Top Awesome Methods To Root HTC One

Unlock the Bootloader and Root HTC One with SuperSU using TWRP Recovery Mode on PC

As we all get bored with a specific limitations of an Android Device, we have the overclocking option by just Rooting the Device. At this point I have provided the Root guide for the HTC One users to get something more from their Device. By following the Guide carefully you can unlock your HTC One Bootloader and get Rooted. Also this guide is specially written for the Mac users.

Coming to the point lets hit to the guid…..


Pre Requirements

  1. Make sure your HTC One is charged at least up to 50%
  2. Get register with an account on HTCdev
  3. Enable USB Debugging mode on your HTC One
  4. Disable fast Boot on your Device
    (Go to Settings > Battery Manager > uncheck Fast Boot here)
  5. Install and setup ADB and Fastboot on your  PC
  6. Make a complete backup of your HTC One
  7. Make sure to install HTC One Drivers on your  PC


Unlocking the Bootloader of HTC One

In order to Root your HTC One, first thing is to unlock the Bootloader. Explaining Bootloader, the Bootloader is the thing that Starts your Device and hand it over to the Android OS. Each device contains different type of Bootloader, so there is a specific method to unlock each Bootloader, it depends on your Phone model.

Now let’s see how to unlock your HTC One Bootloader…..

  1. Turn your HTC one into Fastboot mode
    (Turn off your HTC One and turn it on by pressing and holding Power and Volume down buttons together and on the appearing screen select Fastboot by moving selection with the volume button and select with the power button)
  2. Now connect your HTC One with the PC
  3. Once the Phone is connected with the PC open the Terminal on the PC
  4. Provide the following command into the terminal
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  5. The Terminal will provide you a huge set of codes, copy only the code, avoid the (bootloader) portion
  6. Then go to the HTCDev and login to your Account
  7. Then on the website, select Unlock Bootloader and then Get Started
  8. Now select All Supported Models and select Begin Unlock Bootloader
  9. Then choose yes and proceed to Unlock on the next two pop-ups
  10. On the next screen, scroll down to the bottom and past the code copied earlier on the step 5 and click submit
  11. Once everything is done correctly, go check your email for the Unlock_Code.bin that HTC would have sent to you
  12. Now place the .bin file on your Desktop
  13. Then get back to the Terminal and type
    cd Desktop
  14. And then enter the following
    fastboot flash unlock token Unlock_code.bin.
  15. Now get to your HTC One and select yes to Unlock Bootloader
    (use volume and power buttons)
  16. After that wait for a few seconds for the process to finish and then allow the phone reboot

Now, if you carefully followed the steps you should have unlocked the HTC One perfectly. Now your phone will be restored to stock, so you will have to setup your phone from the beginning.


Install TWRP Recovery and Root with SuperSU

Now with the Unlocked Bootloader you can install TWRP and Root your HTC One

  1. Once the HTC One is rebooted, download the file on your Mac PC (
  2. Then copy the file into the internal memory of the HTC One
  3. Now again put your Phone into fastboot mode.
  4. And download the suitable TWRP Recovery.img for your HTC One with the below links
    For AT&T, International and Developer Edition
    For Sprint HTC One
  5. Next to install the downloaded recovery file enter the following into the Terminal
    – For AT&T, International and Developer Edition
    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
    – For Sprint HTC One
    fastboot flash recovery openrecovery-twrp-
  6. Then type in
    fastboot erase cache
  7. Now on the HTC One select the Bootloader and confirm it.
    (use volume keys to move the selection and power button to select)
  8. Then select Recovery and locate the zip copied earlier
  9. Finally swipe the slide to install and once it is done select Reboot System and reboot your Phone

That’s all, now you have successfully Rooted the HTC One.

Once the HTC One is rebooted you will notice the superSU in the App drawer and you can manage the Root permissions with SuperSU.

Enjoy the experience……

If you don’t like to this methods when you can Root your Android Device With KingoRoot easily and safely

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