Top Common Mobile Phone Problems & Effective Solutions For Almost All Smart Users

Top Common Mobile Phone Problems & Effective Solutions For Almost All Smart Users

We take our smart phone to working place, ground, parties, and restaurants and even in the bathroom. If something happens to our phone, we do not know what to do now. A smartphone is a machine; often we find errors, failures and other problems, especially as your phone ages. You are perfect? No, then, how is your smartphone can be perfect? It is nature of the world. Don’t worry. We know that we all obsess with our phone. This article will explain some common problems that can be found in your Smartphone as well as useful solution can be applied easily yourself.

Now,you can learn varies types of Common Problems with Mobile Phones & Solutions,There  are,

Your smartphone is running slowly

Your smartphone is running slowly is the most common smartphone problem which generally occurs as your phone gets older day by day. The reason behind the slow speed is the installation of useless apps (Bloatware). Such unnecessary apps use your device’s RAM and finally, store numerous numbers of files in your Smart phone easily.

However, you can wipe out all the unnecessary apps and files from the mobile, clean up cache data by diagnostic app also. If still, you face this issue, restore it to factory data when you can run your smartphone as new device. Once you have moved to the factory data, if your smartphone will run as slowly when you need to root it to get correct it.

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Poor Battery Life

Generally, Poor Battery life is another common issue to be faced android Smart Device. Unfortunately, the problem happens to everyone through varies types of battery related issues. In addition, there is battery draining or slow charging or charging failure. When we consider battery draining problem of the smartphone, major reason for discharging without being utilized of the battery is particular Apps.

So, you need to find out that if any particular apps are draining too much battery, you can check this in Settings->battery, and if you identify any bug, remove those apps. Enable the battery saving mode, turn off the locations, dim the brightness.

Once you have done above all activities, if it will not solve when you can use a battery saving App to make long life battery on your Smart Device.

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Storage Space

You should take care of the storage on smart device because, after a couple of days, you start stampeding about low storage. Several smartphones have an expandable memory feature recently and other are not included this features. Generally, Most of the smartphone storage is filled with photos and videos by users. Other reason is memory cache files. You can delete the cache first. In addition, you can Use apps like cache cleaner which lets you clean cache for a specific app. Another reason to be filled your device storage is useless apps, you can uninstall apps or move apps from the phone too. Furthermore, you can transfer the images on clouds to free up the space on your device.

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Phone or App Crashes

This happens when there is an error in the installed applications or if your phone is running out of space. This is one of the frustrating problems of the mobile phone.

Delete the application data from the “Application Manager”. Avoid using multiple applications at the same time. Solve your phone’s problems by restarting the device, remove the battery or restore it to the factory settings.


Excessive use of the smartphone brings a problem of overheating. Demanding applications, more likely gaming applications increase the temperature of your phone, which can affect the performance of the battery. Maybe you have downloaded applications that run in the background.

Try not to use your phone while it is charging. Do not use high-capacity CPU suction applications, and let your phone rest. If still, your phone is heating up, this is the manufacturer’s defect.

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Connecting problem with Bluetooth, wifi, cellular network

This is the temporary problem of the mobile phone that can be solved easily. Keep the phone in airplane mode for 30 to 60 seconds and try to reconnect it. Are you still having a problem? Repair or change the Bluetooth and WiFi settings again. 

Apps not downloading

The main cause of App not downloading is the corrupt cache. First, you should go to the Google Play Store app and clear the app’s cache. Better to delete the history of Google play store. Make sure you are using the latest version of Google play store. If there is still no problem, delete the data and the cache in the Google Play services.

Synchronization Issue

The problem of synchronization is resolved automatically after some time. If it is not solved when you  delete the Google account and add it again. Furthermore, you need to Make sure your Internet connection is not limited and working properly. The system update and the update are necessary.

MicroSD Card Not Working On Your Smartphone

It can be activated when your SD card has erroneous read / write errors. Your mobile does not recognize the SD card after formatting. Check the capacity of the memory card and the exFAT format if it is up to 32 GB. Restart the phone in recovery mode and select clear cache in Android. This will be lent to the SD card and format it in FAT32.

Cracked Screen or Immersion in Water

This problem of the mobile phone happens accidentally and we can not do anything about it. To avoid incidents, use the good protective phone. Yes, they can be expensive, but it is a good investment to avoid these accidents.

Think, this article will be helpful to make huge android experience easily.


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