Top Best Ways to Find & Launch Applications on Your Android Device

How To organize/Group Apps runs on your Android Device?

How many Android Apps do you have on your  Android Device(Phone & Tablet)? Research invented that the typical  smart Device user installs  around 2-3 Android Apps each month. It means that you add  lot of Android Apps  over time.Actually,most Apps are useless and garbage.

However,managing of the home screen and organizing them is very difficult  with  so many Android Apps . Fortunately, Android includes many best ways to organize and manage them easily.Otherwise,usage of launch  Android Apps  are also provided  easier path to managing apps and organizing clearly. Aim of this article is explained Top Best ways to Find and Launching to the  Apps which  runs on  your  Android Device easily.Understand well, guys and gals,to do it you should make well organized as well as well manged  home screen

1.Use Home Screen Properly

A least best way approach Apps on your Android Device is utilization of Home Screen completely.Automatically,Google Play store Apps brings shortcuts to the home screen on your Android Device by default after installed the Application.If you appear lot of Apps on your Home screen when you need remove or turn off their as your needs.Generally,most Apps runs on our Android device are not most useful that it means,we add some useless apps day by day.However,most convenient way to organised the Apps on the Home screen is kept them in accordance to our day to day needs.Furthermore,we know that some users have same Apps while you can group them into one folder.It will help to find required Apps easily and  make a better Home screen.

Additionally,if you would like to remove delete useless Apps on your Android Device to increase the speed up  when you can’t do it directly,so need need get root access before delete them.Read More-How To Make internal Space using Android Rooting.


2. Launch Apps with Your Voice

The Google App installed on every Android phone allows you to launch any app without even needing to touch the screen.Either tap the microphone in the Search bar or use the “OK Google” command — you might need to turn it on in the Google app Settings > Voice > “OK Google Detection” — then simply ask to “open” or “launch” the app of your choice.

It works together third-party  Android apps in addition to built-in ones, as long as you are able to remember the name and pronounce it clearly. Of the apps I personally use, Google refuses to identify unusual names like FotMob (the soccer scores app) or Twidere (one of the best Twitter clients). More commonly named apps like Spotify and Pocket Casts work just fine.

3.Search For Apps By Name

Actually,we can’t remember  about the all Android Apps so you can use the search bar ( it locate top of the Apps Drawer)to find your required apps easily.You can use letter/letters/Name starting your App required App.Think,you can;t remember your required App name when you can use some letter when you can see similar all App included on your Android Device.Then,you can find need app easily.

4.Use Gestures

Gesture-based technology is easier and simple as well as it is the most convenient way to increase the device performance productively.Actually,you can launch to required  Android App using this technology easily and quickly.Furthermore,it will help to make better Android Experience easily.Read More

5. Launch Apps from Anywhere

As Android Owners use their Devices(Smart Phones & Tablet) to fulfill so many purposes.However, it isn’t uncommon to constantly use multiple  Android apps at the same time frame.However, needing to go via your home screen or app drawer to launch them is only going to slow you down. An improved solution is always to have the ability to launch apps from anywhere.Now,we can find so many Apps such as Action Launcher App  which they help to launch the App from Anywhere in your android device.

Read More-Button Launcher App for Android Wear 2.0

Think,this article has helped to improve your knowledge  and it will be helpful to make huge android experience with your Android device.Thanks


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