos are stored automatically to the cloud. By setting up this your photos and videos are well protected even if you lose your device and you can also get access with all your photos and videos at any place and any time with any of the device that has internet.

So far we found the Google photos service is the best to do all the stuff. If you are not already setup you can install Google Photos with the below download link and set it up.

Download Google Photos

To automate the backup process

  • Open the app
  • And just go to the Settings
  • Then tap on the Backup & sync menu and then turn on the Backup & sync option

The best part with the Google Photos is that it offers 15 GB with free of charge. Keep in mind the large size of photos and videos will be downsized to 16 MP and 1080p. The package upgrades are starting from just $1.99 per month.

The most important feature with the Google photos is the Free up device storage option in the settings of the app. This feature can automatically delete the backed up files from your device and will save you some space in the device.


Set up data usage warning`

This is something very important for everyone. This option will make sure that you don’t overuse the data get stuck with a large amount of bill from your carrier. You might be checking your package usage regularly to keep your limit, Instead of checking, you can just set up a data usage warning limit to get notified when you reach the limit.

The data usage warning option on your device will notify when you have reached the specified limit data usage, by this you will be informed to stop using all those data-hungry apps. Also once you are up to the limit this feature will disconnect from the internet to save you. This extremely useful.

Setting up a data usage warning is a simple task,

  • Open up the Settings on your device
  • Select Data usage, and tap on Billing cycle
  • Then just add the amount of data that you want to be warned
    (Example: notify me when I use 10 GB of data)

Unlock Smartphone when you are at Home

We all lock our device with fingerprint or passcode or something else to make safety for the data. But anyhow you are totally safe when you are at your own home, these kind of safety things can get annoying at some times, especially if you are one of who always check your phone throughout the day.

In this case the best option is to disable the security method you’re using once you get home. You can automate this function instead of doing it manually every single time want it to be unlocked.

Now let’s do it,

  • Get to the settings of your device
  • Select Security & fingerprint (might be something similar to thins on your smartphone)
  • And then tap on Smart Lock
  • Now you will see a bunch of options, but the one we want to select here is the Trusted Places
  • Just tap on the Trusted Places and punch in an address with the Add trusted place option
  • You can add multiple locations to be free of security at multiple places such as your home and office

Once you have activated the feature, the security method you use will automatically be disabled at the trusted locations whenever you just head to the place. Always your Android device will automatically deactivate the security once you are at the safe zone and once you leave the place the security turns back on. Anyhow this feature requires the GPS to be turned on all the time to detect the places, or else it want work.

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