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Introduction Of Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones


This is an article for rooted android phones made simple to understand. Also this guides you about the applications that you can install after rooting that was released within 2016/2017. There after you can use it to enhance the usage of the device with more control over and safety.

Let me explain using an example. Assume that you have a Android based phone (which is not rooted) and you send some important text messages to someone. After sometime you delete some of the important messages. Later you realize the importance of the messages and then you look around the web as how to recover the lost messages. You will find that it is possible to recover the lost messages only by rooting your phone. This tells what is rooting is. In other words it is a way you can get the full potential of your phone. Also when you need any apps to install or have full control over your device you need to root the device. Also at the same time you should understand the warranty issues that will void your device

Let us see what is rooting?

Rooting is an interesting but risky business and it gives you all the control you need to play with your device. In a way it is some time trial an error process. Even though some targeted Rooting Tools can Root your device giving one-click. Rooting can be applied to Android phones and that’s it. If you are not an experienced user please read our guide and be in touch with us so that you can ask any questions that you find. Also even if you have rooted your phone previouslybefore reading our articles then it is this place for you to get the best in advice in town. We are constantly developing and updating our site on daily basis so stay to the quest!

Things that you can do after rooting are increasing the RAM, edit system apps, recover lost text messages, create locked folders are a few.

Let us take a look at the apps that can be installed on your rooted android phone one by one in detail.The app that changes the MAC Address–Use ChameleMAC

What is MAC Address?

Media Access Control Address is the meaning of the word. This address is used to communicate the identity of a device or PC when surfing the internet. Specially it is linked with the ethernet card in a PC, or a device it is the Wi-Fi radio control unit will have the is address assigned. Because it can be used to get the location of the device bearer.

So this app will help you change the MAC address pretty easily so that you can use ChameleMAC for that reason

Network Spoofer

If two users are connected to the same WiFi and one wants to redirect all the sites what other person opens to any site of your choice. Then this the tool to use, it is Network spoofer.This is to have fun with the other person, however there is something for you to learn if you are a creative person and how technology can be made use for various purposes. For more of this tool visit the web or famous forums like Xda.

Boot Animation Changer

Usually the booting of a device means that the process of loading the device drivers and other software bridges needed to run the device smoothly. There are two ways for this. One is to show the manufacturers device brand while everything happens behind the screen. Other is to show every happening that takes place. For some users this is a bit cumbersome but for an enthusiast it is quite interesting. Using this app you can see every thing that happen. As usual visit any site for more information regarding this app.

Custom Proxy

Usually proxy settings are associated with the WiFi radio control and network. Also to use this app WiFi settings must be kept on. Will work on rooted or non rooted android devices. This will help in using custom proxies in Android platforms. Also it will support the proxy with authentication.

Disable Service

This app simply disables the background apps that are in use. Useful in clearing the RAM and extends battery life. One has to be careful because it will disable the system services too. At last it may end up in a brick. So think carefully because the Disable Service app will disable all the apps that may be useful in running the device too. So be careful in this regard.

Total Commander

This featured app can just use to command any device. For those who like to command the device than tapping or drag and drop, this is the best for you. With this app you can copy, paste, zip/unzip, create sub directory, and much more to manage the file system. Ease of access to any file in it’s location. Allso it is with a text editor so editing text is not a problem and many more options.

Triangle Away Tool

You might have seen a triangle mark with an exclamation mark in the middle of it. This appears due to many reasons. One such reason is when you flash acustom recovery ROM the file counter is not pointing at the right place. It must be pointed at zero. So in order to point the firmware to reset point. There by allowing the triangle mark to disappear. So rooting the Samsung galaxy using ODINwill do the job. Which means the yellow trianglewill disappear.

SCR Screen Recorder

This is another interesting app that a rooted android device must have. This app will help to record the screen in HD mode. This is one of the top best Android apps that a rooted android must have. The good about this is there is no any ads showing in the background.

ROM Manager

Today many android users need to flash a custom ROM of your choice for better performance. For this you need what is known as ROM manager. By doing so there will be a big development in the phone itself. You can install the ROM through the SD card itself. It only takes a second to update while working. Also features like backup / restore is also possible too. Also it is compatible with CWM recovery too.

