Top Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Devices

Reach Your Goal With Top 20 Best Root Apps For Rooted Android Devices

Root Android device gives you ultimate advantages with your device, such as uninstall bloatware, create custom backups, and make impressive customization, block ads, install custom features and many more. How can all these things be done just with the Root access? Of course, once you Root Android device, it has the ability to do it all, but not without these  best root Apps.

Top 20 Best Root apps are the ones that support the Android device to get with Root privileges. We have selected up top 20 best root apps for rooted Android Devices with this best root apps article.These best root apps you can ultimately make changes on your device and extremely you can benefit with Root access. Let’s get with the list of top 20 best root  2018 apps for rooted android Devices.Selected best root Apps are as below,

Adblock Plus For Rooted Android Devices

AdBlock Plus is an open source best root app, which is free. As the title explains the Adblock Plus removes all the ads from your device. For rooted Android users, this tiny app definitely makes sense to the Root users. Once you have successfully rooted your Android device, the most important thing is to protect yourself from anonymous ads, at this point the Adblock Plus plays its role in a great manner.

The Adblock Plus is configurable, so some types of the ads get through it, at the same time the app is also lightly configurable. Adblock Plus is not available in the Google Play Store instead there is an official website I have linked below. You can simply join with Adblock Plus by using the below link. I guess the Adblock Plus is definitely on the top of the best root app. Read More.

Price: Free


FlashFire For Rooted Android Devices

FlashFire is one of those best root app that you should definitely try. The FlashFire is really a useful app that flashes the firmware on your Android device. This little Application is packed with firmware from manufacturers, OTA updates and much more.

The FlashFire is called as the spiritual successor to Mobile Odin by Chainfire. FlashFire makes the most of the same as Chainfire but still more effectively. Also, this has a handful of other functions packed with it, for some of them you might be required for the pro version. The Pro version either not that expensive.

Price: Free / Up to $3.15


Link2SD For Rooted Android Devices

Link2SD is a simple best root app that lets you move the apps over to the SD card. What this App does is, it generates links and makes the device trust that the App is on the device, also the App works for the apps that only conventional with Apps2SD. This is a great method to take control of your external SD card space and this provides more freedom. But still, this does not work great as Android’s Adoptable Storage. Anyway, this way will not take over your entire SD card either. This is not 100% compatible, but still, it works good enough for your need. Also, with this method, the Apps ill load a bit slower than usual as the Apps are stored on the SD Card.Read More

Price: Free / $2.35


Titanium Backup For Rooted Android Devices

Titanium Backup is one of the best root app and it is continuously on the list since for a long time. With the help of Titanium Backup, you have the ability to uninstall bloatware (this is a must-have feature for most people), freeze apps (this leaves the apps installed on your device but still shuts them down from steeling device memory), and mainly backup your Apps and App data. All the guides recommend the Titanium Backup for the new root users. If you have rooted your Android device, go get it as soon as you can. This will probably one of the most useful best root app ever. Read More

Price: Free / $5.99


Flashify For Rooted Android Devices

Flashify is another great value best root app for root users. Flashify can flash most of the things into your Android device, such as recoveries (TWRP and CWM), zip files, kernels, GAPPs, and even the stock recovery (pro feature only). Also, you get the ability backup your recovery and kernel on to the Google Drive or Dropbox. The App is lastly updated a while ago. Anyhow, this supports many of the recent released devices. The Flashify is really cool for those who people who don’t like the ADB or Fastboot. The free version of the app lets you taste all over the App and the Paid offers the real goods. For sure this is an amazing best root App.Read More

Price: Free / $3.99


SuperSU For Rooted Android Devices

SuperSU is one of another most popular best root app because in most of the Android root methods install the SuperSU is the one installed by default. Generally, most of the root users already have this one. The SuperSU is a solid root app filled with tons of features and also this performs like the front door on your rooted Android device. With this App you can manage the Root access to the Apps, such allowing some apps to use the Root access and at the same time you can prevent the specific apps from getting access to root. Also, you can completely unroot your device, keep logs, and much more. Probably this is one of the root apps that everyone knows about Read More

How To Replace Kinguser With SuperSu?

Price: Free


Magisk For Rooted Android Devices

Magisk is probably one of the powerful and most popular Android best root app, also a new tool. The main benefit of using Magisk is, it hides the root very effectively, this allows you to do such things like watch Netflix or play Pokemon Go while the device is rooted (Which cannot be done with a rooted device). The Magisk has a variety of some other functions such as modules to add more functionality and all. This really one of the must-have best root app. The Magisk is no longer available on Google Play Store, so you can download it with the below link. Read More

Price: Free


Quick Reboot For Rooted Android Devices

Quick Boot is an best root app which is ultimately simple to use and extremely useful. Most of the Android versions the built-in power menu is weak sauce and sometimes you can only power down and reboot. The Quick Reboot simply fixes this by allowing you to boot into recovery, and also boot to bootloader. The Quick Boot also accesses with some device specific things such like download mode for the Samsung devices or the Fastboot for certain devices. This makes things quick and simple. Also, makes finding an advanced power menu on your Android device. Quick Boot is definitely one of those best root app that everyone should have on their devices.

