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Tasker perform task for android application

Android users mainly describe Tasker as a Task control and Task automation Apps as a fundamental level and friendly interface,  perform tasks for an android application (sets of action) such as application, time, date, location event, and gesture

Tasker Download

Use for Tasker “freedom and flexibility”  Tasker download because it is truly powerful and basically Tasker refer to your Devices functions and features, that perform something or brings the phone to a certain state, awesome plugin supports, ability to create custom supports, careful for first-time users fallowing slowly step by step method,

Tasker preferences and options reflect the flexibility of the apps and only multiplies their power several fold

17 jan 2017 Tasker 4.9 ul release and capable Android 4.0+ that is a direct Tasker download, paid version available in Google play store that is a passcode lock sensitive application (child safety).

Tasker Downloads

Download free versions (7 day trial)

From Google play store (Full version)

Functions and better performance

  • Application: long screen time out in a book reader.
  • Screen brightness lower in the evening.
  • Ringing volume high at the office ,turn off key guard at home.
  • Wake up random song from your music collection.
  • Text to speech ,read out loud :incoming SMS phone number Wi-Fi /blue tooth status.
  • Launch music application when your music SD card is inserted , otherwise a file browse.
  • Beginning the day showing particular application.
  • Every day you have to change your home icon and wallpaper.

After TASKER DOWNLOAD and you can create a home widget: toggle Bluetooth /Wi Fi on off, wireless setting dialog, show a menu of tasks to choose , send an emergency SMS with your GPS location, remap camera etc. buttons to other applications and show a menu of application or actions, zip /unzip application ,pause music playback, change home icon , make a regular backup, track your phone location , record call time, show a popup when an SMS arrives from a particular phone number, set up birthday SMS, record battery level, make automatic recording during your call, launch a music application when connected to the headphone.

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