SetCPU apk for your CPU setting change

SetCPU apk is best for your CPU settings change

Android rooting can develop extra features and most of advanced development.

Best app for changing CPU setting on your android devices is call SetCPU. Set CPU work with varies of android OS running devices and ROMs, It is a greatest tool work with HTC one series, Samsung Galaxy range and nexus smart phone and tablets, you are under control support version, SetCPU apk save your device`s battery life and improve performance.

Setcpu apk

Profiles with automate SetCPU.

To change powerful profile setting up under certain conditions.

  1. What app is running.
  2. When the phone`s is asleep or charging.
  3. When the battery level drops below a certain points.
  4. When the phone temperature is very high level or during times of the day.

You should see screen shot picture examples can decide how to set up profile.

SetCPU apk include wide features. It is useful for android beginner users, can  Accelerate your processor to unleash your phone’s true multitasking potential or dial your CPU’s speed down to save battery.

SetCPU include “voltage control” menu and available certain devices with custom kernels to control undervolting to save battery. (Undervolting is only available for certain kernels).

You need root permissions for install SetCPU it can modify the CPU speed and other settings,

You have to using read logs it improve efficient app condition checking.

Start at boot SetCPU start a profile service at boot, sets default boot settings, profile are not enable SetCPU apk doesn’t run back ground profile and inactive after settings if any are applied.

 SetCPU prevents stress testing and bench marking while your phone from sleeping, its call Wake lock options.

Write external storage:  read and write SD card or internal storage to back up profile.

Read phone state: user making a phone call or not “SetCPU apk” determine in call condition, if you want can trigger the profile.

Set CPU Reviews

  • This is probably the single best utility app.
  • Achieve amazing battery life.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Great UI and excellent profile options.

Some users install Set CPU having difficulties.

  • Doesn’t work Screen off profile.
  • Doesn’t work on my Samsung Galaxy3.


3.1.0 Released some standing issues bug fix.

An added super user permissions.

  • Fixed a bug where action bar menu items would sometimes not appear for the profiles menu.
  • Fixed a bug where voltage items would appear in reverse with some custom kernels.
  •  Set CPU perfect for all around android platforms GB ICS JB.

Release new version 3.1.2

  • Support for wireless chargers in profile, fixed more bugs and supports multi control menu.
  • Set CPU install over half million users, required with varies with android devices.


Download SetCPU at Play Store (Paid)

How can get Set CPU for free.

  • Are you sure first of all you should root your devices.
  • You have to need install file from Set CPU (free version).
  • Type on 4 and search tab type in Set CPU. apk uploaded though after 20 second once it’s done to click download this file.
  • Open Set CPU App manager and install it.
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