Top Essential Tips to increase Android’s performance

Introduction of Top Essential Tips to increase Android’s performance

When you brought your an Android device, it was working with high performance. But time was being slow down continuously day by day. It is common problem that every user of Android devices. Anyway why android users face such this problem, Every Android  users need answer to these problems perfectly and rapidly. Absolutely working with poor performance device is very difficult because poor speed.

Have you think about the apps in your phone or tablets?

How many apps do use in your device on day to day ?

How many apps do you collect to your android device on daily?

How many apps do you use usually?

How many data do bring to your android device in daily?

How many time do you use your android device for varies operations?

Do you know that your android device make so many temporally files when you do any operation ?

How many temporally files that your android device make for varies operations?

How many data collect daily as  apps,cached data,videos,sms,audio files to your android device in daily as well as monthly or annually?

Every android phone and tablet users need know about capabilities and drawbacks of the device. You should overburden to your device always. Furthermore over loaded device will create poor speed. Otherwise it works with low performances. Really its load is inversely proportional to the performance of the device

Finally your android device is overburden with useless data. It results to make poor performance about your Android device.

This documentation is presenting most important facts to be able to increase the performances.


1)Remove the cached data.

Cached data is information about web-site or Apps which it is stored on your computer, Smartphone and tablet.

Cached data which  it is available to use next time but  cached data take up space on your devices which means you should probably clear it every now and again.

You can delete the cached data as below. It will help to increase your device’s performances easily. To this process, first you should navigate to the storage menu in Settings and find Storage icon. Then you select it. Finally you can find cached data icon. Here you’ll see exactly how much cache space is in use. Now you can tap cached data. You should confirm to deletion of cached data/you can select as ‘Ok’ to proceed the delete



2) You should update your device regularly.


Android developers release great updates on a regular basis to enhance functions, fix bugs and introduce new features. The specific process of updating your device varies which it is depended on  device you own, but android users  all use a similar approach. Once you have received notification that an upgrade is waiting for your device, back your system up to prevent any data loss due to the upgrade. And ensure your device’s battery is fully charged, as these types of updates take time to complete and should not be interrupted furthermore.



3) Remove unwanted apps/Disable or Remove bloatware

Every device has dozen of so many apps from their carrier and third parties such as Google play and Amazon .But your device Need free space to proper functions/performances. When you use the device, and then add so many apps day to day. It Results that free space is also continuously decreased. It creates poor speed of your device finally. You can disable such useless apps But If you have rooted Android Device when you are not needed to disable about useless Apps how you can delete permanently useless apps from device to make good free space as well as lead to make high performances of your device furthermore.

First you should navigate to the Applications Manager in Settings. Next step is you can tap Applications .Then Under applications, you find the option of an Application Manager.Tick   “All” tab to see a complete list of apps on your phone. Select the app you want to discard.


4). Disable unnecessary Data

Your new phone doesn’t take long time to take cluttered up with rolls of pictures, unused videos, unused audio , SMS   which those are fulfilled an internal storage with each passing Time.

You can delete temporally files/data and older files then you can make internal free space easily and it helps to increase your performances of the and Android device.


5)Update apps

Don’t forget to update regularly to your devices installed apps through the Google play. You can prevent your device facing some crash through the updating. Updates which they have so many new features than older Apps. so updates need further proper function and deal with new apps. Android Developers fix bugs and add features in new released versions of apps. Otherwise updated apps perform your device better and faster.

6).Use high speed memory card/use high capacity memory card

Memory card is internal storage device of your device. To proper performance of your device, your android  device need some free space. You can add high capacity memory card. Now you can purchase as 2GB to 32GB.


7).Keep Fewer Widget

There are not apps which it is element of graphical user interface (GUI) that displays information or provide a specific way for a user to interact with the operating system or an application. Normally every android users collect so many widgets on daily. Most are useless and heavily consumed your memory space as well as frequently not use most android users. Excess of widgets on home screens which it can also slow down smartphones.Really you can remove such useless widgets .

How to remove the widgets from your android Home screen.

Basically you Tap “Home” and then navigate to the Home screen panel catching  the widget you need  to remove.

Then  you should  Long press the widget until the appear the  “Remove” notification

Finally  you can Drag the widget towards the top of the screen until it turns red and then release it.

Uninstall widget apps using settings

Basically you  Launch “Settings” and then tap “Apps.”

Then  Tap the name of the app the widget belongs to. For example, a weather widget may be generated by an app from Yahoo, the Weather Channel or WeatherBug.

Finally  Tap “Uninstall” and “OK” to remove the app.


Uninstall Widgets Apps Using Play Store

you should Launch Play Store, tap the “Menu” button and then “My apps.”

Then you can Scroll through the list of installed apps and locate the one you want to remove.

Finally you can Tap the app’s icon, “Uninstall” and then “OK” to remove the app.

Ex of some widgets; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

7).Avoid live wallpaper

Every android user love to wallpaper .But you don’t forget to running the wallpaper  consume big amount of energy from your battery. It drain battery backup rapidly.

Remove high complicated beautiful wallpaper. You can apply plane colored background. It helps to save your battery.


8).Stop syncing

Sync is a awesome feature Which can synchronize your data with Google play. They send email about every five minutes. Then you should need to involve about updates apps. But it will decrease your phones performance.

You keep sync off as unrequited services and if you need to update when you can upload materials from Google server.

8).Turn off animations

Animations is also eating your battery backup and Complicated animation need much memory space to run it properly.

Go to setting>Develop option<window animation scale<An scale 10x<Choose animation off

9).Use Online Apps to do so many operations.

every Android users can use properly on -Line services and Apps to do their so many operation.Ex.You can use online Apps to edit your photos/images when you use your android Tablets.Normally We use Photoshop or Other heavy tool that operation.It need big memory space in your android device.

Connect the internet<search Online”required apps Name”<Click on the required Apps <use it

10)Root your Android device.

Rooting is best way to granting administrative privilege.Rooted Android device can change as your wish. you can change system file easily. other wise you can gain custom ROM as your requirement. you can customize as well as you can improve battery life in your phone.

11)Use supporting apps to delete unwanted apps/Older data /cached data.

You can customize your operation using Apps which help to delete or remove or disable unwanted apps ,Cached data and older files. Example : Remo MORE

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