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There are tons of writings on the internet that speaks how to Root Android, but it is still hard to find explanations on Root management and Root management tools. Anyway, when it comes to Root management, you would always be heard of Superuser apps, and you might not know what exactly these Apps do for you! No more confusions, this article will solve all your doubts and confusions in just 5 minutes, keep on reading.

What is Root Management?

Once you have successfully rooted your Android device, you should have great control over your giant root permissions. Unless you have a Root managing app on your device, the Root permissions are never accessible for the required Apps. This is where the SuperSU and Superuser App comes in.

Now, you should have understood what is done with Root management apps, yes these apps manage what Apps to grant root permissions and what apps do not, by this your device is protected from threats and malware which can come into your device. Generally, while rooting an Android device, a root managing tool will automatically install on your device. Usually, this will SuperSU or Superuser app.

What is SuperSU?

We can find so many Root Management Apps in the Android Platform.Generally, Android users call to this Apps as Superuser Apps.Kinguser, SuperSu, Magisk are some example for the Root management Apps.But, to proper root management need most best Root Management App.SuperSu is most suitable and most effective Root Management App in the android market.

Actually, SuperSU is the best root management Apps for rooted Android phones. The SuperSU App said to be the Superuser access management tool of the future. SuperSu really makes it easy for you to simply manage the root access of your Android device, with its stunning features and the friendly User Interface.

With Superuser you can simply grant or deny root permissions when it is required. Yes, it is something that we need when it comes to Root management, but it is a little annoying. At this point, the SuperSU for Android is the great source, as the SuperSU keep track of the apps that you have granted root permissions and it will automate the action, you don’t have a grant or deny permissions manually anymore. Overall the SuperSU makes things easier.

Also, you can always back the apps which you have granted root permissions and you can either change the setting. By using SuperSU you can even temporarily unroot your Android device, and also the app even works in an improperly booted device. SuperSU is a great tool to troubleshoot issues with your Android device if it is stuck in boot loops. Also, the tool will log how often the apps request root permissions, whether the Apps do so in the background and even it works in recovery mode.

Features of SuperSu

  • Grant or deny root permission for specific apps on your device.
    Once you open SuperSU, you will see all installed Apps that have root permissions on your device in the Apps category. You can always block root permission for a specific app just by choosing Deny.
  • There are Logs to keep track of when an app requires root access and decides to allow to or do not, according to the permission we have set up
  • Enable Re-Authentication for apps to ask for permission again when the Apps are re-installed or upgraded
  • You can Unroot your device just with a single click and get the device to basic settings
  • Set default access. You can always choose to grant or deny root access when an App requires. Or else you can set it as default to push notification when an app requires root access.
    (Go to Settings > Default Access to set default response for Root access to require from apps)

There are so many SuperSU on the Google Play Store now, some of them are scams. The right choice is the Codingcode SuperSu, this one is available in two versions: the free version and a paid version. The difference between both the SuperSu Free and SuperSu Pro is, the SuperSU Pro gives some other advanced features than the SuperSu Free does, such as keeping Root rights even after a system update, password protection and advanced log configuration settings for each application. The SuperSU Pro costs only $3.75 the links are below.

How To Use SuperSu?

After Rooting your Android Device using by Rooting Tool, you can install this SuperSu on your Android Device easily. Think, if you have rooted android device with KingoRoot or TowelRoot or iRoot when you can install this SuperSu on your android device. After installation process finished, then you can manage your Android device properly as you wish. But Some Root Tool automatically installs a Root Management Apps during the rooting process that KingRoot is such a Rooting Tool. It will install KingUser during the rooting process. Anyway, I discuss best Root Management Tool for you. So you can replace Kinguser from SuperSu easily. If you need any knowledge about replacing process when you can use this link here.

How to Flash SuperSU zip via TWRP Recovery

  1. Download and transfer the SuperSU zip file from the download to your device’s storage.
  2. Then, Boot your device into TWRP recovery.
  3. Now, Tap on Install &  select the SuperSU zip file that you transferred to your device.
  4. After selecting the .zip file, do Swipe to Confirm Flash on the bottom of the screen to start the flashing process.
  5. After SuperSU hs flashed, you’ll get Reboot System option, select it.

Congratulations! Your device should be rooted now. Look for the SuperSU app in app drawer.

Download SuperSU Free

Download SuperSU PRO


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