Top Best 12 Custom ROMs Must Try

How To Choose Best Custom ROMs For Android

Custom ROM” is not a strange term for  Android family. There are many chances of hearing about ROMs when we are dealing with the system functions of Android.

Many people do not have clear knowledge about what ROMs are and how it impacts on your  Android device. ROMs are simply known as storage chips consist of Read-Only-Memory. Before we move to Custom ROMs let’s have a look at what is Stock ROM on your Android device means, as a support to get a clear picture about Custom ROMs. A Stock ROM is the software that ships on your device by the manufacturer.  It is either comes as signed, official software or comes as an update. Sometimes you might feel that your device is not worked to its full potential as you cannot expect to modify with Stock ROMs on your device. It limits what you can try with your Android. That is where you find Custom ROMs as a solution for that.

A Custom ROM is a firmware who developed by 3rd party developers based on the Android source code provided by Google. Tweaks, additional features, enhanced themes, and excellent performance are usually can be experienced with Custom ROMs. It also allows the user to experience the latest, unreleased versions of Android on your device that are not even officially announced by the manufacturers. You can get many benefits by getting Best Custom ROMs installed on the  Android device.

In related to different device models and operating system changes you can select the best ROMs which suit your device in order to receive benefits. There is the number of Custom ROM versions are available. Among them, we have picked some that are leading in the category.

Additionally, the best source to select the custom ROMs is XDA developer forums. Androids platforms are open source which it continues updates day by day as the latest huge versions. Many custom ROMs can be found among the varies developers but Any custom ROMs are basically based on the two awesome and highly developed custom ROMs. There are Lineage OS & ParanoidMod.Otherwise, any other custom ROMs are derivatives of the mentioned custom ROMs furthermore.

Best Custom ROMs for your Android Device

1. Lineage OS

LineageOS is the number one choice of many. The outstanding features it allows make it shines on the top. It comes with a great user interface and there are awesome developers supporting the ROM. Otherwise, it is the best Android ROM to customize your Android device properly. Furthermore, LineageOS does not assure you to provide the updates of your installed Android OS continuously its users.

This ROM is high stability and developed with many features. Its customization options are very much effective compared to other versions. So it rules the subject being the most popular Best Custom ROMs ever. Additionally, it comes with easy and simple installing process that one could easily follow even without any tech knowledge.



ParanoidAndroid ROM is known as the second-best version comes with loads of features and smart user interfaces and at the same time it competing with Lineage OS.

It gives your Smartphone a complete makeover giving many awesome changes to your device which could make it absolutely Smart.

With “Hybrid Mode”, you will be able to set apps to have the layout of the tablet on your Smartphone. App privacy lets you manage the privacy setting satisfactorily. Its HALO feature lets you access your apps easily while the floating mode allows you to open a mini-version of any apps that you have recently engaged without leaving the current app. Most of all it is simple and easy to follow just like the previous version we discussed.



The next Best Custom ROMs is AOKP, which you must install if you love stock Android on your device. You will easily find the ROM settings in the “ROM control” tab.

It also comes with interesting features. You can easily change the height of the navigation bar according to your requirements and also you make both the navigation and the status bars transparent, for further, you can pin your apps and shortcuts the navigation bar and also add shortcuts to the navigation ring easier.

In addition to pretty interesting features, you can also create a custom vibration for different tasks and you can even try for various BOOT animations from the settings menu.


Slim Rom

This is known as one of the simplest Custom ROMs available currently as it comes in a simple version focusing on a simple user interface without bugs to its users. People find it a lot easier than the other when work with it.

With a single click, you can get the latest updates without any hesitates. This Slim Bean Custom ROM uses a Custom Kernel as the processor and that impacts on the performance of your device and for a better battery backup.


Packman rom

The next comes in the list is popular as an all in one Custom ROM. It has a mixture of features, which we can find in most popular ROMs like Lineage OS, ParanoidAndroid and AOKP and provide you the best features of everything.

It is a stable ROM which has an inspiring interface. It gives you the strength of the three optimum versions of Android and provides the reliable service you expect.


Carbon rom

Carbon ROM is also one of the best ROMs we have for the Android. It is in an average developed place compared to the above mentioned but it is not poor with features.

