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Android Rooting gain you both advantages and disadvantages as nature of every events in the world.understand well, KingoRoot makes only the root access on your Android Device after rooting.So you should use some Apps for post rooting managements correctly. Given Apps As below are most suitable for the rooted android devices to make Huge android experience forever . After rooting your Android device with either KingoRoot PC or KingoRoot.apk, you can install these amazing apps to achieve your goal.

Top apps to install after rooting your Android with KingoRoot

Titanium Backup – The Most Powerful & popular  Backup Tool for Android Device

Titanium Backup is probably the awesome backup app which it is  available for rooted Android devices. If you consider  backup utility for Android when it can backs up both system and user apps along with their data. By making root access, Titanium Backup is possible to get all the important apps and data from system partition and back them up for future usages.It means that you can restore all backup when you will need.If you need to know how to use Titanium Backup when you can use this link.

Greenify – Keep your Android device as smooth & lasting as starting For Rooted and non Rooted Device

Greenify is a most popular app of rooted android users. But now the battery saving app Greenify is applicable for non rooted devices too. This is great news for all android users suffering with battery problems and speed. Greenify can hibernates your useless background apps easily. No need to remove them. So it makes minimum memory for background apps and your device works faster than before. Same as device works extra time than before.If you need to know how to use Greenify when you can use this link.

Root Explorer – The Most Powerful and awesome File Manager for Rooted Android Device

Root Explorer  is a powerful file manager and it can speedup your Android Device easily, which has both Free and paid versions on Google Play. By using Root Explorer, you can  make fully controllable Android device. It means that you are able to open, copy, delete, move, rename, create shortcut, archive and perform many other actions easily.Additionally, It also supports Google Drive, Dropbox and other cloud services.If you need to know how to operate this Apps and other details when you can follow this links easily.

Root Browser – Another Ultimate File Manager on Rooted Android

Purpose of  Root Explorer is similarly to the Root Explorer, Root Browser  is also an awesome, very powerful file manager App for rooted Android devices.

System App Remover – A Useful Tool to Uninstall the Bloatwares for Android Device

System App Remover is the most powerful and awesome tool to remove useless Apps after rooting. It offers users to uninstall the bloatwares(useless Apps) and other non-Required system apps on your device. Useless App decrease the phone’s performance. System App Remver guides  to users which apps needed to be remove and Which apps should  require to keep for proper system functionality. It also offers users to move apps to SD card.

Smart Booster – Fast One Click Cache Cleaner for Android

Smart Booster help to cut off  sluggish issue on your Android Device. It works to clear out background Apps which  occupy the RAM space uselessly.So you  can provide more RAM space to increase the performance of your Android device.

ROM Manager – The Tool Allows the Users to Flash Custom ROMS For Rooted Android Devices

ROM Manager help to flash custom ROMs without losing the Android Device’s functionality. ROM Manager allow it easy to change the ROMs through the simple interface created. It facilitates you manage recoveries, ROMs and kernels.

Device Control – An all-in-one application to control your device parameters.

Device Control help to tweaking and  monitoring app on your Android Device. Device Control makes utilization of the raised consents of an attached gadget to control the processor’s recurrence, screen hues, input voltages and some other additional highlights like Tasker, App Manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless File manager and more.

Otherwise,you can use so many Apps to your Android devices for the different purpose as your requirements.Use this links to know more.

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