Top Best Complete Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are here, However, which Android Smart Phone does you buy? This article will help you .Read start to end our Galaxy S9 review, we touch everything deeply.

The S8 was really great, but the S9 is only fine

Pros (+)

  • Swift biometric security
  • Awesome performance on low-light
  • The most powerful Android phone out

Cons (-)

  • Design is almost identical to the Galaxy S8
  • Some camera snaps lack vibrancy
  • Very expensive

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is a amazing Android phone now on the hands. The Galaxy S8 is a great device, that promises to be one of the top handset of 2018. But, to be mentioned this handset is not that upgraded.

This is simply because it is completely similar to the previous Galaxy S8 in design. The Samsung should have called this one as Galaxy S8S, according to the design perspective.

The company said, there are some key improvements and differences between the phones, this gives you a little headache on whether to upgrade: more power, a stronger frame and the camera that destroys almost everything else out there in the name of low-light performance.

The Galaxy S9 also fixes one of those important key issues which we had with the Galaxy S8: the issue which you couldn’t easily unlock your phone as the biometric unlocking was somehow poor. Also, you get the AR Emoji with galaxy S9, which is different type of a feature, but it something really you can spend time by playing with it.

There are also the dual speakers functioned for the first time on a Galaxy S Serious phone by Samsung, alongside of that, the usual water resistance is something that we have already been too blazing about. We can simply dump our phones in water, for crying out loud. This is something really amazing.

But all these plus points with this phone are all backdrop by the very high price of it; Still it is way much cheaper than the iPhone X, but it is either one of the more expensive options n the market for you to buy. The larger S9, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus which is packed with a 6.2 inches display is even pricier.

So, according to our opinion, if you are looking for a replacement for a 2016 phone or a older one to do all the new things, then it really offer enough to make the Galaxy S9 a worthwhile upgrade for you, or the cheaper Galaxy S8 still the best phone in the world until now.

Specs Price, launch date of Samsung Galaxy S9


Screen size: 5.8-inch
Dimensions: 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm
CPU: Snapdragon 845 / Exynos 9810
Storage: 64GB
Camera: 12MP rear, 8MP front
Battery: 3,000mAh
Weight: 163g

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched on the March 16, 2018, as that the pre-orders are now being delivered all around the world, so, it is possible to buy Samsung Galaxy S9, from anywhere of the world.

The Galaxy S9 is going on sale from £739, $719.99, or AU$1,199, the SIM-free version which is directly from the Samsung, but on some markets, the price could be slightly differ.

In the UK, it is really a huge price jump over the last year’s handset, the Galaxy S8, which coasted £689 at launch, and that was the exact same price which our sources made with the report before the official launch.

In terms of a UK cost, you can pay on contract which is expecting be somewhere between £35 and £50 per month for a really decent slug of data, even though with some of the contracts you will have to make down payment too.

When it comes in the US, we are seeing these price around $30 per month for the contract, and the phone itself coasts between $720-$800. Actually, it is a bit cheaper in the US when we compared to the Galaxy S8, and when bucking with the trend that we are usually watching in other regions around the world.

There are no any choices in the storage variants of this phone both in the UK and US, the only 64GB variant is going on sale for now.

Better Biometrics, Average AR Emoji and some improvements

Improved biometrics

  • Intelligent scan is now accurate, but not that secured
  • It is far easier to unlock your phone

As we all know the last year’s biometric unlocking features of the Galaxy S8 was almost made it unusable. The fingerprint scanner on the device was too hard to reach, and the iris scanner also was unreliable and the facial recognition is very poor on it.

So, the Samsung was needed to do something with such issues, and now it has done with all these three features. Now they are working seamlessly and interchangeably.

The intelligent Scan get marries to the iris scanner in order enhance the facial recognition feature to make the device unlock with your face a far, far simpler way to unlock the phone, and as I have already mentioned the fingerprint scanner is now much easier to hit with your finger.

