Top Best Android Apps for 2017

Neil de Grasse Tyson said, something in the Cosmos TV show, that there are more atoms in your finger tip than all the stars in the galaxy. Quantity of the apps in Google Play Store hasn’t exceeded that limit, but there’s a confusing and awful lot of apps in it.You could comprised along one phone with more than one mind and you will get confused how to choose productive apps to your smart device. We have spent many hours on mining inside the Play Store between plenty of apps to find some best apps. We are glad to say that, we have found 10 Best Android apps for 2017 throughout them.

10 Best Android Apps for 2016What is here for you?

This list of apps does not contains each and everything, but simply a valuable collection of android apps for your device. This is not even a beginning to surf along the infinite variety of Play Store. This description will cover about the apps that you must definitely install on your smartphone or smart tablet. You will be able to tackle anything with these 10 Best Android Apps for 2017.

These ten will be a beginning for this research. “Evernote” is an app with considerable amount of various activities. You may find it’s not meeting requirements that you need to manage to-do- lists and move to a different organizer app or after reading plenty of comics you’re not curious to read the huge list of Marvel available on the Marvel Unlimited.

This is a new start or a foundation for any Android user must follow. You’ll need to customize the list for your own requirements and desires. Try to conduct your research survey and find the most essential apps for you.

How We Choose Apps.

When we are trolling down between new apps, we always try Android security apps with new devices. After testing new apps, we wipe the device to make it ready for the testing of next application review. So, we spend more time with fresh and empty android devices compared to the average Android smart mobile users. We always fill those mobiles with essential apps.

Our teams’ first thought was to find the most suitable app for you to get work done-so we turned towards Google Drive and LastPass. We also thought regarding the need of writing quick notes, managing e-mails and a nice keyboard app that guided us to choose SwiftKey.

Let’s have a look in to these Top Best Android Apps for 2017.

Top Best Android Apps for 2017


4 Rating(Ratings)-Free for download at Play Store.

comicxAre you feeling tired, lazy or exhausted to scroll down to the comic book store? What the hell, can you see any comic book store around your town anymore?  Comics, is the best app with digital comics from the Comixology developers. It gives you the real feeling of a comic book store. You will see different types of comic categories and titles on a long list. You can buy new books or access free books within simple taps on your device. It’s an amazing app. It will not lead you to buy costly comic books and this is so easy to use.


5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download/premium plans billed monthly.

EvernoteEvernote will be your best digital multi tool. This app will conduct several multi tasks such as list keeping, note taking, voice recording, to-do listing and web clipping. It’s powerful and really easy to operate. It will override other apps first, but you will be able to be smart with it when you are using it properly. This app has the ability for Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it assist you to search texts places on a photo. By the next time you get a business card, just snap a picture. So you can contact that person by tapping several times on the picture via Evernote.


4.5 Rating(Ratings)- Free to download at Play Store.

FeedlyGoogle reader was the best thing that made a revolution to the internet regarding sliced and bulky blogs, but it has gone to the past and it is outdated with recent improvements. Feedly will make it really easy to read news and blog posts on your smart phone. This app is based on a versatile platform, but the most amazing thing is that you will be able to fulfill your all reading habits using this single app.

Google Drive

5 Rating(Ratings)- Free to download at Play Store/ Additional space should be purchased if needed.

 google DriveGoogle Drive is a wonderful online storage device, but as a great mobile software suite it does an excellent duty. Drive will assist you to complete several word processing and other official documentation related tasks such as create new spreadsheets, text, access presentation documents and access those documents in cooperation with other people from your android smart device. It will not another solution for your PC related office package, but a close solution.


4 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

GmailYou will also realize that emails are the worst thing on the earth, and waited curiously to be notified after receiving it. Gmail app will show you a nice mail box on your android smart device to manage your gmail account. This app will assist you to compose emails, upload and attach files to your mails and manage your gmail contacts. This app groups your received emails in to several categories called bundles. So it will be very easy for you to deal with them and identify prioritized bundles.


4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store/ Premium version 12 dollars per year.

