Top 50 Xposed Modules

What are Top 50 Xposec Modules?

Xposed Framework helps Android users to do customization to their device to add more features and boost the look of their device. The most important part is this is totally done by without touching the original system files or APKs. Xposed modules run through memory. It is easy to remove any changes made to the device by simply disabling the modules and rebooting.

Top 50 Xposed ModulesThere are number of these modules are available and below the article discussed 50 popular and must-have Xposed Modules that users can try out. Do you want to install Xposed Framework see these posts “How to install and use xposed framework”  “How to install Xposed framework on Android Marshmallow

Top 50 Xposed Modules

  1. Gravity Box

The app utilizes amazing Xposed framework coded by recognized developer rovo89 which, briefly, provides interface for injecting code into any app, including system services allowing modifications of applications and system services at run-time. GravityBox is that it is not bound to any specific device. Therefore it is a big advantage. Actually, it should run on any device having vanilla Android 4.4 (ROM close enough to AOSP). Gravity Box is open source.A one of Most Popular and useful Xposed Modules.

  1. App Settings

App Setting is an Xposed module which allows changing generic settings on a per-app basis. It means settings those comen to all applications, like perceived DPI, rotation behavior, full screen and etc.

  1. Wanam Kit

This Application is an AOSP/Nexus/Google edition variant of this one; it provides many customization options for your AOSP/Stock Android 4.4+ firmware. This App does NOT require Root access, it’s needed for Xposed framework installation only, and user can remove it afterward.

  1. XuiMod

XuiMod – A Small Collection of Unique Features Ported From Other Roms.

Features of this Module

  • Seconds in StatusBar Clock (Customizable with Simple Date Format, Bold able and Option for uper case/Lowercase )
  • Batter yBar (grabbed from PAC man ROM)
  • Customizable color for Battery Percentages (20% interval)
  • Xylon Transitions Animation (grabbed from Xylon ROM – to be exact)
  • (slightly modified) TN Transitions Animation (grabbed from here
  • Xperia Z1 Transitions Animation
  • Toko ROM Animations
  • AOKP Animation Controls
  • Custom IME Animations
  • Custom Toast Animations
  • Custom Notification Ticker Animations
  • List View Animation (grabbed from Root Box)
  • List View persistent cache (Please experiment with this. Slower phones will have more noticeable effects.)
  • Blacklist Apps from using List View Animation
  • Volume Disable in Lock screen
  • (Useful for those who have volume wake. Don’t want my pocket to change Ring Mode during meetings. Don’t want to disable volume wake too, my power button is dying)
  • Lock screen Torch (inspired from modes for Samsung Phones)
  • Randomized Quick Settings Tile Color (from Team BAKED)(for Android 4.2 and above only)
  • Classic Recent / Gingerbread App Switcher (from Slim ROMs)


  1. Xblast Tools

Xblast Tools have features to customize the Android devices by using large number of features.


  • Android 4.0+ and ROOT
  • Xposed Framework
  • You can read Xposed Framework FAQ to understand more about compatibility.

Install Instructions

  • Install Xposed Installer
  • Install Xposed Framework (from the Xposed Installer app)
  • Install XblastTools
  • Activate the module in Xposed Installer app
  • Change the color of the status bar and notification bar clock color as you like
  • Soft reboot the phone to see the changes
  1. Youtube AdAway

This module to help to get clear of ads on the official YouTube App, it also supports YouTube TV/Gaming/Kids. It includes,

  • Remove YouTube Ads
  • Remove Channel Logo
  • Remove videos suggestions
  • Remove Information card teasers

Installation Instructions

  • Install Xposed Installer and framework
  • Install YouTube AdAway App
  • Open Xposed Installer App and enable my App on the modules list
  • Reboot
  1. XHaloFloatingWindow

This one helps to Transparency, Size and Gravity for Halo Windows.

E.g.: enabling back bottom-app pause.

  1. Awesome Pop-up Video

This video player plays in pop-up window, “Picture-in-Picture mode” is similar name to Awesome Pop-up Video.

  1. Tinted Status Bar

This tints status bar and customize the tint color on a per app basis.  This can use with Jelly Bean and KitKat devices.