Also, the Intelligent Scan feature is very much faster and better than the last year one, where was the iris scanner and facial recognition on the previous Galaxy S8 were somewhere between 30% and 50% accuracy, now both work together on the Galaxy S9 and yield the success almost every time of the attempt.

When it comes to the performance in low light, the iris scanner is still being a bit slow to react. As a fact, this will not always let you in. Of course, the Apple’s Face ID absolutely destroys the Samsung for it’s accuracy and ease of use in any lighting, even in the dark. But it is now always easier to simply flick your finger on to the scanner on the back of the phone to get it unlocked, there is never had an issue with the spot of fingerprint sensor.

Still keeping the fingerprint scanner on the device comes the real of Galaxy S9 over the iPhone X.

The fingerprint scanner on the S9 has now been built below the rare camera and it is far easier spot to simply hit your finger.

There are a couple of miner sides of the biometric system. First thing, the 2D scanning method of the face unlocking of S9 is not as secure as any other security methods such like the fingerprint scanner or the Apple’s Face ID.

But this want make trouble for us, as the fingerprint scanner is now far better located for paying for things anyway, and really the biometric unlocking is all about convenience than it is for security.

Anyway, according to our testing, we had no possibilities to dupe the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a 2D picture of our face to unlock it, so in any case if you lose your phone you can still feel secure in the knowledge that no one can get into your phone, I thing this is what most of us really want it to be.

Next, the more frustrating thing with Galaxy S9 is, you can’t really unlock the phone when it is placed on a table, as the range of vision for the Facial recognition scanner is very limited, so unless you correctly show up your face over to the camera, you are not going to get in. In these type of thing, the Apple’s Face ID offers a much wider viewing angle to make things easier.

AR Emoji

  • Too much of a novelty
  • The facial recognition must be more powerful

It took a little while to discover and come around to the idea of AR Emoji, and then it didn’t get too long to get bored of those sneaky thing.

To be honest, these are definitely the clear response in order to fulfill the Apple’s Animoji feature, which really obtained a great attention once the iPhone X was launched, and the Animoji feature make use of the front facing TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X make the scan on a deeper level.

The Samsung’s offering feels like a watered down version of Animoji, albeit one with a little more considered personality. With the Galaxy S9, to create up your own little avatar you can simply smile into the front facing camera of the phone, and the Galaxy S9 will create your own version of digital you to share.

Once an AR emoji is created, you can make changes on your avi’s hair, skin color and also make the choice of the outfits according to what it wants to be. It is really big shame for the company, that there aren’t more customization options with it, as even the outfits are a very bit limited and the hair color is either not particularly nuanced.

This may really seem like a, little thing to handle with, but in case if you find hard to make your AR Emoji look like you, then you and your friends definitely going to struggle to engage with it make it happen.

According to the testing, we found that we will have create our avatar for a multiple times, as there were occasional glitches such like a weird face shape or the wrong colored eyes on you.

Also, we had to get used to the fact of the feature, that it does not look like us on all the attempts, although in some of the tries, it instantly generated a GIFs that you can use on the social media to share with friends, which suddenly shown up with our AR Emoji mimicked perfect with some of our features well from different angles either.

These kind of perfect GIFs are probably the best thing about the AR Emoji feature, and they also get tiresome relatively quickly. You can send them few to your friends through the compatible apps. The AR Emoji GIFs are baked into the usual keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy S9, but still you can’t use them in Twitter or Gmail, it supported only in apps such like WhatsApp and all at the present, but for sure the support will spread wild with the time.

There is another thing you can simply do with AR emoji is you can record a video of yourself speaking as a AR Emoji, and this is where the fun things start to unravel. The Galaxy S9 picks up almost all of your features, but still sometimes gives your avatar a little flickering mouth or eye in some points when the camera loses your action.

This shows that, to make this feature work good, the brand need a even more powerful camera, rather than not just relying on the software of the device and the front facing camera.

The AR Emoji are really fun for a very little while, but on the features own, definitely this is certainly not the reason for you buy the all new Galaxy S9.

