Top Best Method to unlock bootloader on Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Hi guys and gals! in the US Google has just signed a deal with Verizon, who were involved with preventing bootloader unlocking, fearing the enthusiasts and many others since Verizon had been involving in blocking bootloader unlocking in the past. Google’s first and its own phone made by them exclusively. Developers such as beaups and jcase said that they have found a way to unlock the bootloader. Thinking of the populace the developers have said that the unlocking method will be released free of charge. Also it’s great fun too for those who love this stuff.


The two SunShine developers has communicated XDA that their unlock method will be given off free has become a shocking news among the users. The dePixel8 the tool used to unlock the new release. The mechanism used is to forcefully enabling the bootloader unlocking app running on the device itself. Actually what happens is that it will not unlock the bootloader but it will make the fastboot oem unlock command followed by fastboot OEM unlock. For this to be possible the prerequisites such as appropriate drivers to bridge the PC and device such as the USB drivers and fastboot binaries will have to be installed

Really speaking the tool is given off free and the developers say that they will not help in supporting in the event if something goes wrong. However the tool is quite safe one should bear in mind the potential risk involved in unlocking the Pixel / Pixel XL. So it is your risk of doing so and should not criticize in open forums or public chats. Of course if things turn out well. You should recommend their efforts and contribute to their Make a Wish Foundation.

The advantages of this is that users will be able to add more programs apart from their custom ROMs / stock ROMs in their way.

Verizone/EE and Pixel and Pixel Xl will join together in flashing all custom ROMs and kernels in their way.

How to Unlock Bootloader On Google Pixel / Pixel XL

The following steps will tell you how to unlock your bootloader for Google Pixel & Pixel XL phone model. Please understand the risk of loosing your warranty obligations provided by the manufacturer. Hereinafter your device means the Google Pixel & Pixel XL phone or handset.

You will need a working PC. ADB drivers installed

  1. First step is to completely shutdown the device.
  1. Start the device fastboot mode or bootloader for this press and hold down the volume button while pressing the power button simultaneously. Once you do this for few minutes the program starts. It will look like the following in your screen.
  2. Locate the folder where ADB drivers are installed. Open the command dialog window (Press and hold the shift key and press the right mouse button when the pointer is pointed to an empty space.
  3. Type (ADB reboot bootloader) to ensure that you have made a connection between your phone and PC successfully.
  4. If there is listed your device then you can continue with the next steps, if not you should try to reinstall Google Pixel USB Drivers again
  5. .If you mange to get the connection correct then type (fastboot oem unlock)
  6. Now there will be an confirmation message on the device. At this point press the volume up button up to highlight and press the power button to confirm.Now that you have unlocked your phone!!

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