Tizen software | Operating System

Tizen software | Operating System

What is Tizen software ?

Tizen software is an open and flexible operating system that has built by a community of developers. Technology changes with time, the best selling today might be the least selling in few days. That is the main point Tizen developers targeting. They have developed Tizen expecting a change in future. This operating system has been developing for years and what they want is to make Tizen software stand over Android and iOS which are the largest selling operating systems currently in the world.

Tizen software

There were developers all the time who are trying to make changes by welcoming new operating systems. But most of the time they were not up to the quality to compete with Android or iOS. But Tizen is different to them. We can have some hope with Tizen software as it comes with amazing features which are essential for today’s requirements. Another important point is Tizen is always supported by the big companies like Intel and Samsung. Addition to that the developers of Tizen has promised to improve this new operating system to what users expect and this could be a good alternative operating system for Android and iOS users in future  as to my view.

Key facts about Tizen software (OS)

  • It is open source

Tizen is an open source operating system which features high compatibility with multiple mobile platforms. This is a very attractive feature of Tizen Operating system because then the certain application will not limit to use in Tizen but also with iOS and Android. This is a good point show its high flexibility.

  • HTML 5 based

Tizen is a HTML 5 based operating system. This is beneficial for content creators as it allows for shorter development cycles, works intuitively with the web and surely it will lower the cost of making apps.

  • Extensive personalization capabilities

Tizen does it better than Android. It is supported by ARM x 86 processor.

  • It is not just for smart phones

The developers of Tizen aims to offers the same quality experience across multiple devices, therefore we can expect to see it featured in TVs, laptops and even crop in the bank and car industries as according to Samsung Electronics co-CEO J.K. Shin.

  • Multi-User profiles

Like Android, the Tizen Operating System comes in multiple profiles to work best for different industry requirements. The current Tizen profiles are as follows,

  • Tizen IVI (in vehicle infotainment)
  • Tizen Mobile
  • Tizen TV
  • Tizen Wearable

Tizen software is a project within Linux Foundation and it is governed by a Technical Steering Group (TSG) composed of Samsung and Intel. This operating system was initially released few years back but it was not succeeded up to the expected level with some of the downsides. Then it was under development for sometimes and it was released again in 2015 as Tizen version 2.4, few months back. But this is not all with Tizen, as I mentioned above technology is something that gradually changes in a short time period. Therefore we can surely expect more with Tizen as it is still in developing stage.

“Tizen software Developers” and others using Tizen, You can refer more about at www.tizen.org.

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