Top Best Over Heat Managing Apps For Android Devices

Top Best Over Heat Managing Apps For Android Devices

Have you ever noticed how warm your Android device is? Overheating might be a huge problem as it drains your device battery and kills the battery by days, also it can seriously harm the internal components. Considering this issue many developers has built apps to solve this issue. We have choose 5 of the best cooling App for Android devices among the huge App list.

Before getting with an App, you might think why the phones are overheating?

One reason is charging your Phone’s Battery. You might be annoyed at this point, I will explain you. The faster you charge, the warmer the battery be. In this case you can reduce the heat by reducing the charging speed. Use low powered chargers to charge your device, this takes much time to charge your device but still this keeps the battery cool. With this part you don’t have any choices to get rid of charging heat.

The other reason is working hard with our devices. You would have noticed an extreme heat after playing a high-end Game on your device. At this point except from avoiding the games you can’t get out with this heat. Because anyhow the games need a huge support from your hardware components.

But, the main issue some people face is, the heat their devices output for no reason. On this point we have below App options to get rid with the Heat, these apps extremely help you to reduce unnecessary heat on your device.


Top Best Over Heat Managing Apps For Android Devices

Master Doctor Droid Cooler For Android Device

Master Doctor Droid Cooler is an effective and simple battery cooler App, the free app recognizes the apps that continuously interrupt your Android device components and enables you to immediately close them all in one click, this will effectively reduce the battery temperature and decrease the battery consumption. Also this process will increase the device performance.

Temperature Guard For Android Device

Temperature Guard is an ad supported App that lets your device run within its ideal conditions and protects your device from thermal runaway injury, an explosion caused by an overheated Li-ion battery. What the Temperature Guard App does for you is to continually analyze your device temperature and instruct you when your device is reached a critical level. Apart from warning notification, the App will let you know that your device is overheating by blinking the LED flash light of your device in red color. When this happens, close all the Apps constantly and allow your device to cool down. Also this little App uses very small amount of battery power and system resources, so consider leaving this app to run in the background in order to safety measuring.

Coolify For Android Device

Coolify is a great high-performance App designed for the rooted devices prevent overheating. By running in the background this cool free Root app keeps your device temperature optimized with a very minimal battery usage. This App clearly scans and removes the background running Apps and increase the battery life, enhance the performance and prevent overheating. Coolify also as the ability to display the device’s current temperature on the status bar, so you can always view it and be alert.

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EaseUS Coolphone For Android Device

EaseUS Coolphone is built with an ad free and well-designed interface, the app is designed to cool down your overheating battery just with one tap. The EaseUS Coolphone App closes all background running unnecessary Apps to reduce battery consumption. If you are tired of performing the battery cooling task manually, then you have the option to set the App in to Smart Controller mode, this handles the task automatically and closes the Wi-Fi connection and other background running apps when your device is locked.

Cooler Master For Android Device

Cooler Master is an ad free and richly featured App to reduce the temperature of your device, Cooler Master provides you real time monitoring results of your device temperature and tells you which apps really let down your performance and allows you to quickly close all those apps that overheat your device. The app also offers language support for Chinese and English.

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