Syllable True Wireless D900 review

Syllable True Wireless D900 Review

Syllable D900 is a headphone by a community of Chinese developers. Among many other headphones, Syllable D900 comes in front as it is with no wires at all. Most Bluetooth headphones have head bands, but Syllable D900 has none at all. It is a very smart gadget comes with many features. Syllable D900 is a high in its style and gives absolutely a premium feel to the user.

One of outstanding features is its recharging station that doubles as a case. It is a smart work by the manufacturers. You can charge up the case’s internal battery using a micro USB cable for around three hours. And that contains enough power to recharge the headphones for about six times. The effective power control is a highlighting feature with Syllable D900 and it can save your time as well. Addition to that you can easily carry it wherever you go and it is fairly comfortable with no wires dragging behind. However it looks nice inside its carrying case.Gadgets

When we come to its pairing part it is equally easy as any Bluetooth headphones, there you have to pair only one earbud and then you can develop an interconnection between each other. Normally they come already paired with each other only you have to do is pair them with your phone.

Its build quality is fine and sound quality is also equally good to talk. D900 can produce decent audio with no issue. I think Syllable did a good job by designing D900 which comfortably and securely fit in your ear.

Syllable True Wireless D900 detailed specs

  • Driver: 8mm copper collar horn
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0 dual mode
  • Power level: Class II
  • Working Voltage range: 3.0 v – 4.2 v
  • Bluetooth frequency range: 2.4 – 2.48 GHz
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters without obstacles
  • Audio transmission and remote control protocol: A2DP / AVRCP

Syllable True Wireless headphone D900

This sport headset offers you an enjoyable listening experience that will not be interrupted by any of your activities. Even though Syllable D900 packs great features, it has some more to develop. As we talked about its positive sides, let’s have a look on the downsides as well.

According to some users, more development and quality control are needed in D900. Everyone loves it as it truly wireless, but the pairing process does not always support as to the expected level. Another thing is its audio quality. It gives a fine audio experience but it is not stable. Sometimes it loses the quality. As to the users these are interrupting to some extent. But still we can keep trust on its developers in coming years for more advancement.

Feel the difference with Syllable True Wireless D900

Syllable wireless D900 sport headset is a lightweight gadget you can enjoy while you are working and it will not mess you with annoying wires. It’s charging case and independent nature makes it most popular among many even though it needs some more development. However Syllable wireless D900 sport headset comes under an affordable price tag as well. Therefore it is absolutely worth tying for a change in your audio experience.


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