SD Maid apk download

SD Maid apk download

Applications you have officially removed, at times some information have leave behind on your device. The framework frequently creates logs, crash reports also debug information archives you don’t really require. Your SD-card is gathering records and catalog locales you don’t distinguish. Lets not happen underneath. Why not get a housemaid to wash down everything up? SD Maid apk will positively help you keep your gadget pleasant and clean.Select a tab, press begin then either click a solitary item to uproot or push the clean all switch. It’s basically that simple.

SD Maid apk Download

There are different capacities accessible in SD Maid apk :

  • Explorer is a complete fledged file manager, use it to crawl with your Androids archives.
  • You can utilize the Searcher in the event that you perceive what records you are searching for.
  • The Corpse Finder hunt your device down stranded things and in addition contrasts those with the posting of introduced applications.
  • App Control gives you a chance to stop, reset furthermore dispose of utilization (likewise system applications).
  • The System Cleaner checks your device and in addition channels catalog locales which comprise of pointless documents. You an even make you’re one of a kind channels!
  • You can improve furthermore lessen puffed up databases to quicken obtain entrance to furthermore vacuum.
  • View your greatest documents and also discover precisely what is hoarding all the room.
  • Discover archives that have been changed in the last X minutes.
  • Several extra characteristics and in addition solace furthermore advantage components could be opened by obtaining and introducing the unlocker.

SD maid is always being produced and in addition composed carefully.

SD Maid apk download

SD Maid apk download

SD MaidĀ unlockerĀ apk download

SD Maid apk v3.1.2.1

  • Information sources overhauls.
  • Minor UI changes furthermore style conformists.
  • Enhanced evacuation and set issues with uninstalling framework applications.

SD Maid apk v3.1.2.0 (357).

  • Supported erasure structure, presents that neglect to evacuate should no more vanish until rescan.
  • Included help for expelling archives from the outside SD card without root on Android


  • Included fresh out of the plastic new System Cleaner channels.
  • Overhauled mess & concealed reserve information sources.
  • Minor UI changes.

This application free from advertisements.

How to use SD Maid apk free

Once introduced, SD Maid lives up to expectations distinctively for an rooted and non-rooted gadget. In the article we will perceive how the application functions for non-rooted gadgets and clear the junk records from the SD card. After the application introduces, it gives you a look of utilized and free space that is accessible on diverse segments you have on your Android. The following tab, called Explorer, is a basic record pioneer where you can search your SD card and erase documents physically.

Point you to open the Corpsefinder module specifically. This module is the enchantment wand of the application and makes it what it is. When you open the module, tap on the screen to revive the rundown. The application will filter your Android gadget for left over documents that are no more utilized by any of the applications that are introduced on it and presentations them consistently as a rundown. You can tap on a specific section to discover more data about it. The erase catch at the top will clear these junk documents from your SD card.

The application scanner relies on upon whether you have allowed root access to the application. For a typical client, the application will just clean the garbage records from the mounted SD card yet for root clients it will check the framework information envelope also. The System Cleaner module examines for impermanent documents, display thumbnails, void and LOST.DIR registries that are expending space on your SD card and cleans them in one single touch. This likewise deals with Windows produced brief records which are made when you mount the SD card to you’re PC.

The Biggest File area is likewise an awesome expansion which lets you know which of the documents that you have on your SD card are taking the greatest stockpiling portion. This can be extremely useful on occasion when you have duplicated motion pictures to your card and overlooked it totally. When you select a record in this module, it opens in the application’s file manager from where you can erase it.

The components to clean SD card offered by free form of the application closes there. The paid variant gives some extra livens like App Cache Cleaner and Duplicate File finder. You can go for the ace form yet there are free applications accessible in the Play Store which can deal with individual undertakings.

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