Top Best Parental Control Apps For Android

Top Best Parental Control Apps For Android

Your children are the precious gift you have got, protecting them and making them for society is all on your hands. Nowadays, digital devices and internet has become the half of our lives, even the whole part at some points.

Internet is a great teacher for all kind of things and it make thigs easy. At the same time it is bad as same as how good it is. It is your duty to protect your children from those evils and get them the right things. So we have listed up 5 really great Parental Control Apps for you to get the job done.

You will never have to chase behind your children again to seek into what they do with the devices all the time.

What can I exactly do with Parental Control Apps?

While a Parental Control App is installed on an Android Device, you can manage and get details of what Apps and websites the device is running into. You can always has the ability deny some permissions thorough Parental Control Apps to keep up the Safety.

The best to do management is make access for all apps and get to know what is done with the device. This lets you to know how the children use the device and then make way for the good things to happen. This helps you keep the trust on you with your children.

Now lets get to the Apps for you to make thigs easier…..

Kids Place – Parental Control

The Kids Place – Parental Control is the right place to start with. This is an App launcher App that pretend your kids from accessing the data on the Android device. This App lets you create a custom home screen that only contains Apps that you have allowed for your kids to use. This avoids your kids from making call, sending messages, downloading apps and games and even from deleting and damaging existing files on the device. Also the in-app purchases are blocked using this App.

Furthermore, this App can block incoming calls, wireless networks and it functions with website and media filters through out additional plugins. With this App you can also different profiles for each of your kids. All to gather the Kids Place is an awesome Parental Control App with all the safety is provided at one place.

Kids Zone Parental Control

Kids Zone Parental Control is an App that express itself as a Parental lock. This App allows you to create up a profile for your children with suitable apps and settings. Also allows you to block calls, messages and even the internet access to make better protection.

With the help of Kids Zone App, you can prevent App installations and in-app purchases, this saves your wallet, I guess.

Also when you get upgraded with the Pro version of Kids Zone, it makes the compatibility to create multiple profiles for each of your kids and a quick unlock feature for you to answer call when using and kid profile.


SecureTeen Parental Control

As the name explains The SecureTeen Parental Control app is made to protect your teen children, but still it manages to protect younger children either. Basically, the SecureTeen is offered in two different forms, one is the Android App to be installed on the devices to create the protection ring and the other is the web console where you can view all the activities on the App installed device.

But this is not as a remote desktop, anyhow you can manage which content and websites you want to block and which not. This helps you to protect your children from getting in to unwanted stuff like adult sites and all.

Screen Time Parental Control

The main purpose of Screen Time Parental Control is all about time. This App collects such information like how much time spend on specific Apps, Games and internet. With this information you can some time schedules on which apps to be allowed on which times of the day.

How does this help? When your children are spending so much times on the Phone or Tablet, there is possibility make time restrictions on the specific time with the Screen Time, so this make your children get rid of the device on those times.

This App is free to download, but there is a monthly subscription option to make the maximum out with the App, this subscription also gets you a daily summary of the activity times.

Kids Launcher with Parental Control

Kids Launcher is basically guard to prevent your children from getting access with specific Apps and websites which you prefer that they should get into. And especially this App offers you location tracking service, this can be accessed with another device installed Kids Launcher.


With this launcher App you can limit App times and also allowed Apps will be shown on the screen. Makes the ability to block calls and messages, disable device settings to make it safe. But still exiting the App launcher is the hardest part, you have reboot your device to quite Kids launcher.

Also you can make up schedules and time limits by obtaining the premium upgrade of the App.

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