Bixby is back in a better way

  • Bixby Voice is still way more behind
  • Bixby Vision is far more useful than any other

Previously, we were totally disappointed with the Bixby which was initially launched on the Galaxy S8 in the year of 2017, as it promised to be an ultimate digital assistant on the device and it wasn’t at all.

This simply couldn’t do enough of what it promised to do so, it was not able to work on what you wanted it to contextually do for you, and it also was not able to start or even control enough number of apps on its own. We could still forgive for the gestation period for this feature, if it was not for the fact of having the Google Assistant is already functioning on the phone, and it is ultimately capable of doing so many things.

Anyway, the company has now greatly upgraded the Bixby on the Galaxy S9, and also they have kept the button for Bixby on the side of the device which allow you to simply get accessed to your assistant. This button is somehow used similar to a walkie-talkie, simply talk to Bixby by pressing and holding the button and then release the button once you have finished delivering your command, but it is a bit slow to catch up with those commands.

Bixby can be sometime too literal: for example, wanting you to set a timer which is preset rather than simply starting a countdown on its own. And, you can also ask the Bixby to take a picture and send it to one of your friend, the whole process might take around 30 seconds, and this is assuming Bixby can find the friend to get start with, in which time you would just manually do it on your self.

The Galaxy S9 was telling us that we can dictate with the Bixby, but as we tested it, this was never a 100% accurate at any cost. The Bixby is it is pretty darn good, when considering that we are essentially speaking to a baby robot, but we must have to edit our words before sending it to the action.

The Bixby Vision has come through a very long way, and the fact is, the Bixby turned off by default and it much beautiful than it is turned on. No longer do the little green fireflies comes up automatically and dance across your viewfinder when you are just trying to take a picture of something.

Anyway, when you are turn on with the Vision features, they are pretty useful. Somehoe, the Bixby is much, much better than before at being able to work out what it’s seeing than what it is hearing, and it can simply give accurate results on the web for such things like comics, lamps, nature scenes and more.

The translation tool is either very strong with it, and sometimes it brings up with some weird answers here and there, but on the overall, it is pretty easy to work out as what you are looking at. For about a year and more the Samsung is making out a big deal about this feature, but when it comes to the reality it is still not has become success.

So, somehow it is good that the Bixby has been a bit upgraded, to at a working point which bring some sort of sense to having a unique button on the side of the phone, but it is still something useless on the device, take up space.

Mapping the Bixby button to the Google Assistant is a better way to get use of your entire phone just using your voice, even you will have to download a third party app, it is amazing to do. Apart from being more limited in scope, it at least manages all the things it can do very well.

New speakers

  • The AKG tuned sound is now loud
  • A tiny bit lacking in punch, but still a big upgrade on the Galaxy S8

Another important key feature that Samsung is making out with the Galaxy S9 is the well improved speaker unit. If you are tired of the common hearing sound shoot which normally produced from the bottom of your Galaxy phones, then you will appreciate that the top earpiece of the Galaxy S9 is now firing out sound towards your face.

These little speakers also have been amazingly tuned in order to provide Dolby Atmos sound support, this gives you a sense of space from the audio that is coming out from your phone.

As the phone is very thin, the maximum volume and the quality of sound coming through the built in speaker is very impressive. If anything the volume can be taken a little too high, but we found ourselves turning the volume down on occasion, despite only watching out videos on the social media.

Anyway, the quality is not the best on the phone market, as the iPhone X is gives out little more punch and clarity from the built in speaker, where the speakers of Galaxy S9 is a little bit muddier. The basic idea with this information here is not to replace a Bluetooth speaker instead it is all to provide a decent experience when listening to music or podcasts without using an earphone.

Design and Screen

  • Same design as the last year’s Galaxy S8, but much stronger
  • Still an excellent and premium looking smart phone

It is closely to be said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 is just a carbon copy of the Samsung’s previous the Galaxy S8, as it is much close to the Galaxy S8 from the outside.

