Top Best Android Launcher Apps of 2018

Android Launchers are a really cool thing that will get you cool new Android experience every time you get with a new Launcher. The Launchers are something that lets you modify your Android device home screen and the lock screen in an amazing manner. You can simply modify everything by just downloading and running a specific Launcher on your Android device. We have made up a list with 10 of the best Android Launcher Apps for you to select with which launcher shoots you and you can also try out something new either.

Action Launcher

The Action Launcher has been a favorite Android launcher for a long time among the users. The Action Launcher comes with a stock Android feel but still holds up great new features and provides a unique experience on it. The Quicktheme on Launcher allows you to customize the User Interface and theme color based on your background image and the Shutters allows to check out App widgets without even setting one on the home screen. Also the Action Launcher has an own special folder styles and it provides icon pack support, gives frequent updates and a lot more. There are many Launchers out there which provides a similar experience as the same as the Action Launcher.

Price: Free / $4.99+


ADW Launcher 2

The ADW Launcher was always on our list and now the developer has stopped updating the Launcher. Anyway the good news is the developer satisfies us with the launch of ADW Launcher 2. The ADW Launcher 2 is obvious a good launcher to add back to our list. The launcher is packed in with an updated User Interface that fits in better with the basic Android interface. Also there are many launcher shortcuts, customization options, extensions and tons of other modern features included into the launcher. The ADW Launcher 2 has one of the best feature called make-your-own-widget, this takes the launcher to the right place among all the other Android launchers. The ADW Launcher 2 is free to download, if you want you can get with pro version which is available as in-app purchase for $3.49.

Price: Free/$3.49

Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher is one of the symbolic Launcher for a long time in the Android launcher list. The Action Launcher is aimed to provide a stock Android look and experience with few extra and superior features put in to provide a good measure for it. Among all those things the launcher is included with the ability to alter things such like transition animations, scrolling habits and there is also a scrolling dock, which lets you lay plenty of icons to modify. Apex Launcher is packed in with a theme engine.

Price: Free/$3.99

Arrow Launcher

The Arrow Launcher by Microsoft had many down sides with it and now, the Arrow Launcher have grown into really a good Android launcher for everyone. With the Arrow Launcher you are offered with a home screen to put your apps and ands things. With that, you have will be getting to customize plenty of pre-set home screens with your favorite things like frequent contacts, reminders (his is powered by Wunderlist), recent documents and your frequent apps. The Microsoft also frequently updates the launcher to offer great new features. Most of the features with the Arrow Launcher are commonly integrated with other Microsoft products. This launcher is really worth it for those who people mostly get with Microsoft products.

Price: Free


Atom Launcher

Another Cooler and newer Android Launcher, the Atom Launcher. This launcher perfectly moves in a right direction to take the market for its own. The Atom Launcher is packed in with a theme maker where you can find out varies themes for the launcher through the Google Play Store. It also offers with gesture controls, a hidden dock with extra settings, built-in widgets, icon pack support and many other settings and customizations. All these things offer you a great control over the launcher. This is also light, productive and has tones of features to make it competitive. The launcher is free for you to download and use it and also has a pro version. You can check with the free version before getting with the Pro version.

Price: Free/$1.99

EverythingMe Launcher

Back in 2015 the EverythingMe Launcher left the Play Store and the developer back with a new built to the Play Store in January 2017. As the EverythingMe Launcher is a great and a minimal Android launcher the return of the launcher made everyone happy. The launcher is packed in with lots of awesome smart features such as smart folders that automatically categorize your apps, contextual feed of things like notifications, missed calls, calendar events and more to boast your Android device. The Everything Me Launcher App takes some time learn your habits, but once it does, this is real amazing. Also the Launcher is totally free.

Price: Free


Evie Launcher

The Evie Launcher is one of the lightweight Android launcher. The Evie launcher is packed in with lots of unique features and the launcher is also one of the fastest among other Android launcher. The launcher is designed with an app drawer that is similar to the Pixel Launcher’s in which you can slide up the App drawer from the bottom of the screen. The launcher also has built in support with icon packs, a no-dock mode and as well as you can change such things like the grid size on the home screen and all. With all these the Evie Launcher has more things like widget customization, unread badges. However the launcher is completely free to download and use it also no in-app purchases included.

Price: Free

Google Play Store

Launcher 8

The Launcher 8 is one of the special and unique launcher, as the launcher will no more show you the Android, it has nothing left like Android. If it does not look like an Android, then what will it be looking like? Of course it will exactly look like a Windows phone. By using Launcher 8 the Android Phone will entirely convert into a Windows phone visually, it gets you live tile and create virtually the same like the windows phones. This launcher is a very solid one which provides hand full of features for free of cost.

Price: Free/$1.99+

Google Play Store

Lightning Launcher

Lightning Launcher is for sure an honorable Android launcher. The Lightning Launcher has become one of the most customizable launchers for Android that has ever made still a lightweight launcher though. This launcher extremely allows you to make virtual changes almost on everything on the home screen and even lets you create and manage multiple sets of home screen for each of your need. With all these the unique features of Lightning Launcher is the only things keeps it in the list. With a little piece of java script you can make the Lighting Launcher even better, there are plugins either to build something more with the launcher.

Price: $1.99/$4.99

Google Play Store

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the oldest and an amazing Launcher for Android. The Nova Launcher something like the Apex Launcher and it has been around the market since for a long time. The Nova Launcher has filled with tons of customization features which includes gesture support, the ability to customize the look and feel of the app, icon pack support, themes and many more. The launcher is frequently updated to provide you a bug less user experience and great new features. Also the Nova Launcher comes packed with the ability to backup and restore the home screen templates when you want to get with another Android device. We highly recommend you to try out this launcher as it might be very useful for you.

Price: Free/$4.99

Google Play Store

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