Top Best Methods To Hiding Apps on Android

You might want to hiding apps on Android considering security and protection for your details or files on the apps containing a lot of private information. Sometimes you might also need hiding apps on Android as it comes with so many useless apps (Bloatware) on it. Deleting bloatware on an Android device is a piece of cake once the device is rooted. But unless you root your Android device, you can use the following Technics to hide bloatware either.

Hiding apps on Android will not be that easy S you think, but sometimes it is a better choice than deleting the entire from the device. Below here I have mentioned a couple of different methods for hiding apps on Android devices. Starting from making privacy and continues to hide even annoying apps.

So, let’s get started.

1.Check out the Stock Options

Sometimes it is possible for hiding apps on Android device without even downloading anything to work on. In some of the Android devices, you have the possibilities to hide the apps directly using the default app drawer on your handset. This is especially available on most of the older Samsung devices.

Let’s see how to do it so.

  • Open the app drawer on your Android device.
  • Tap the Menu button on your Android phone, whether it could be the on-screen button or the physical button
  • Tap on the Hide apps option
  • And then select all the Apps which you want to hide

Anyway, this one is becoming an increasingly rare feature on nowadays, so if you are using a new Android devices it is worth it to check out other options on this list to hide apps.

2. Pre-installed Apps

Some of the pre-installed apps on the device leave a lot to be desired, and they are immediately replaced with better-improved versions from the Google Play Store. Others go completely useless, but you will still not be able to remove those from your Android device.

You will not be able to completely remove bloatware on your Android device unless you root it, but you can still manage to hide those apps from your device. Sometimes, you will find the option to uninstall, but mostly you will only be able to hide them from your view if you aren’t still rooted. See how to Root Android.

This specific method will work only work for that bloatware (pre-installed apps) on your device, so other methods on this list if this is not suitable for your need.

Let’s see how to work with this method.

  • Open the Apps menu on your Android device.
  • Tap the app which you want to hide from the screen.
  • And then click on the Disable button located on the screen.
  • This will disable the specific app, and it will remove the app icon from the system until you decide to make the choice to show it back.

If you can’t delete a specific app from your Android device, this can be the easiest and safest way to disable and ignore it.

 3. Change Your Default Launcher to Hide Apps

If you have no option for hiding apps on Android, changing your default launcher to a custom one could be a good idea. If you are not familiar with the launcher, a launcher is an app that takes control of the looks and layout of your Android’s Home screen and the app drawer.

Most of the popular Android launchers simply allows you to hide apps on Android. If you don’t know how to use install and use launchers on your Android device, I have explained how to use it here.

Usually, Apex Launcher is good for hiding apps on Android. If you are not interested in Apex Launcher then you can try out some other launchers to hide apps on Android.

Top Best Android Launcher Apps | With Downloads

This is how you can hide apps on Android by using Apex Launcher, this launcher is free to download and use. Other launchers are also handled in the same way but with little changes…

  • Download Apex Launcher From Google Play store
  • Install the launcher on your Android device by flowing the instructions
  • Once the launcher is installed, launch it by pressing your Home button afterward and Select the launcher
  • Once it is launched, now you will have a different kind of Home screen
  • Now open launcher settings on your device and click on the Drawer settings.
    (Most of the launchers allows you for hiding apps on Android in the launcher menu)
  • Now simply tap on the Hidden apps option, and here you can check and uncheck the app to hide and unhide them.

That’s it. If you don’t like the look of the Apex Launcher then you can try one of the other launcher options. There is decent number of good launchers you can select with for hiding Apps on Android.

4. Using Hide App – This requires Root

There are lots of different apps you can download from Google Play Store which promises to hide apps on Android, so the simple thing you can do is, do some digging and find through the right one that can fulfill your needs. One good example of such kind is the Hide App – Hide Application Icon.

Fortunately, most of the hiding apps on Android requires for Rooted Android. So, you will have to root your Android Device before checking out for a perfect app for you.

Now, let’s see how to use hide apps on Android

  • Download the Hide App – Hide Application Icon from Google Play Store
  • And then install it on your Android device
  • Once you open Hide App you will notice plus sign surrounded by a square. Underneath, for the moment it will say, you don’t have any hidden apps.
  • Now let’s change the things.
  • Once you click the plus icon, you will be taken to a new screen, where you can simply select which apps you want to hide from the screen.
  • Once you are hiding apps on Android, the hidden apps will be listed in the App.

Download Hide App – Hide Application Icon

5.Using 2 Hide Apps – Hide System Apps

There another great option same like the previous one, but this one doesn’t require root access. The 2 Hide Apps – Hide System Apps will help you get rid of your Android’s carrier apps known as bloatware. Always keep in mind when it says about getting rid of bloatware, it means this hiding Apps on Android will disable them, will not permanently remove them.

  • Download and install 2 Hide Apps – Hide System Apps from Google Play Store
  • Now, open the App and you will be left in the Hide-able apps tab
  • Here you can tap on specific or all of the apps to hide them
  • Once you are done, a popup will explain you the next step.
  • Also, keep in mind with some devices you will have to, first of all, choose Uninstall Updates button.
  • Now, another message will appear warning you that the deletion of some system apps can cause your device to misbehave. Always, keep this in mind.

Download 2 Hide Apps – Hide System Apps

6.Using an App Locker

There is a verity of app lockers in the Android market that allows you to protect data by locking any of the Android apps with a password, PIN, pattern, or even a fingerprint in some cases. Some of the App lock apps will let you store the apps that you want to hide in a secret vault, or some will at least, allows you to put your photos and videos into a hidden vault. In here I will be presenting the actions with AppLock app which is one of the leading app locking app for Android. But still, there are plenty of app lockers available out there.

There is AppLock 2, which allows you to lock all of the apps on the Android devices that are included with sensitive content such as photos, videos, texts, and call logs. Andrognito 2, which will hide and encrypt all type of file into a hidden secure vault. Smart Hide Calculator, which is a fully functioning calculator that works either as a secret vault where you can simply hide all your secret pictures, videos, files, and documents. Also, if you have root access on your Android device you can simply use the app to hide and freeze all other apps.

This is how you can hide apps on Android using App locker apps. Here we speak about AppLock by DoMobile Lab.

  • Download and install the App locker Apps on your Android device
  • Now, open the App and it will ask to draw a Pattern
  • Draw your first Pattern twice to confirm and sign into the app
  • Then in the app, it will request you to enter and save your email address.
  • When everything is done, you are ready to go.
  • Now, the AppLock will inform you about what’s new with the app and done.
  • Then, you will find a Privacy tab on the app, just get into it
  • Here you will see Advanced options and Switch Lock
  • Now, scroll down a little and you can select the General
  • Now the app locker will give you a popup asking to Permit the AppLock to make the action, you should definitely permit it in order to use it.


Fortunately, now you don’t have to put up unnecessary app icons when you are using your Android, but it is still a big shame that it is not that easier to get rid of this bloatware on top of everything. Each and every one of us has our own definition of what are the important apps are when it comes to our handsets. Some of the apps even come with a built-in option to hide its own icon, such as the Private SMS Box and all.

I guess you would now have a better understanding of hiding apps on Android, and as well as how easy it is to be done when your Android device is rooted.

Also, if we have missed out any of the easy ways of hiding apps on Android, or you have any questions about any of the methods I have mentioned above, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.Thank you.

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