There are still few slight changes has been made with Galaxy S9, that make a big difference though, starting with the materials that has been used to make this phone. According to the facts, the Galaxy S9 is using Gorilla Glass 5 is a big step forward, as this means the phone is much stronger and it is better able than its predecessor to survive knocks and drops, this reduces the need for a case if you are not into encapsulating your all new expensive phone.

The aluminum which is used in the construction of Galaxy S9 is also more robust, so less twisting is possible with this device and you accidentally feel the need to warp your phone.

One important thing that we discovered through our first few weeks of using the Galaxy S9 is lack of scuffing, if you are using a modern smartphone without protecting it with a case these days you will often find that the phone will soon pick up a few nicks, this is a further evidence of an upgrade on the materials used in the built of the device.

But still the overall design is very much similar to the last year model, and only turning the Galaxy S8 and S9 to the back side over to reveal the main difference: the fingerprint sensor has been moved under the camera, rather than it being located to the right side of the camera, this is to make the fingerprint sensor more accessible.

And, thankfully, it is really more accessible. Where the last time the wrong placement of the fingerprint sensor was nearly ruined the Galaxy S8, as it is not that easy to correctly land the finger on and it makes the Galaxy S9 to be perfect on this case. As it should be simple enough to unlock the phone.

Then a big thanks for packing a 5.8 inches display along with very minimal bezels surrounding that are above and below the display. Anyway, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is easy to manage with one hand still with hug display for you to rock with.

Samsung still continues to offer a headphone jack on the Galaxy S9, unlike the Apple. This will be very much welcomed by the reams of people who are still not interested in investing for a pair of Bluetooth headphones, or even don’t want to use a adaptor to connect their favorite pair of wired earphones with the phone.

The earphones connecter on the Galaxy S9 is well placed on the bottom of the phone to the left as usual, and the phone will easily slip into the pocket even when a pair of earbuds are connected with it.

Unfortunately, the Bixby button still remains in the left hand side of the S9, right in the middle of the phone.

As mentioned, even if the Bixby serves a lot better purpose on the Galaxy S9, but it is still not worth it to have a dedicated button on the phone, and this button feel really similar to the volume button when sliding the finger through the side.

I promise one thing for sure, when you are holding the Samsung Galaxy S9, you definitely going to feel that you have got something, that is worth a little more money spent on it.

The design of the Galaxy S9 is still as attractive as ever the Samsung does, the surrounding glass shimmering nicely, the buttons are all offering a perfect travel and the balance in the hand ultimately make feel like you are just with the right mix of strength and lighter weight production.

The only thing that has to really be criticized apart from the placement of Bixby button is the sucking up fingerprint sensor on the back. The back side of the Galaxy S9 is smudgy mess in no time, somehow this is a natural result with a phone that is being made out of glass, and still a quick wipe could restore things back into normal.


  • Same technology and resolution which was in the Galaxy S8
  • The maximum brightness is boosted

The screen of Samsung Galaxy S9 has already been independently judged to be the very best on the market as it from Galaxy S8. This screen brings in with the best in color reproduction, brightness, accuracy and overall sharpness.

It is also being certified has least reflective display on the smart phone market, which simply means that you will be able to see more of the on screen action even when you are in a bright sunlight outside or else under strong light behind you at your home.

But still, all these reports have been submitted under those official findings which generally takes place in lab conditions. So, the bigger question for the consumers is, whether the 5.8-inch display on the Samsung Galaxy S9, will actually be any good in real life testing.

The good news here for you is, of course the Galaxy S9 is amazing, the screen offers phenomenal quality even under great sunlight. The color reproduction, the brightness, the clarity an all things of the screen are extremely good and faultless in our eyes, and for sure the Samsung has managed to make the Super AMOLED display technology used for the display is delivering great quality images that are more true to life than it has ever been before.