ROM Toolbox Pro

This application can perform a lot of tasks as it works pretty well with rooted android phones. This app comes with a lot of tasks built into it. Some of them are installing custom ROMs, Install custom recoveries, Kernel Tweaks and much more. Also it is comes with app management features too. They are well updated to suit the todays devices.

SDFix: KitKat Writable MicroSD

This will help to access the SD card mounted in your system.  For those using kitkat 4.0 or higher versions SD card has found to be inaccessible due to few reasons. This is due to a development by google. Here only system apps can go into your SD card but not the third party files / apps. This SDFix update will help to bridge the gap. In other words it will help in writing all types of files to the SD card


Tasker.apk is a very useful app for Android Users. By using this apps your phone will become more smart, rather than previous, with app you can also create a task or scene for your smart phone, then after that later this app can do that tasks for you. you can also discover more features of this app by using is for yourself. So just checkout from the xda forum about Tasker.


If you are facing this experience of getting slow,down your device and you need to fix it. This is the app for it. This will free out swap files residing in your memory by that it will enhance the performance. So that you can enjoy the full potential of your RAM without any problem. Not only just the RAM alone but it also free out the SD card too. As usual visit the internet for more details.

Donkey Guard – The Next Best Alternate for Xprivacy

This app helps to hide the phone’s real IMEI number, mobile numbers, Android ID, Google Advertisement ID etc. so fake IMEI numbers can be generated. This information is usually gathered by most softwares while installing and will be kept in servers tocheck the authenticity.

Catlog – That can be read by developers only

When you run the device there are many background apps that are loaded in the backgroung. These files are monitored by a log file if you are a developer you can read it. However others cannot read it.

Out of the seen apps that run to your knowledge In an android phone there are tons of background apps that run in it’s  backgrounds, so by using this app you can track  which apps do run on the background and get Log File so this app is useful for you, if you are a developer or a tester you  must have this apps. Interesting thing about this log file can be read only by the Android Developers, it is can’t be read by lay people, if you are android developer you can read and understand easily, any way be careful when you   experiment using this app.

Pimp My Rom [BETA]

This app to be used by advanced users that is Pimp My Rom. You will be working all the experiments .  on the Kernel By tweaking you can also Increase your RAM performance. Using this app will also increase the performance of multi tasking of your phone, You can Enable and Disable HSUPA (High Speed Packet Uplink) mode, use google DNS (Domain Name Server) in your phone. and using this app you can Protect your phone from SYN Attacks and you can perform various tweaks using IPV4 & many more. You can also add Governor & I/O scheduler Tweaks in your android device along with Hardware Speed ups, Lock Launcher of memory, Force GPU Rendering (Graphics Processing Unit, this is similar to CPU but other than processing numbers 1,0s it does process graphics)Screen from restart it. Also can Disable / Enable Call ring delay, You will also have a option to manage the multi touch there by increase the battery life performance. So this is an apps you must have in your android rooted/ unrooted mobile.

Chainfire 3D

If you are short of money for buying more high performance mobile and using Gingerbread or Froyo Device, Due to lack of funds any other reason and you want to play high end games in your phone, after the installing this apps you are able to play high-end games, This app will work as a software Bridge between games and your phone’s Graphic card as well it will also help to play the un supported games too. So if your are using a low end Device then you must download this app, this apps is not available on Play store for some reason, So it s best to download through the web.

Root Firewall

If you have limited data and you want to disallow some apps to prevent the extra usage of data then this app is for you.This is the best firewall app for rooted android smart phone. With this app you can Disable the data usage from specific app. Note: For using this app you must have a rooted phone. if you want to block data only from 3G internet, however WiFiwill not support.Also it is possible to perform  from the app itself. this app will also provide you a home widget which will help you to enable or disable firewall background data in one Click. Root Firewall is referred as  Firewall, Internet Firewall, Ad-Blocker and URL Filter for android user.

