Top Best GIS Apps For Smart Devices

What is GIS?

GIS is the short form of the Geographic Information System which included Gathering, Managing and Analysis of Data. It is rooted in the science Geography and GIS is integrated many types of Data. GIS analyses spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualization using maps and 3D scenes.

In previous GIS is used with so many coding and other Applications, but now you can use it easily with the precoded modules or Apps on your Android or iOS devices easily and productively to get your goal.

How Can a GIS be useful?

GIS is a computer system for

  1. Capturing Data
  2. Storing Data
  3. Checking Data
  4. Displaying Data

Related to the positions on the earth’s surface.

Who users GIS?

New Geographic Information System (GIS) is about participation, sharing and collaboration, discover how the technology is relationship, diving efficiencies and opening communication channels in your community easily and correctly as well as productively. There are,

  • In Field of Education
  • In Field of health
  • In Field of Insurance
  • In Field of Manipulating
  • In Field of Petroleum
  • In Field of Public safety
  • In Field of Real estate
  • In Field of Retail
  • In Field of Sustainability
  • In Field of Telecommunication
  • In Field of Electric and Gas Utilities
  • In Field of Natural Resources
  • In Field of Government
  • In Field of Water
  • In Field of Controlling Natural Hazards.etc.

How GIS works?

The Technology of GIS can applies with tool and sensors for understanding and collaboration. GIS helps people to reach a common goal: to actionable intelligence from all types of data.


GIS Maps is a container of data layers and analysis you want to work with GIS Maps are easily shared and embedded by virtually everywhere almost required persons.


GIS can integrate so many different kinds of data layers using spatial location. Most data has a geographic component. GIS Basemaps linked to spreadsheet and tables which help to understand everything easily and productively.


Lending new perspectives and to your insight and decision –making can proceed easily through the spatial data analysis. Data analysis helps to evaluate the suitability and understand much more.


Apps provide focused users experiences for getting work don and bringing GIS to life for everyone. GIS Android or iOS apps work virtually everywhere on your Smart Devices(Android or iOS ), in web browsers and PC.

GIS Apps For Android

I search recently on Google play store about varies types of Apps for the different purposes because to provide best guidelines for my friends. I have seen over 500 great GIS Apps on the Google play store. However,I listed some best Apps for you as below,


Mappt™ is one of the best   GIS (Geographic Information System) data collection app which offers users to create, edit, store and share location-based data with one light, compact device.Mappt use for the sector of agriculture, mining and local government more than 130 countries around the world because it integrates with popular user-friendly desktop features of ArcGIS and QGIS.You can master in one second about GIS using this user-friendly App.

Features included of Mappt GIS Android App

Geotagged photos to give your important data a far more visual element than just a marker point.

Drop down forms for faster data collection.

Offline GPS tracking.

On-screen annotation tools to draw, add text and create shapes over your data.

Read and download a full suite of WMS/WFS & WMTS datasets.

Points, polygons and polylines.

Geofencing capabilities make sure you never breach a boundary.

Overlay coordinate grids see the exact distance between areas.

Street view mode with on-screen annotations available.

Import unlimited sized satellite, aerial, geological, topographic, elevation and other types of imagery in ECW and JP2 format.

Import and export popular GIS formats such as Shapefiles, JP2 and KML/KMZ.

Share your data between popular cloud storage such as Google Drive.

Our clients have used our offline GIS app for a range of in-field tasks including:

  • Field Mapping.
  • Land Surveying.
  • Vegetation management.
  • Forestry planning.
  • Environmental management.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Mine management.
  • Farm mapping.
  • Utility mapping.
  • Government planning.
  • Asset management

Download Free App of Mappt

Download Pro App of Mappt

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