The previous releases of Samsung phones have always been overly colorful when it comes to color rendition, being well known for images that have an almost likely a cartoon character, but if anything we would definitely like a dash more color from the all new Galaxy S9.

You can simply get with this by visiting into the settings and selecting a different color mode, and if you are simply wishing to tweak some kind settings, then you can do it for sure. You can alter the color setting and even the white balance of the screen on yourself.

This is definitely a world completely away from what Apple can do with their displays. Unlike the Apple, allowing the slightest alteration, the Samsung wants to make sure that, if you want then you can get your perfect color balance according to your taste.

Anyway, even if the display technology is becoming more good the Galaxy serious, still the auto-brightness has issues with it. This issue is being continued far for a really long time with Samsung phones. The Galaxy S9 also always errs and being too bright, and the battery drains faster because of the display.

What comes interesting on the Galaxy S9 is, the Galaxy S9 phone actually learns your display brightness preferences, noting much, it simply adopts the situations in which you boost or dim the screen brightness, and later on these settings will be taken in such situations and it adjusts the brightness in the way you want it to be.

Somehow, we had to reset these settings to try and get a more useful level of brightness, as we artificially booted the brightness to have a look at specific elements of the display. But, this is really an advanced move made from Samsung, and this definitely shows that, how much the company is trying to make their brand stand along in the top and makes their phones more useful without even having a need for settings tweaks.

For the users of some other recent phones, such like the Google Pixel 2 XL and all have reported that the color shifts when viewing the display from an angle, and while the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has a more blue tinge when it is moved around, this is very far from terrible.

When we place Galaxy S9 next to iPhone X and you can clearly see that the Apple has tuned the Samsung’s display technology to be way better looking from the angles.

The low screen reflectance is extremely amazing, it really does come to the play in day-to-day use. As with our tests, we found it is possible to watch an entire episode of a Netflix TV series with a bright window left opened behind you. Even if this one is not going to give you s most pleasant experience with a phone, as the reflections are visible on the screen, but think of the smart phone back around three to four years, we weren’t able to even see what is on the screen of our smartphone in the sunlight, so now it is incredibly a huge overcome with the years.

The Galaxy S9 has also been certified to be used with Mobile HDR Premium content, there are not much devices to make it around at the present, but however the Samsung has careful managed to make sure its displays can perfectly handle the best and top standards on the phone market.

There is something has been simply said, that the Galaxy S9’s display doesn’t have support to Dolby Vision, the advanced HDR format of the brand, which is to be a great shame given that Dolby’s Atmos audio platform has been supported on the same phone.

The Edge display is back again from Samsung, making use of the curved edges of the phones display which is rolling into the sides of the chassis. While using the Edge screen, you can simply keep things set ready such as your favorite apps, key contacts or even record a section of the screen as a GIF either, all these things are really cool with the Edge display, but when it comes to reality, we just forget that there is something to handle with.

What’s it like to use?

  • An ultimately powerful Android Smartphone
  • The Keyboard needs a lot of improvement

To be honest, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is not really that different from its sibling the Galaxy S8 when it is considered in the terms of interface and design. The S9 is running Android 8 Oreo out of the box, and it is also been signed up with the Google’s Project Treble, which simply means the S9 users will obtain faster upgrades to the latest Android versions and fixes in the future.

As we all know the Samsung always has bring one of the best implementations of an Android skin out in the market, with its settings, the cool notifications bar and the amazingly designed icon management on the home screen and all being the easiest one among all the other.

The Galaxy S9 is missing with the amazing iPhone’s 3D Touch feature on the screen, which would have allowed great user experience such like the iPhones do now. The 3D touch on the iPhones allows you to access some great short cuts by simply long-pressing on an app and on the home screen and gets you a pop up with some selections to jump in fast. For example hit directly to a playlists on Spotify, most-contacted friends on the WhatsApp or the selfie option straight with the camera app. You can simply jump straight into the one that you want.