Price: Free


ROM Toolbox For Rooted Android Devices

ROM Toolbox is one of the few all in one solution best root app for the root users that still exists. ROM Toolbox has a bunch of features such like a built-in file browser with root, an app manager (helps you to uninstall system apps), ROM management (lets you create nandroid backups), script writer, font installer, and much more. With some of the devices, you can even make changes with themes, boot animations, and status bar icons either. Keep in mind, this app does not have support for all the Phones, but it performes great on most devices

Price: Free / Up to $9.99


Xposed Framework For Rooted Android Devices

The Xposed Framework does a great job, this best root app help to replaced installing ROMs for the people to experience default root. The Modules for the Android are created inside of the framework to do various things on your device, something like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping and much more. These modules are created by many developers, and sometimes it could be difficult to find a specific module for you, the support depends on your device and still, there are plenty of universal modules for you enjoy with your device. You can download and enjoy the features of the Xposed Framework with the below link. For sure this another must have best root app. Read More

Price: Free


Solid Explorer For Rooted Android Devices

Solid Explorer is really an excellent file manager best root app for rooted Android devices. Solid Explorer does most of the stuff without even rooting the device. The app does all usual file manager things like copy and paste, unzip files, etc. This app also has the support with cloud storage and network storage devices. The App is well designed either. Within Solid Explorer, you have an option to enable root. While allowing root you get to do all kinds of stuff that you couldn’t previously do with the app. Even there are lots of file managers out there to use with Root, this one is the clean one provides a great support and also it is cheap with no advertising. Read More

Price: Free / $1.99


Tasker For Rooted Android Devices

The last one of our list and still one of the best root app is Tasker. The Tasker is a powerful root app that can make you do almost everything on your phone. The best way to describe Tasker is, the only limit with Tasker is your imagination. Many of the functions with Tasker does not require root permission on your device, but with root access, it works really stunning and gives you some more features. It is an extremely good application, especially for those people who have uncommon needs and ideas with their Smart Phones. This app is definitely useful for you with or without root. Read More

Price: $2.99


Servicely For Rooted Android Devices

Servicely is one of the important best root app in the Android Root market. While using Android operating system, you might face heavy power drain as many apps are running in the background of the screen as they are sending notifications and syncing with their home servers. Anyway, the Servicely is an aggressive task killer that runs the service every 60 seconds (configurable) for you and automatically kills those selected Apps on your list and reduces power drain.

Price: Free and in-app purchases


Viper4Android For Rooted Android Devices

Viper4Android is an amazing audio modification app that comes listed below best root app. This one gives you endless amount of control over the audio output of your Android device, whether it could be a Bluetooth device or the headphones. This tiny best root app comes paced with its own kind of an audio driver, an equalizer and tons of effects that allow you to take control over your audio output. Anyway, this is really a good one when it comes to audio modifications on your Android device.

Price: Free


Wakelock Detector For Rooted Android Devices

Wakelock Detector does is one of the great best root app that exactly does what the name says of it. The wakelock Detector helps you find those apps that are performing out of the line. By detecting those kind of apps you can further take a necessary step to stop those ones. This one is really valuable because it can mean you a lot of things such as a rogue app going nuts, Google Play Services running rampant. This can also mean something is wrong with your Android device. But still the Wakelocks are one of the worst root apps because they ultimately drain the battery.

Price: Free


Dumpster For Rooted Android Devices

The Dumpster is simply a Recycle bin that made for Rooted Android. All those files that are accidentally been removed can simply be restored with this best root App. This tiny app does not have any limitations for the files. It is possible restore any kind of file that you delete from your Android device such as games, music, Videos, PDFs and etc. Having such best Root app can be really handy and at the same time for sure it will give hand in emergency situations. This will definitely be the best root app for your rooted Android.

Price: Free


Dolby Digital For Rooted Android Devices

Dolby Digital is a unique best root app around the sum. What actually the Dolby Digital does is, it extremely improves the sound quality of your Rooted Android device. This means it will improve the sound quality with all of the sound based stuff in your Android, the sound will be enhanced significantly. This is definitely a sounds weird best root app on the root market. With a rooted Android device, you can enhance each and every thing that you want.

Price: Free


Lucky Patcher For Rooted Android Devices

Lucky Patcher is a handy best root app because it does many of the tasks on a Rooted Android device. The most important thing that is done with the Lucky Patcher is, it breaks through all different License Confirmation and other Confirmations of the Apps from Android Market. This little best root app has been developed by Developer Chelpus to support the rooted Android devices and this one really amazing. The effectiveness of the Lucky Patcher can be noticed immediately once you have install it.

Price: Free


Trickster Mod For Rooted Android Devices

Trickster MOD is a best root app which is built with some amazing and useful features. This best root app is something similar to the Xposed Framework with tones of features and modifications on it but still with different twists. While installing Trickster Mod in your Rooted Android device, you can use the app to tweak your device and create some modulations to make your Smartphone look really awesome. Also, you can do some amazing stuff with this best root app.

Price: Free


Greenify For Rooted Android Devices

Greenify is the best of best root app. What Greenify does is, it puts the selected apps in to total hibernation and makes them not to access with system resources, bandwidth or run those in the background processes and notifications. Also, this best Root app will free up the system resources and makes the device perform faster and increases the precious battery life span. Anyway, unlike all other app managers this tiny best root app can hibernate an app, and allows you to run the app as usual in the foreground when you need them.

Price: Free


I guess these best root app will definitely help you with your rooted Android devices. If you think something should be added to this list, let me know it through the comment section below. Hope you would benefit from this best root apps list discused as above.


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