Top 7 Cool Android 7.0 Nougat features

Hello Androiders, here to take a closer look at these what do you think about seven best features which introduced in new Android N version. You can get quick idea from these; despite some of those other big features like split screen mode in the Android 7, new and emoji makes more attention with many. It has some best features but quiet few, but it has some interesting features.

Top 7 Cool Android 7 Nougat featuresLet’s take a look at the 7 best features of android 7.0 Nougat.

When will you can get Android Nougat for your device.

Top 7 Cool Android 7.0 Nougat features

1. Quick Switching in Android 7.0.

Your recent apps can quick switch is without a problem on your favorite android Nougat feature is the great feature that you have. As an Example, with the camera shortcut that you get with the hardware button on your Samsung galaxy or nexus devices are very cool. It is makes you easy switching to camera and you will quickly addict to this feature.
Actually quick switching is fast and easy. When you tap two times in recent apps button in your device, you can switch between last opened/most resent two apps. Not like previous versions, you can use Split-screen mode better to save your time. This is good feature for those who work with multiple apps in same time.

Spilt Screen Cool Android 7 Nougat features2. Quick Toggles

Quick Toggles is another awesome feature. It should probably the most useful feature that you will be going to get the most use out of in Nouget. Most popular Samsung Device’s TouchWiz and other phone producers’ layout have short list in quick-setting menu in the top notification bar.
Now after some time until Nougat is the first Introducing you have had in stock Android in contempt of, you can quickly pull that notification bar in upper with using two-finger swipe which it is possible to do also in Luga. Having them generally on top of your notifications bar is much better. You can alit is possible to change their order to meet your specific requirements as well.

Quick Toggles - Cool Android 7 Nougat features3. Bundle Notifications

In the notification bar, Why do you need many notifications from same app? It makes bother to you with jumbling the notification bar. In Nougat you can group your notifications and if you need you can expand those groups for see all the notifications of selected app. Also you can clean grouped notification in one swipe.
Also have Nougats Quick reply option to react quickly for your notifications in your notification Bar. So you never need to open app to relate to notification. But still it is not supported for all the apps.

4. Settings Details

This is also great time saving feature. In new nougat you can see some important information on settings menu at the front.  So you not need to go inside and inside to see those and make differences of your settings. In here you can see Wifi settings, Bluetooth settings,  how many apps you have installed, Memory capacity, Ram usages , your battery life settings and more.

5. Direct Boot / Reboot Encryption

Rebooting Nougat device is another cool feature. New feature is that can switch in to file encryption mode after rebooting. Then you can response to incoming calls, notifications and alarms if you still in the lockscreen. Don’t worry your private details are never one can see, it is secured.

And also Nougat just in time compilation will speed up your device rebooting time. It is faster than Marshmallow. This just in time compilation is not needs more memory of storage and it using low RAM to work.

Direct Boot - Cool Android 7 Nougat features6. Share picker Pinning

This is good news for those who share updates via internet. You can pin your favorite apps that using for share in to the share piker in this nougat release.  It is also another great feature that android users should love.

7. Customization in Android Nougat features.

Customizing Nougat is most user friendly than previous android versions. You already know Android is the most customizable mobile OS. But in this new version it has improved more and more.  This is happens because of the most popular Custom ROMs have many deferent features, so now Stock Android OS is absorbing those features rapidly. Here some features; Fingerprint support, DPI changing, Battery savings, and Screen size changing, Do not disturb mode, Turn off data for background apps and etc. And have quick customizing for UI tweaks also included.

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