Carbon ROM is an AOSP based Android ROM and you find options like PIE, Chronus Clock Widget, various lock screen options, and customizable hardware as well as the software keys in addition to a lot more features.


Root Box Rom

This is another hybrid ROM version developed with both Lineage OS and AOKP. You have opportunity to get OTA updates also if you have installed Vanilla RootBox ROM on your Android device. Therefore this might lead you to an inspiring change while modifying your operating system.

Custom ROMs are altered versions of the software and modified version of Google’s stock Android software. Through installing Custom ROMs you can experience a massive change on your device. It gives you a bunch of benefits as well as there are few disadvantages also. Let’s have a look at the positive and negative impacts come with Custom ROMs.

8.Lineage Custom ROM

Heredity OS is the awesome android custom ROM. The name of the official Cyanogen Mod is changed and it is having similar elements of Cyanogen Mod however it is having some other better settings. The Cyanogen MOD source codes are accessible for nothing for everybody. The Lineage OS is the ROM which will gather all the source codes and make his own working framework by changing the name and settings.

This ROM is accessible for some android devices, for example, OnePlus One, Redmi Note 3 and Nexus 5. The informal variant is accessible for the present.

9.MIUI Custom ROM

MIUI is another cool custom ROM in every custom ROM for Android that enhances your regular proficiency. With this ROM you stamp, square, distinguish undesirable phone calls with different points of interest. Its screen permits you to get to the notices from any screen including the lock screen. Its warning shades empower you to get data in a more intelligent manner. It gives access to 5000 topics to your Android devices. Rundown of every single good gadget and it’s more data is given on its official site which is given beneath.

10.Euphoria ROM.

Euphoria Rom is another prevalent in all Android custom ROM. This ROM is best perfect with nexuses mobiles. This ROM depends on AOSP Lollipop. It gives subject chooser to give your gadget a more alluring look. Happiness Rom likewise incorporates many sound upgrades including AudioFX, extended volume board. It additionally gives inbuilt security choice. On the off chance that you are searching for more altered elements for nexuses mobiles, then Euphoria Rom is a fabulous decision for you. It gives alluring illustrations and UI. It likewise incorporates Led supervisor, Profiles, Privacy chief furthermore permits Navigation bar to resize alternative

11.Dirty Unicorns Custom ROM

Grimy Unicorns is likewise a decent choice in the rundown of best Android Custom ROMs. We can undoubtedly alter our Android telephone with its Great Features. It gives Android Marshmallow form. It gives bolt screen Wallpaper Changer, Color customization, and Notification Customization. This ROM additionally contains a smartBar. We can undoubtedly Assign 7 focuses for Android telephones and up to ten focuses for Tablets. It additionally gives beat highlight. When we play music with it, bolster it gives bar-style Equalizer underpins a wide scope of Phones including Sony, Samsung, HTC, Nexus, and so on


It is another Best ROM in the rundown of Best Android Custom ROMs. This Rom is framed by Ex-Cyanogen Developers. It is an extraordinary alternative for Users who needs to redesign their gadget with Android Marshmallow adaptation. OmniRom underpins a huge Range of Devices like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Asus, Oppo, LG and so forth. It gives quick exchanging between the App utilizing its Omni Switcher. It give simple to utilize interface with its appealing look and a few Customize highlights like Notification, status bar, topics, hues and so on.

Advantages of using Best Custom Roms

  • No more waiting. With Custom ROMs you can be updated with the latest apps and developed ROMs on a daily basis.
  • Better battery.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • With this Custom software possibilities, you can reach are endless.
  • Inspiring features.
  • Gives you the sense of having complete and total control over your device.


  • It will void your warranty in the processes prior to flashing ROM.
  • Can be labor-intensive and confusing to the first-timer.
  • High risk even with a single mistake could remain your phone bricked.
  • Many options might confuse the user to where to turn next.

There is no wonder why this title of “Best Custom ROMs” is popular; it exactly helps when you want to get your device to its exact potent. We cannot say that it does not come with disadvantages. But if you start with a complete knowledge related to the subject and its risks, you can definitely end up with a successful procedure.

Hope you got a good overall understanding. Feedback will be appreciated!

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