Top 7 Backup tools for Android

Top 7 Backup tools for Android

Have you find that your smart device contains very valuable information that you do not want to chance losing, and then you will need to create backups of your information. Now is the point. How to choose a good backup app to make good backup and make sure your data protected.Top 7 Backup tools for Android

Now we introduce Top 7 backup tools for android. (root or non-root)

1.Titanium Backup

Titanium backup


  • The Most popular Backup for android.
  • Root Required.
  • Free and Paid version ($5.91).
  • Backup to SD card, Cloud and Computer.
  • Feature of detecting changes of device and warn to backup if you want.

2. Super Backup : SMS & Contacts

Super Backup SMS & Contacts

  • Backup Phone data, Contacts, apps and Call logs.
  • Feature of auto backup when installing new app.
  • Have Schedule backup for call logs, sms and contacts. Those can stroe in Gmail account.

3. Helium BackupHelium Backup

  • Easy to Use. User-friendly.
  • Root or  Non-Root.
  • Take backup on SD card, Computer and Cloud.
  • Feature of sync data to another android device
  • Free and Paid($4.99)

4. Easy App toolbox

Easy app toolbox

  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Root not require.
  • Special on rooted device – Cloud backup, Backup on SD card.
  • additional features – send Apps and batch uninstalls.
  • Free

5. Mobile Backup & Restore

Mobile Backup & Restore

  • Backup app introduced by Avast
  • Very safe and reliable solution for data backup and restore
  • To backup media based content like apps, music and videos need paid version.
  • Free and Paid

6. App Backup & Restore

App Backup & Restore

  • Very useful app backup tool
  • Directly copying and saving of apps to the external SD card
  • Restored directly from the SD card easily
  • This app only backs up the apps (APK’s)

7. G Cloud Backup

G cloud backup

  • This app allow you to store 1 GB data backup.
  • Increase your storage space if you invite your friends to use G Cloud
  • Backup your phone data, calendar, music and app data on Amazon’s AWS cloud
  • Free.
  • 2

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