Like the above one, the Samsung gives us the Edge screen on the side of the phone, where you can swipe your finger into the screen to get access with the quick shortcuts for your favorite apps, but sometimes you forget that there is something in the edges. And it is the same thing that is happening with the extra menu which is for the home screen apps.

Another thing that has to be said here for sure: The Samsung Galaxy S9’s keyboard, the inbuilt is so bad to handle. The keyboard is not only matter it is inaccurate, it also learns wrong words and mess up things with wrong corrections, or capitalizes words randomly, then even it is suggesting some odd replacements when you are trying correct it.

Again for sure this won’t be a massive issue with the phone, as all the smart devices have issues in some kind. Also, this could be easily fixed by Samsung with a tiny software update.


  • Gives out incredible performance in low light
  • Some photos really seem like, they are oddly washed out
  • Overall quality of the images is still amazing

When considering the marketing materials and other brands, the single camera sensor with 12MP on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is really a big change that is going to inspire you to buy the phone for sure.

‘The Camera. Reimagined.’ Could be the bold statement from any of the photography brand, which simply let alone a smartphone maker, and when it comes to reality, the Samsung has always been over dramatic on this sector.

The key upgrade here is the camera sensor is now with the possibility to switch between an aperture of f/1.5 (which is great for low-light shots) and f/2.4 (which is better for brighter scenes). As the company has improved the the intelligence of the camera sensors, it can analyze the scene and enhance the images quality more effectively than before.

On top of all this, the Samsung has amazingly refined the modes for photography as an offer. This allows you to shoot some myriad different styles of photos, and all of these mods are fairly useful and worth taking a try.

Let’s get some focus on the auto mode though, as this one is going to be one of the most important one, which is used by most of the Galaxy S9 users. This is really excellent as ever, but somehow not that big improved over the previous Samsung Galaxy S8.

In the bright lighting, the pictures that are captured from Galaxy S9 are best without equal in terms of clarity; theirs is a great sharpness, brightness and the overall quality of the pictures are still stunning when you know that those are coming out from a smartphone camera.

The Galaxy S9, also adepts at shooting in low light conditions, thanks for making those lower aperture system, which has never been on a smartphone ever before. Yes, when we compare the images, they are a little on the muddy side, but still the low light snaps from some other high end phones such like the iPhone X, for instance, the S9 is best to lack of the noise and the higher brightness in the dark is really amazing.

If to be some kind of picky, then it would be really said that some of the images that has been taken with the Galaxy S9 is lack a real pop of color. The Samsung has seemingly worked out and they have decided their cameras to produce some some cool images that are more natural looking and colorful, but somehow this comes with the expense of vibrancy at times.

When we dig some deeper into the phone, we found that just hitting the edit button on the camera and selecting the auto enhancement there created an really improved snap, Samsung would have keep the setting for all the time, it really amazing.

There is also some definite shutter and lag when moving form a scene to another quickly, this happens as the autofocus and exposure are taking a little moment to recalibrate with the new scene before being ready to shoot a picture. On our test, in some of the occasions we were simply trying to get a perfect shot by taking loads of photos to see if there is one that is in focus, but it was delayed by the shutter lag.

A little bit of a background light can also can simply wash out the images in auto mode, and even trying out to get with the pro settings on the phone still didn’t get much better results. Although, the expert mod has been said that they have to doff our cap to the excellent abilities, as it is simply not only comprehensive but it is also very easy to use.

Apart from all those points, you have zero possibilities to take a bad photo with the Galaxy S9. The clarity of the photos, even when the lens are completely zoomed in, the ability of the camera is superb to pick out all details in high contrast scenes are it is extremely impressive.

We don’t have to take a couple of shots of a specific scenario to get the right shot picked, the one shot that you get is enough and it is accurate. The Galaxy S9 has strong abilities to handle scenes with great backlighting and it is also excellent, with under a brighter sunlight it is not causing a subject the foreground to become totally silhouette.

The selfie camera of the Galaxy S9 is packed with a 8MP sensor, which is also perfectly handles low lights, although the front facing camera does not have the wider field of view which some other smartphones offer, such like the many of those high end models from LG.

