Top Best Smart Home Devices 2018 – Lab Tested Complete Review

Top Best Smart Home Devices 2018 – Lab Tested Complete Review

The concept of the Smart Home is Nearly everything in your home which including TVs, air-conditioners, thermostats, refrigerators, lights, security system, garage doors and more. According to this concept is connected to the internet and be remotely controlled with App such as Google Assistant, Alexa..etc runs on your Smart device(Smart Phone, Smartwatch or Tablet). The concept is specially and productively used in so many countries such as USA, Canada, Australia….etc.This article is explaining about Top Best Smart Home Devices 2018 – Lab Tested Complete Review

But setting up a smart home call can be mind-boggling: there are a lot of different accessories that work only with certain products, and some work better than others. Here is a guide to help you sort out the jumble and acclimate to your first voice-controlled smart home.

Actual voice-controlled assistants  are Apple’s SiriGoogle’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa which they are easy to control smart home products by speaking simple commands like “Okay Google, turn on the lights.” However, the mentioned tools are also included in some strengths and weaknesses, anyway, you need to choose the one that will be more likely to work for your needs:

Why need Turn To Smart Home

  • Can manage our Time Easily
  • Can automate your every day to day  activities easily
  • Make the peaceful environment in your Home easily
  • Can control energy and material wastages easily
  • The concept helps to increase the productivity easily
  • Make well fashioned and most secured living place easily.


Alexa is cloud-based voice service available on Smart devices who produced by Amazon and other device manufacturers. Yes, of course, you can make natural voice experiences which offer customers a more intuitive way to interact with the technology they use every day. Smart users can Start building for voice today by adding new capabilities to Alexa, connecting Alexa to devices, or integrating Alexa directly into your products.


  • You can quickly start Smart Home with Echo products.
  • Amazon’s Echo products are very for handling and operations.
  • Echo Dot is a smaller speaker which is one of the cheapest smart home controllers in the market.
  • It is most broadly supported for so many devices.
  • Echo products are able to work with Apple and Android devices.


  • Amazon’s Alexa app for iPhones and Android phones are not supported for some Smart Products
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to respond
  • You are unavailable to trigger Alexa by speaking to a smartphone; you have to talk to the speaker itself.
  • Amazon is not taken a responsible for other Smart gadget produced by other companies



  • Google’s Home speaker and smartphones run with the latest versions of Android include Assistant.
  • Standard Echo speaker
  • Google Assistant is generally smarter than Alexa and Siri


  • Always you need to say “Okay Google” to begin everything with Google assistant.
  • Supported Devices are relatively lower than Alexa.
  • Google Home are not more quality.
  • Sometimes can be made some troubles.
  • it collects with Google Home is vague.



  • Apple works directly with home accessory makers to ensure that the data transferred between accessories and Apple devices is secure and encrypted.
  • The integration of Apple’s HomeKit into its Smart devices makes it much easier to set up Siri with home accessories.


  • They are fewer available.
  • Siri sometimes makes trouble with understanding what you are asking it to do.
  • Siri is only for  Apple products.


Once you have picked your virtual assistant, you need to choose a piece of hardware that will become your primary smart home controller as given examples as bellow,

  • Amazon’s Alexa: Echo Dot, Echo and Echo Show
  • Google’s Assistant: Google Home, Newer Android Smartphones
  • Apple’s Siri: iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch

They will help to guide your decision and direct it to achieve your goal easily and quickly. However, you can make huge tech experience and make most peaceful mind with Smart Home concept.

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