  1. Screen Filter

This helps to dim the screen in order to protect the eyes. It is powerful than Android’s built-in brightness setting. For gaming, web browsing, and eBook reading this is a good choice. This helps to save battery life also.

  1. XInternalSD

This module changes value of Android APIs. Control this path in module’s settings.

  1. XPrivacy

This helps to protect sensitive private data. This module helps to prevent access of unauthorized applications. Read more about Xprivacy.

  1. Ringer & Notification Volume Unlink in ICS/JB/KK/L

This can split the two streams and it is based on AOSP Audio Service and source codes in settings.

  1. Advanced Power Menu+

Power menu is customized from this module and work with myriad of devices likes AOSP, Xperia, and TouchWiz ROMs.

  1. LiveIcons

This creates boring icons of Apps to more attractive once.

  1. FakeID vulnerability fix 1.1

This app helps to prevent from malicious objects and to ensure to sign with trusted providers. NFC access, browser plug-in and others loaded as extensions in this module.

  1. “Master Key” vulnerabilities

This allow replacing code on a signed APK without invalidating the signature to it

  1. NotifyClean

This module helps to clean the notification area

  1. Force Fast Scroll

This module allows list views to use fast scroll. It helps to drag the scrollbar thus allowing you to quickly scroll

  1. Play Store Changelog

This module allow to change log to always display an app’s full change log instead of the first four lines.

  1. iFont

iFont set up beautiful fonts on phone. This helps to download number of fonts

  1. Shaky – This is a simple app.

Security will be toggled after each successful shake.

  1. XinternalS

CM Roms with low internal memory can use this to running in good shape

  1. Xinstaller

This helps to install older versions of apps

  1. LockScreen Tweakbox

This one is good tweaking

  1. XAD

XAD blocks all google apps.

  1. Force Immersive Mode

Forces apps to use immersive mode

  1. Flat Style Colored Bars

This module allows changing colors of Status & Navigation bars.

  1. MonsterUI

This module gives different themes to device and it will appear as android 5.0

  1. Xposed Additions

This module remapping of hardware button, reset the duration of long-press action, set device awake and sleep state when USB is plugged in or out.

  1. BootManager

This helps to select apps user wants to prevent running upon system startup using BootManager. This is a solution for slow booting times.

  1. Phab7 No-Reboot UI Switcher

This allows switching Android UI into Phone mode, Phablet mode or tableting mode without rebooting.

  1. Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notification module light up Android device screen discreetly to show notifications without unlocking the lock screen.

  1. Keepchat

Robotically save Snapchat image the moment it is opened from this module.

  1. Android Phone Vibrator

Android phone is vibrate whenever a call is connected or disconnected upon calling by using this module.

  1. Maximize Widgets on Lockscreen

Increase lockscreen widgets when device unlocked for quick viewing of notifications.

  1. MultiZone Clock

In the status bar this module helps to display 2 clocks with different time zones.

  1. Vine Downloader

Add a download option to download Vine videos from this module

  1. Instagram Downloader

The Instagram add feature to download the official Instagram app.

  1. Network Speed indicator

This module displays download speeds in the status bar whenever the device is fetching data.

  1. All Notification Expanded

Android device running 4.1 and above automatically expand all notifications.

  1. Activity Force New Task

This module helps to create a new task when an application is launched from within another, making switching between the two that much easier.

  1. Complete Action Plus

This module allows customizing the share options and defaulting application window.

  1. Protected Apps

This module lets user to use the device unlock PIN, password, or pattern to unlock a specific app.

  1. Smooth Progress Bars

This makes the progress bars a lot smoother.

  1. Physical Button Music Control

Physical Button Music Control you can control music with almost any hardware button have on the phone.

  1. Power Nap

From this module even though the app disables the data and Wi-Fi connection, one can white list apps so that an important notification is never missed.

  1. Native Clipboard

The app is takes a note of whatever user copy on Android clipboard.

  1. XThemeEngine

This module helps user to theme the Android device similar to T-Mobile/CM10 Theme Engine. This module works with Android 4.0 and above.

  1. “Master Key” vulnerabilities

This allows to replacing code on a signed APK without invalidating the signature to it

There are some of the “Xposed modules” you can install on your Android and get started with the awesome journey of tweaking your Android smart phone and making it even more awesome.

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