The panorama selfie is a another great thing with Galaxy S9, which simply lets you add in friends, or even create your own if you are feeling lonely. And the fake background blur works really well, although it is not as good as on in the iPhone X.

Anyway, this is compensated for by a panorama mode which lets you swivel to bring in more people into the one picture. This is a little tough on the hands, but it still produces great amount of effects.

The Samsung has now included a portrait mode which simply blurs the background on the selfies that are taken with Galaxy S9. This is something similar to the Apples TrueDepth camera can do on the iPhone X, and the effect does not show much of that different, provides you some decent amount of background blur. But you can’t still take the ‘studio’ shots with the blacked out background which apple is so much proved about offering it at the moment.

Super Slow motion capture

Another new feature for the Galaxy S9 is the super-slow-motion camera, in which you have the possibilities to 960 frames per second, this simply means you can a 0.2-second instant of movement into a six seconds long slow-mo clip, which is pretty amazing.

Under bright light, this is exceptional. As long as you are holding the phone steady or ready on the trigger. You can also set the Galaxy S9 to automatically sense the movement, but this feature only works under bright light and with the phone almost motionless. Keep in mind, this will definitely not work while the phone is being hold on your hands. But, when it does work, for sure it is absolutely amazing.

The other way is to do these kind is manually doing them, this is much easier as the camera is constantly recording the scene and so all the actions are recorded from the moment you want it to start. There are some caching going on flawlessly, so you don’t miss out anything.

But don’t imagine of trying to shoot slow motion footage in low light conditions, it gets very noisy and the quality goes very low. This could be simply understood with the given the amount of information that is required to be processed such action. Still if you can use the flash light on the capture, it won’t be that great as most the scenes are filmed in a wider frame, and it might be hard to illuminate them with the little LED flash light of the galaxy S9.

So, when it comes to the overall workaround, we had a little bit high expectations on the Galaxy S9’s camera as it is given the loud noises Samsung has been making about their phone performance, although the low light capabilities of the device does border on the astounding at times, and still the real fact is, the camera is very powerful in all conditions means you can get some really cool and great snaps with it.

Finally, to be said, the color reproduction of the Galaxy S9 is not that impressive as much as something which is in the Google Pixel 2, anyway, the iPhone X is either offering well rounded image quality than the Galaxy S9, but the overall rating of the camera of the Galaxy S9 is simply awesome in most scenarios.


  • The Battery life is so disappointing
  • Not much improved from the last year one

We are completely disappointed with the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S9, as it is not made as the jump forward to match the competition, according to the expectation.

As it is packed with the same 3000mAh power on board which was on the previous Galaxy S8 and the same amount of pixels on the pad, but still with a more powerful processor. The Samsung had about a whole year to refine its software, we were expecting something big from the Samsung’s Galaxy S9’s battery life.

But, what we exactly got was something that is more slippery than the Galaxy S8. Where we would have around eight hours of battery life remaining on the pack when the indicator was just showing 60% full, now we see the same numbers around somewhere at 70%.

Always the worry with Android phones is those nefarious apps which are playing around in the background of the OS, they simply cause more power drain than it is necessary, but our testing showed up that it was generally the display is what kills the battery, As it is more brighter this year and it extremely eats more power.

But, still something interesting here is the Samsung has perfectly optimized the things, as on our standard video testing, a 90 minutes of a Full HD video at the maximum brightness on the Galaxy S9 only toke up 17% of the battery.

Anyway, this is not the best one we have seen on the test, as the iPhone X just lost 10% of the battery on the same test which is also using the same screen technology as the Samsung does, but it is a marked improvement when it is being compared over the 23% power lost of the Galaxy S8 of last year, as the S9 even has a brighter screen on it.

As with our overnight test result it is pretty much standard, the battery lost 5% in a period of eight hours, which is exactly a bang on the average for a modern smartphone. Again, somehow, we had more on hope for the new Galaxy S9 as it is being the top phones of the moment.

