SRSRoot For Android|Download

SRSRoot For Android|Download

SRSRoot is an awesome rooting Tool for Android Devices. You can root your Android phone or tablet as well as remove root access on rooted Android devices with a single click. SRSRoot tool is given as free of charge and provides you with two ways to root which there are Root for all Android Devices and other one is Root for SmartRoot.


  • SRSRoot Works well with all of Android 1.5 up to Android 4.2 (Lollipop)
  • SRSRoot is compatible with some Latest Android Devices
  • SRSRoot Support to unroot.


  • SRSRoot does not support to some of Android 4.4 or up Android Devices.

Why Root Your Android Device

We can start with why you would require to root your Android Smart Device. Generally apps require to make special permission on Android OS which is based on Linux. These could be straightforward as taking a screenshot to more elevated amount authorizations deeply Android documents. Android Rooting makes your Android  speedier, expands battery life, enables it to run more applications, custom programming and ROMs which permit finish control over each part of your Device by permitting superuser and administrator level authorization.

However, Android rooting isn’t for everyone. If you haven’t knowledge about command prompt or you have trouble handling .zip files when please don’t  try to root your android device. The danger of bricking your costly Device to get speed additions and enhancements just Android lovers can acknowledge is not justified, despite any potential benefits. In conclusion, rooting can void your mobile’s warranty and get all backup before rooting so please ensure you take after directions to the letter. Additionally, go down your information before you root android.

Don’t forget that SRSRoot only can be used with a Windows OS which is licensed as Freeware for Windows. Otherwise you should provide a security environment on your device before start the rooting. Then you can root your Android devices with  SRSRoot Tool without having any security problem why  SRSRoot Tool is completely controlled by SRS Server.

SRSRoot For Android – Step by Step Guidance

SRSRoot tool is a greatest Android rooting tool for any Android users who hope to root their Android devices safely. If you are new comer to android rooting, simply you will be able to root the devices within an one click because of it’s user friendly Android rooting tool. Please keep in mind that after rooting of your Android devices, it voids the warranty. So read the guidance carefully before begin the Rooting with SRSRoot.

  • Install SRS Root on your Android

    You can Download SRS Root from the official website. Then, you should click on setup wizard and install SRSRoot on your computer. we recommend that you should close all other applications before continuing SRSRoot.

  • Connect Android to PC

    You should Run SRSRoot on your computer and connect your Android phone to the computer using by USB cable. Then you should Enable USB debugging mode on your Android Device.

  • Root Android with SRS Root

    Woderful, SRSRoot includes several choices as Root Device permanently and Root Device temporarily. You can work with Any Choice as your Wish.

If you need to unroot, then you can also unroot your device by clicking the “UnRoot Device” button. Furthermore you can use other Rooting tool to root your Android Device such as KingoRootKingRoot, FramaRoot, TowelRoot, iRoot etc.

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