Top Best Custom ROMs For LG G6 |Download

Top Best Custom ROMs For LG G6 |Download

LG G6 is  one of the best Flagship Smart Phone which it has released among the huge expectations.This Flagship Smart Phone incudes so many awesome features such as beautiful Quad HD Display and the solid battery life(3300 mAh battery) as well as Snapdragon 821 processor

The LG G6 was released few months before, so far many platforms are making discussions about Custom ROMs and Kernels for the LG G6. For now, there are many compatible Custom ROMs available for the device, some are compatible including for the latest Android 7.1.1 (Nougat).

LG G6 is packed in with Android 7.0 (Nougat). You can get a closer experience to the stock Android and uninstall Bloatware by just installing a Custom ROM. Also the Custom ROMs are packed in with newest Security patch updates, many customizations and huge features. Now with this little piece of discussion lets get to our list of top 5 Custom ROMs for LG G6, which you can install on your device at this moment.


Top Best Custom ROMs for LG G6

Lineage OS

I guess we all knew that Lineage OS is the replacement of Cyanogen MOD and most of the Custom ROMs are developed with the source code of Cyanogen mode. The ROM is developed with the aim to provide latest Android experience and great performance even before making customizations. This ROM supports the present Android 7.1.2 (Nougat), this includes the latest features, the rounded icons, App shortcuts, quick settings, Google Duo app and many more.

This ROM is really awesome with amazing performance and also very compatible to use but still with some minor bugs such as Optical image stabilization not working issue. The developers of Lineage OS are working overnight on the next builts finding solutions and fixes for these kind of issues and make it better.

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix with LG G6, this is unofficial but still the super stable and highly customizable for the LG G6. This is one of the feature filed Custom ROM out in the market. The ROM is also very friendly to handle with and provides the users a great battery life to enjoy using the device. Main part is all the important features like Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC are performing great without any bugs unlike some other Custom ROMs do.

Even though the ROM is unofficial it is running Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) with a newest security update. This is because, the Resurrection Remix has a good support from the users. The developers of Resurrection Remix are promising to provide major updates for their ROM. If you want to customize your LG G6 into a major level than getting with the Resurrection Remix is the best part.


CrDroid is a well-designed Custom ROM to provide closest experience to the genuine Android OS. At the same time it is focused to enhance better and solid performance than the stock OS of the LG G6. The developers provided a recent update for the ROM, this current update is running the solid newest Android version the Android 7.1.2 (Nougat).

The ROM is packed in with many important required features such as impressive gestures, quick settings customizations, Lock Screen options, status bar icons and all. If you have never experienced a Custom ROM then the CrDroid is the best Custom ROM to begin with. With CrDroid you get the ability to experience the cleanest Android without any unwanted Apps and features.


The AquariOS is something very similar to the Resurrection Remix ROM. When it’s coming to LG G6, it becomes very rich with huge amount of features. the AquariOS provides users a wide range of customizations. This ROM is something new in the market and it does not have a huge community still, but as a plus point the ROM runs the newest Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) and also has the newest security patch updates.

The AquariOS supports the H870 and US997 both the variants of LG G6. The built in theme supports even without root enabled. It provides the ability to customize everything individually. For example you can add a theme skin for settings app and at the same time another theme for messages. The ROM also has lots of impressive features like battery bar, fingerprint gestures lock screen and so on.

I guess you can could choose a Custom ROM which matches your purpose according to the little information that I have provided here.

Fulmics ROM

The Fulmics ROM is the most downloaded Custom ROM among the LG G6 users and the users are really interested on this ROM. The ROM is frequently updated and provides a great support to all new Android versions. The ROM is featured with all the usual features of Android Nougat and so many tweaks, such like the power menu customizations and volume button actions.

Also the Fulmics ROM with the pre-installed stock kernel, this might contain the exact compatibility and performance as the stock Android OS on the LG G6. The ROM provides the support for Magisk Module by its own, your part is just to make use of the modules the ROM provides you. The best thing out with anything is it provides you Fulmics OTA update, this means no more flashing for each new update. So updating the ROM is easy and quick.

Paranoid Custom ROM

Paranoid Android is another great and very popular custom ROM that really helps you build your LG G6. Competing with Cyanogen Mod, this ROM gives you an attractive interface and lets you make customizations according to your need. There are amount of unique features such as cool immersive, hover notifications, peek notification from lock screen, dynamic system bars, provides opportunity to use gestures for navigation buttons and so on.

Moreover, the ROM is built in with Cyanogen mod’s theme engine with many more new customization features. Try out this ROM, this is something awesome.



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