Secure Folder For Samsung S7,S8 & Upper Devices|Download

Secure Folder For Samsung S7,S8 & Upper Devices

On the February 24, 2017 Samsung Electronics officially launched the Secure Folder Downloadable version on the Google Play Store, a strongest security solution that helps you secure all of your valuable data on the mobile.
Secure Folder influences the defense grade Samsung Knox security system to prevent you a grade personalized and encrypted space on the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The Data and the Apps moved to Secure Folder is sandboxed separately on the Phone and will gain an extra layer of protection and privacy, therefore this protects Data from malicious attacks. Moreover, the Secure Folder users must use an authentication method such as Pattern, PIN, Passcode or the Fingerprint authentication (biometric verification) to access and manage Secure Folder.

Users may get use of the Secure Folder by storing and encrypting personal and private contents such as Apps, Documents, images and keep them hidden either. The Secure Folder also make copies of the favorite Apps and allows you to easily access them via an alternative accounts. Any Photos, Notes, contacts or even the browsing history within the Apps stored in the Secure Folder and out of the Secure folder are completely different from each of them.

How To Work Secure Folder

This feature is very much useful for those who want to keep their banking information or the App with large amount of personal information very secured, when the Phone is to passing hands.

With a simple design and along with the easy access with Samsung Account, the Secure Folder is very convenient as it is secured. The data you want to secure can be easily moved to Secure Folder by just selecting move to Secure Folder from the specific App such as File manager, Gallery or Contacts. Or else you add contents by clicking Add Files in the inside of Secure Folder.

For additional security you can also customize your Secure Folder by changing the icon and name. You can also hide the Secure Folder from your Device screen by using the Quick Panal.


The Secure Folder also has the ability to support Cloud based backup and restore to provide you an easy access to a new Device. The Backup from Secure Folder is completely different type from the general backup files, therefore the backup file could not be opened with anything else rather than you restore the backup through the settings in the Secure Folder, and also only by the original Samsung Account user.

Secure Folder Supported Android Versions

Secure Folder is now available for Download in the Google Play Store, and the Secure Folder is compatible with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Phones working on Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later versions as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus comes preloaded in the stock OS itself. Samsung is planning to support the additional devices soon.

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