Top Biggest Mistakes That You Make When Buying A New Smartphone


When it comes to Shop for a new smartphone, it will extremely be stressful and exciting, as the smartphone market has hundreds of brands and tons of devices filled with great features and specifications. It is really hard to pick the best match for you.

lways when it comes to selecting a smartphone you have to be really smart, as the device might stay with you at least for year or two. These things I’m about to explain below will definitely be useful for you on the process.

At any point, I can’t advice you which brand or which model to prefer, as we all have minds with verity of interests and needs. But I can guide you out with few not to do things when seeking or shopping for a new Smartphone, you should definitely avoid these common mistakes to get with a perfect device with no arm.

Now, let’s discuss about what not to do……

1.   Spending a whole lot money

Spending on so much money (more than you can afford) is the biggest mistake so many people make. So, make sure before even thinking about a device, set your budget, according your capacity.

Setting up a budget is not the easiest thing at all, but there is a huge advantage. Setting a budget will help you limit your choices and it might be very easy for you select one with little number of selections. For example, if you can only spend around $300 to $400, then you can ignore all of those expensive devices.

I know that smartphones are really awesome these days and we all want the most expensive one on our hands with all those premium features and design. But, keep in mind there are so many important things in life, which is more worth than a smartphone.

1.   Being a brand based person

A big mistake we all make when buying a new smartphone is being tied with a brand. This means only considering the well-known brands or sometimes a specific brand either.

Keep in mind that some companies like OnePlus offers great smartphones that are good as the ones toffered from the bigger companies for a less amount of money. For example the recently launched OnePlus 5T is about $225 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and it almost offers similar performance. Also the OnePlus 5T actually offers more in some of the areas, such as a bigger amount of RAM, supports dual-SIM and has a dual-camera setup built on the back.

Keep your mind relax and open when seeking for a new smartphone. Don’t think that the big brands are always on the top and only they make incredible devices, the smaller brands are sometimes a level above when it comes to product quality and performance. Most of the time the bigger brands are not with quality devices.

We don’t mean that you should not buy a smartphone from the bigger companies such like the Samsung, LG, or any other. You might just have to realize that you are paying a lot more for the brand name most of the times. If you can simply find out a smartphone with your favorite features made by the smaller companies like Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, and other, there is no reason to avoid them.

2.   Not having your importance straight

Before looking for a Smartphone built a clear idea of the specifications and features that you want with a device. It is not that easy to select a device without an idea of your purpose.

The better way to do is, write down the features that you want on your Smartphone such as a great camera, a huge battery, wireless charging, expandable storage, a bezel-free design or something else. This will limit down your options even further, as you can cross off the phones which don’t come with those features that you want.

This also makes the selections easier by minimalizing the device list. Think that you are making the selection between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. If your first concerns are to have a bigger battery and a great camera, the LG G6 is an extremely great option as it features a huge battery than the Galaxy S8 (3,300 vs 3,000 mAh) and also comes with a dual-camera setup which allows you to capture some fancy bokeh images. But if you are choosing for great performance, the Galaxy S8 is the better fit as it is functioned with a faster chipset (Snapdragon 835 vs 821).

Also, make sure you might have to get with some compromises according to your budget, so first of all note down the important features that you need with the device, so you will not miss your favorite feature with your new handset.

3.   Overlooking the Older Smartphones

This is common mistake all the people make when selecting a smartphone. Make sure a year-old smartphone could still offer all the specs and features that you want on a phone for you.

Keep in mind that the latest smartphones are not always the better ones than their previous ones. In some points, all you get with a new device is a design change and a bit of improvement, which is extremely annoying. If you really don’t care about having a latest handset with you then getting phone that is one or two year old is a great option which will save you a lot of money.Otherwise,you can root your Android Phone to get new features on your older Smartphone.Anyway Android gain you a latest appearance and latest features to your older Phone easily and safely.Furthermore,we can find so many user friendly Android Rooting tools to root our Android Device easily.

4.   Not checking deals

Don’t forget that prices vary from retailer to retailer. What this means is buying something from the first shop you visit is a big mistake that all make.

When you have made your choice, which smartphone to buy, then it is better to do some digging for the price and buy it from where it is offered for the lowest price. You can check through the deals with amazon or ebay something. A few minutes of research can definitely save you hundreds of dollars.

Make sure to spend some time on digging for the best price.

End Note

Now, it’s up to you, you have it with you. Above mentioned are five of the common and biggest things to avoid when you are affording a new smartphone. But these are not the only things to be avoided, also you might avoid overlooking the software experience, selecting a phone that only based on the design, and ignoring the build quality. Also, that is not a good idea to buy a just released smartphone.

Let me know that you agree or disagree with my list? Also, if you have any suggestions let me know it through the comment section.

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