The wireless charging is once again present with Galaxy S9, and the Samsung remains to be the only one brand to be compatible with both the PMA and Qi charging standards, this simply means, the Galaxy S9 will get charged with any of the wireless charging pads on the market.

As the fast charging is now enabled even through the wireless charging as well, we couldn’t notice a particularly fast charge without the wires, although this could be considering the fact that the Galaxy S9 took a long time to settle down.

We are being testing smart phones since for a long time, and we always prefer and make sure to cycle the new batteries a multiple times before making any dictions about the battery. As the new batteries take some days to make sure that all of the apps are optimized and patches downloaded, and generally for the phone to just shake itself out for better wakeup.

This time, this process really took a lot longer on the Galaxy S9 than we thought for it to be, about a week passed, the battery just started to settle on a place. Then the battery life gradually improved, but still it is required to boost the charge at least once to get passed through the end of the day.

Anyway, if you buy Galaxy S9, you will see the battery improves after a few weeks of use, this is according to testing. Somehow the Galaxy S9 is only just a touch better than the iPhone 8, and it is definitely weaker than the last year’s Galaxy S8.


The Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is importantly considered in two things: the first one is, this is a very impressive smartphone, and most likely to be one of the best smartphone in 2018. The second one is; it is really disappointing with minimal upgrades over the Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

The reason it comes in both these things at once is the previous Galaxy S8 was absolutely a brilliant phone, which only had the downside by the biometric issues that made it really hard to actually unlock the phone using it. As the solving that issue, the Samsung has righted as a big mistake from the year of 2017, but apart from that, there is not that much of an impresses here.

And there another thing that is most important, the Galaxy S8 is still going to stay on sale, now even for a lower price. This makes everything awesome, as it will be the only tempting alternative for those thinking of getting with a new Samsung phone.

As the Galaxy S9 is offering the same design and the screen as it was before in the last year, and only has done some minor upgrades, the Samsung will have to take some time in convincing the people for it.

That company says, those upgrades are the one that mostly people are considered about. The Galaxy S9’s camera is something exceptional in low lightings, which you would also expect the given innovative dual aperture technology by the Samsung has which has integrated in the phone.

The improved and some new materials that are used in the construction of the phone offer a stronger body, and you will not feel those difference while you pickup it in your hand.

Next, the relocation of the fingerprint scanner, which is now under the camera combined with the far more accurate Intelligent Scan to simply unlock the system, makes the Galaxy S9 an eminently more useful than the previous Galaxy S8. As the unlocking compatibility is most considered with a phone, if it is not compatible enough, than the phone is almost useless.

The AR Emoji has been come up with a big marketing push, but for sure, it is definitely not that a big deal at all, and it is completely an uninspiring one. To make it better, the Samsung has to create more weighty hardware and software both to get something impressive, so if you are in favor of AR Emoji to buy a Galaxy S9, then we would definitely say a big no for you.

The extra speed that is now on board is something nice to have, but to be honest, there is nothing being added new at this stage. Most of us really want to see was the improved battery life, and we don’t get that yet.

Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S9?

The camera with the phone is really a big reason to go for the Samsung Galaxy S9, along with that, the uprated power and well designed and improved construction, but it is definitely not a great leap forward to afford. The camera sometimes flatters to deceive, with the color reproduction is one the main issue for us.

It is annoying to see that a specific photo, in which it only looks the half decent when you snap it on the camera and it can be instantly improved by simply adding up the effect in immediate post processing. This could have functioned to work automatically, Samsung do you hear us?

The extra money that as to be payed is going to be tough for some people’s stomach, as you are not going to get much of the features which is all on the Galaxy S8, as long as you are not worrying about some finger gymnastics to reach the fingerprint scanner on the back and are also if you are not bothered about having the best camera that Samsung has created.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will definitely be the best phone of 2018, but the competition of this year has a real chance to catch up.

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