Top Best Cloud Storage Services of 2018

Top Best Cloud Storage Services of 2018

Cloud Storage, have you heard it before? What is a Cloud Storage means? Cloud Storage is Cloud computing model, where the Data stored on Remote Servers accessed through the internet. The Cloud Storage are managed by the Cloud Storage Service Provider on a Storage servers that are built on virtualization techniques. Simply saying a Cloud Storage provides you a online space to store your Data.Aim of this article is explained about Top Best Cloud Storage Services of 2018 for you.

Purpose of a Cloud Storage

The technology as grown up high, and everything as grown. A new storage method in this growth is the online Storage or remote storage, which is known as Cloud Storage. The main point of a Cloud Storage is, it brings you a complete access to your account, wherever you are and whenever you want and has a high Security. You don’t have to worry about your poor internal storage and carrying your Device wherever you go. With Cloud Storage you can access your Cloud Stored Data with of the Cloud Storage capable dive. You can store any type of file such as Media, Documents, photos and backups.

This Cloud Storage services keep you out from the physical Storages. Cloud Storage services also provides you syncing. If you still don’t have Cloud Storage service to store and sync your data in the Cloud, you have get one.

What to know before getting a Cloud Account

As the things grew the competition also grows. In the same manner there are many Cloud Storage services competing. Every Cloud Storage services are bit different featured compare to the other. The selection of a Cloud Storage will depend on your need. Many Cloud Storage services has a high level security and some doesn’t have. Some Cloud storages services gives you maximum use for free and for some you may have 2 pay for the benefits and all kind of stuff I will explain you below.

All things that a Cloud Storage service can provide you

  • It is compatible with other Apps and Services.
  • You can view and edit the files on the cloud as you do it normal
  • You can sync your Devices together

Free and Paid

Many Cloud Storage Services, they provide you a Free Account with some limitations, such as the amount of storage and the size limit for single file upload. We suggest that you prefer which gives you some level of free services rather than selecting time based trial Cloud Storage service, so that you can take your time and make a decision or you can continuously use the limited addition.

But, there is something can go wrong, such as dropped internet connection and some of the issues are with the free license, with a paid license you get some additional supports from the Cloud Storage providers and you will rescued in such kind of situations. This why always the paid license take the lead rather a free license.

There are many more reasons to pay for a Cloud Storage service, from getting a huge storage to being able to upload a lot big file, more security and more features for collaboration. These things would be more useful for many official purposes such as for Graphic Designers, Editors and Visual Artists.

Top Best Cloud Storage Services of 2018

Here we have list up some best Cloud Storage services for you to get started with something. There are many more Cloud Storage provider than we mention here, if you feel something is better than what we mention here then be free to let us know through the comment section.


Dropbox is one of the top best cloud storage service in the world.The Cloud Storage provider Dropbox is known as the Granddaddy of the Cloud Storage, Dropbox gives you a small 2GB of Storage for you to start and it can be extended up to 16GB by linking your Dropbox to social Medias.

PRICE 2GB Free, 1TB for $9.99 per month


Google Drive

The Google Drive is a natural for the Android users as it is already installed and ready on your Android Device, but it is also available on the other platforms too. Windows and Mac users can download a desktop App to drag and drop files to your Device also.

PRICE 15GB free, 100GB for $1.99 per month and 1TB for $9.99 per month



Mega is built with a drag and drop interface. Mega is also known as a heavy weight Cloud Storage. These Cloud Storage as a handy App to manage your uploads and as well as supports on the PCs too.

PRICE 50GB free, 200GB for $5 per month



The Cloud Storage OneDrive is a built in option for the Microsoft Windows 10 users, it has been pinned in the file explorer for you for a direct access. You has no need to download an all, it is ready for action. Microsoft’s Photos App also can use OneDrive to spread your pictures to all your Devices. OneDrive also has the OneDrive App on the Android and iOS Devices and even there is a App for mac users too.

PRICE 5GB free, 50GB for 1.99 per month



This is a Cloud Storage service which is very compatible with iDevices. It only gives you 5GB of free space and that is definitely not enough to back up your iPhone or something, but compare to the other Cloud Storage services the iCloud prices are very reasonable. The Mac Finder joins the iCloud Drive, where you can save any type of file. Windows users also sync there files.

PRICE 5GB free, 50GB for $0.99 per month



Box is supported by a number of main stream Apps such as Office 365 and Google Docs.  The Box sync is also available for Mac and Windows.

PRICE 10GB free, 100GB for $10 per month

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