Screen Stand by ♯ Root

In the case of you turn your phone’s displayoff, The connection into phone will  loose. & Stop some background running apps. so by using this app you can turn off your screen of your phone without turning off any background processes. that’s why this is said to be a good app for rooted android phone users. This app workson almost all devices. supposed that you are running a video from YouTube, & you are Listening any Good Song inYouTube, so when you turn off your screen then the running Video will stop playing video as usual but with this app you can switch off your phone screen but the YouTube Video can be played in the background without any interruption.So this is a must that one must have  your rooted android phone.


Flashifyis an app used to flash Recovery or custom kernel image files. Flashify is basically used by those  who don’t have a PC. By using this app you can also flash a custom Recovery like CWM or TWRP or any other. You can also flash a custom Boot/ kernel image with this apps. For your safe use you must have to take Backup of your original Recovery or kernel image files before flashing custom recovery. It is possible to restore the previous version. Originally recovered using this app. so if you don’t have a pc and want to flash custom recovery or kernel then thisis the recommended file.


This is a very popular app for android devices. If you have a memory problem due to insufficient memory this app can be helpful. By using this app you can simply move any app to your SD Card if you have root access permission in your android Mobile phone. By using Link2Sd you can also move a batch apps[System apps] to SD CARD. and this app also has a reboot manager where you can reboot your phone instantly.This is called as mFastboot Mode.So just give it a try.

Most of the time this situation will occur when there is Lack of Storage in the android phone. So this is another New Good app for Rooted Android Phone, Which is helpful for your android device to save more memory of your phone by moving apps to External SD Card. However this App requires root Access.


Set CPU is basically designed for advance android phone users. In case you want to play HD Games, then you can set CPU maximum performance, It will boost your phone performance, it also work to save battery by decreasing the CPU usage so you can set CPU Profile to maximum battery life.It will decrease the speed of your CPU and helps you to save Battery life. So just download Set CPU app and give it a go,This app can be used by all android users who want to save battery and thereby need more performance.

DPI Changer

DPI changer is normally use to set your Android mobile screen Resolution and it looks like a tablet. so if you have a low screen. You are aware about changing the screen resolution easily similarly using this app. Also you can increase the features to change the screen resolution of phone and make it look like a tablet. By using this app you can also face some difficulties. In that even feel free to comment.


As the word sounds the app’s functionality is clear by its name. This app can repeat tasks in android smartphone.Then the apps can be made to run automatically. This app is known as automation of work in android phone. You just have to record your work in this app & after that this app will repeat the same.The free version of the app is available on Google Play Store, So that this app is a very useful app forusers who needsa task to repeat. However care must be taken into consideration while using or rather playing with these apps.

WiFi Kill

In today’s life usually we experience low speed internet due to the presence of other users logged in to the same router. This app is used to kill all the other logged in users so that one can obtain high speed internet. By using this app you will kill their WiFi Connection and Get Higher Speed. This is also know as boost your wifi internet speed, So just kill your friends and logged in WiFi connections& increase your internet speed, For killing a WiFi your rooted android phone also must be connected with WiFi connection which you want to kill.

Xprivacy – Best Privacy App

When it comes to downloading any apps to your android device or phone, it takes all informations such as phone number IMEI number, Android ID, is stored in a server. Not only that sensitive information such as your name, age gender, country you operate and what your interests are all been stored in the server database. So this app allows you to install apps while not sending your information to the server. So Xprivacy is an app of good importance. The best side of it is it changes information thereby send fake information to the server. Donkey guard is a similar app and it can be used by advanced users

Terminal Emulator

Most operating systems do have their own command line for those who like that way. In the case of windows it is the command prompt or DOS prompt, in Linux it is the terminal, in the same way in Linux it is the terminal emulator. In the case of experience users or developers it is very much easy. This is also a very useful app for novel users. Also this is available in playstore too. The list of commands such as Is, Su can be found in the internet.

Android Id Changer

This GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier)for most of the phones that can change the android ID. A new android ID can be obtained ina second. The generation of the android Id is on a random basis. The option of backup /restore can be done at ones accord. This app for the advanced users is available  in XDA site while the paid version too is available.

