Slim Bean Custom ROM

Slim Bean Custom ROM

“Slim Bean”, the simplest ROM for Android. This is a very lightweight ROM and it offers most of all the useful and important features. It is called the simplest Custom ROM which focuses more on providing a simpler user interface without bugs to its user. When you use the ROM, you will find it almost always easier to work with it. In the other hand it is very stable and an ideal alternative for people who want a few more things to tweak.

Slim Rom

Once you have installed the Slim Bean ROM, be sure to install the Slim GApps firmware as well in order to get Google apps installed. This Slim Bean Custom ROM uses a Custom Kernel as the processor and that impacts on the performance of your device and for a better battery backup. It provides the best balance between customizability and general zippiness.

Installation instructions on Slim bean

  • Complete a full backup of your device; this should be your first step before you start with major changes like flashing your ROM.
  • Download the latest ROM source from official website or from a safe and genuine link.
  • Use the Android app ROM manager to flash and install the selected ROM version.
  • Focus well on the given instructions and follow the provided setup process.
  • Then let the system Reboot.
  • The process is successfully installed and now you can enjoy the modified system of your device.
  • If you encounter any issue make sure you follow with accurate trouble shooting or resolving steps as recommended by the official website.

It is unique as it offers a dark system style. The desktop background comes with the black and dark brown colors with a white text font on the surface making it so glamorous with the dark theme.

Inspiring features come with Slim Bean

  1. Offers a wide range of unique features.
  2. PIE controlling.
  3. Shortcuts and unique lock screen.
  4. Quick custom settings tiles are included.
  5. Unique Color theme.
  6. Easier and simple compared to other Custom ROMs.
  7. High performance.
  8. Options to get regular updates easily.
  9. Fast in navigating.
  10. Even work great with older versions or outdated versions of Android.
  11. Updated and improved camera.
  12. Better privacy.
  13. Access to more apps.
  14. Multitasking.
  15. New notifications and Lock screen shortcut icons.

The one of the best advantages of Slim Bean is that lets you update to the newly introduced Android versions simply with a single click. And it does not give you any chances of going for other new ROMs. It supports many operating systems and mostly available for Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola and etc.
Being one of the simplest Custom ROMs, Slim Bean provides options to get regular updates easily with a single touch. Its quick custom settings tiles and its attracting additional features make it one of the most popular though it is simple. Combination of all these features increases the usability of the ROM impressively and makes it popular among the Android users.

Slim Rom

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