 Last PassMost of the people uses complex, bulky and unique passwords for each and every website or any password related logon screens. Thankfully, there are password manager apps such as LastPass. This password manager will generate a unique and complex password for your login requests on websites and applications when required. LastPass will fill the login details and password when you need to login. A new feature has been added to LastPass to safely send your login details and passwords to a trusted and pre-entered person in the event of your demise. You may need to pay 1$ per month if you are using the app on more than one device.

PicsArt Photo Studio

4 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

PicsArtWhen we are considering mobile image editing, you can see a long list of applications in the Play Store. But when the instagram ends the journey, PicsArt will begin. It does not provide you just filters to edit your images, PicsArt is powered with many more interesting features and inbuilt tools to develop your images. Don’t worry, if you are already an Instagram follower. PicsArt will allow you to post your all creations to Instagram to interact with your all followers.

Pocket Casts

4.5 Rating (Ratings)-3.00$ at Play Store

Pocket CastsEasily the best podcast app in the world, user interface is very smooth and sync speed is very high. You will be able to manage your frequent podcasts and access them in no time. Build 324 is the most recent and most exciting version of Pocket casts. This can be operated on Android 4.1 or higher devices.

Slacker Radio

4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store with paid ad-free plans.

There are so many methods to get music on your smart device, but we recommend the Slacer Radio as the best. This app contains a wide range of music with different libraries of latest and old songs. Slacker Radio has become more popular in order to its ability of streaming arranged and wide variety of content.

SwiftKey Keyboard

4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

swiftkeyAre you struggling with your fingertips when you are tapping your device keyboard? SwiftKey keyboard will assist you to drag your finger from word to word on your smart phone screen to make words. Predictive text will make this easier when texting by giving most approximate predictions. Since the launch of google keyboard and original gesture keboardSwype app, SwiftKey has got the lead among all of them. You will be amazed with the things that can do with it.


4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

On the off chance that you need to protect your Android gadget on crude open Wi-Fi, you’ll require a strong VPN, and ExpressVPN is a standout amongst the most confided in, secure brands in the virtual private system industry, and that is all things considered. It’s super quick and greatly protected, bragging a SSL-secured connect with 256-piece encryption and, get this, boundless transfer speed and speed. ExpressVPN has servers in 78 nations (counting Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and others) in more than 100 areas around the globe, so there will dependably be an area close you to give you the most ideal experience. It’s unquestionably a standout amongst other Android applications! See our ExpressVPN Review.

1 Weather

4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

1Wheather is ostensibly the best climate application out there. It highlights a basic, paginated outline that demonstrates to you the present climate, conjecture for up to 12 weeks, a radar, and other fun details. Alongside that, you’ll get a genuinely good arrangement of softly adaptable gadgets and the standard stuff like serious climate warnings and a radar so you can see the tempests drawing nearer. Maybe its best element is its negligible plan which just demonstrates to you the climate (and fun actualities, on the off chance that you need). The free form is the totally full form and the $1.99 in-application buy just evacuates the publicizing. Most will likewise likely appreciate the scope of climate fun actualities the application offers also. It’s one of those must-attempt Android applications!

Blue Mail

4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

Blue Mail is most likely one of the awesome email app out there. The app is well designed with a simple interface that makes you compatible with each and every mail distributors and the Blue Mail keeps everything upstanding either. also the App provides you bunch of smart settings to optimize the user experience. the App is built with support for Android were, option to protect private mails, color coding, widgets and many more. It is really simple, strong and awesome to download use it for totally free. Also the Blue Mail gets frequent updates to enhance its performance, now the app stands with 5 star rating on Google Play with its version 4.7. I promise this is one of the app that really saves your time.

Google Drive Suite

4.5 Rating(Ratings)-Free to download at Play Store.

Google Drive is a cloud storage arrangement accessible on Android where every new client get 15GB as free of charge manner for all time after joining. You can, obviously, purchase progressively if necessary. What makes Google Drive so unique are the suite of Android applications that are joined to it. They incorporate Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. Between the workplace applications, the Photos application (which allows unlimited photo and video backup), and Keep for note taking, you have applications for all intents and purposes anything you have to do as far as efficiency. A portion of the components of these applications incorporate live coordinated effort, profound sharing elements, and similarity with Microsoft Office records.



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