Wifi WPS WPA Tester [Root]

This app is used to find the passwords of WIFiconnectons. This is once again applicable to rooted androids. This will show passwords for saved WiFi connections. Also it is not an illegal app can be downloaded through play store. This cannot be used in almost all networks but having modems with lower security. Also this app can be downloaded from the internet too.

Full Screen

When it comes to viewing movies and playing games the navigation bar of certain manufactures takes a lot of space. These navigation bars can be made to hide using this app. This is specially important for manufacturers such as Motorola models that covers the screen for a greater extent. So viewing pictures and movies are quite easy.


This is a tool to flash a custom recovery on a device. This is similar to Gapps that will give a custom recovery. Thereafter we can install a custom ROM. It was available in google play store but now it is not available due to some reason. May be sinc this is available for advanced users and the potential risk of bricking the phone. So it has to be used with great care having the risk of bricking the phone.


This app is a very useful app that will help to save the battery by identifying apps that take-up more battery. Then it will freeze those apps. Then battery saving will happen. So more longer use of the battery for default applications will be possible. The other importaant thing about this app is that it can be used in rooted and non rooted phones. however it is recommended to use in rooted android phones. This is because it will provide more information about the apps that consume batter power, how frequently it wakes up the phone and many more. It comes in premium and pro versions where hibernating is possible and thereby saving a lot of power.


This is an assistant for games by a experienced and advanced team of developers. Games such as clash of clans, 8 ball pools and candy crush are few examples that an be benefited by this app. Those who love games of this type will love this app. This app can patch the onlinegame. The option of playing the game in slow motion or fast motion is also possible

Soft Reboot

This is another app that can be used on devices with root permission. Usually rebooting takes fairly long time. Using this app it can be brought down to 10-15 seconds. Also the option of using in mobile recovery mode / fastboot mode in a single click. This is a useful app for those need frequent rebooting th device that saves a lot of time.

Root Explorer

By using this app you can edit the system file that is not allowed for normal users. Managing  the system folders by the use of root explorer app. One can also change the font, add custom settings on navigation bars or navbars using the root explorer tool mentioned above. Basically, normally you are not able to change or modify the system file, So by using this application you can manages your System Folders. In other words you can Edit your system File by using this root explorer app. you can also change your font, add a custom settings on navbars with the helps of Root. If your device does not have the minimum requirement for some high definition games or apps, this tool will simulate the device to have that state thereby allowing the app to be executed. For example a device that is not up to the mark of a Samsung s5 will not allow to run the app. So we use this tool and upgrade the device to a similar state of Samsung galaxy S5. Once it is done the app that did not run in the previous time can now be executed using the above app. More options and usage parameters are available in the net.

Super SU

This app is used to get grant permission to the root. Some applications that come along with the device will get root access some do not need. This decision helps the user by using the Super Su app. In other words this tool is helpful in giving root access permission to programs or apps in our wish.

Xposed Framework

This app though small has many as 100 and more modules. These help to customize the device. For example if one uses jelly bean it can be to look like lollipop. Apart from this there are many applications. However this app guides with the modules and it’s functionality in a detailed description. This make more sense with a rooted android device.

 Titanium BackUp

This backing up tool hat works on rooted android devices is available google playstore. It helps in creating backups of data, change the android ID, batch processing actions that can clear the cache of any app, move an app to the SD card, creating ones very own google apps, creation of data and app backup of any device prior to flashing using a single click. Also it has the ability of removal of license verification from apps, remove advertisements so that patching up any app completely.

The article and its conclusion

Rooting is to open the hidden potential of any device. Once you root our device you need to experience it. This article provides you with most of the apps that can be used in conjunction with rooting. In a way one can experience what is the difference of rooting. Before rooting your power to access was limited. Once you root then you open up the maximum potential but keep in mind be extremely careful of the device and be mindful of using the apps. It could make you go crazy if you are not mindful of it’s effects and usage parameters and limits. If you take a look at the apps availableafter rooting there many thousands. Out of which these are the very best and top ones for you to give a try.

Also as the readers you too can add and share your experiences, new findings, ways and difficulties where we could help you too.

We will keep this article updated so that new apps that can do many wonders can be explained. So welcome and have great experience in rooting and the related apps.Further more other top apps for the rooted will be continued.


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