Top Best Method To Install Any Third Party Launcher For your Android Device Easily

We know that you have read our previous article about What is Android Launchers?Okay,Dozens of themes for each launcher which contains their own icon sets, wallpapers and other visual elements. Even awesome, some launchers are even faster than Stock Launcher run on your phone which they can organize the home screen productively and beauty.So if you use featured richest Android Custom Launcher on your Android Device when you can make huge Android Experience forever.This article will explain how to install any custom Launcher on your Android Device and what are best Custom Launcher in the google play store you can find recently as free of charge manner.

Android Launchers can use rooted Android devices as  well as non-Rooted Android Devices to make huge Android experience easily.If you root your android device when you can use any Android Launcher easily because some Launchers support only for the selected Android OS.If you would like to root your android device when you try with this link here.

Do you know what are most productive awesome Launchers for Android? don’t worry, we can help to find them.If you need to know about tbest Android Launchers when you can use this link here.okay,now we can move to the our topic as below,

How To set up any  third party app launcher:

  1. You can download and install your launcher from Google Play.
  2. After above step, you need to tap the home button. You can appear all of the possible Launcher on your Android Device.
  3. Now, you need to Select the new launcher and tap Always button. The launcher will now take over your home screen and app drawers.
  4. Navigate to the launcher’s settings menu.You can get to the custom settings menu by long pressing on the desktop. On others, you can access settings by hitting the menu button when you’re viewing the desktop.
  5. Use the settings menu to customize the launcher. The options and menu structure differ based on which launcher you use.
  6. Download themes from Google Play for your launcher as your desired.However, you should try to find a supportive theme for your selected Launcher, Some themes will work on multiple launchers.

While you  switch launchers, you can either uninstall the current one or navigate to the apps menu in settings, select the current launcher and tap Clear Defaults. Android will be shown you new launcher you have chosen next time you tap home Button.

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