SCR Screen Recorder Apk

What is the purpose of SCR Screen recorder App?

This is one of the best apps you should have in your rooted device. SCR screen recorder apk is a free app which helps you to capture screen videos easily. Taking screenshots are really easy with your Android device, but when it comes to record videos on your device’s screen the best option you can have is SCR Screen Recorder apk for your Android. It becomes handy when you desire to record some important tasks or when making tutorials on your device. It records great quality screencasts directly from your phone or tablet.SCR screen recorder apk


Some of unique features come with SCR screen recorder apk

  •  System Audio

You can directly record in-game audio without quality loss caused by microphone recording speakers output on most devices. The “internal + Mic” option allows user to add a microphone commentary to the system audio recording.

  • Face Camera

You can share your moods by adding a front-facing camera to your video.

  • No Ads

Unlike many other free screen recorders, SCR never display any ads.

  • Settings

SCR supports with many customizations and provides you with quality performance and stability.

This is simply a full featured best Android screen recorder free for everyone. SCR screen recorder apk works only on rooted, unlocked devices. Remember if your device is not rooted there is no use of installing this app. This is called Android’s most comprehensive screen recording app available. It supports all Android versions since 4.0.

SCR screen recorder apk download v 1.0.4 [Root]

SCR screen recorder apk download v 1.0.3 [Root]

SCR screen recorder 5+ pro apk download v 0.1.3 [for lollipop]

Advantages of SCR Screen Recorder apk over other recording apps

  • SCR supports Tegra devices like nexus 7.
  • It is faster.
  • Works on Jelly bean and supports all Android versions from 4.0.
  • Free version and pro version.
  • Start recording without capturing recorder UI.

Once the app is installed, fire up the app and tap the record button in order to start with your work. You can tweak the capture settings as you wish as frames per second and screen resolution, and once your recording is done it is stored in your SD card. This application is available in two flavors, as a free version and a 6$ “pro” version.

The free version of “SRC Screen Recoder apk” holds your recording for 3 minutes time and applies an SCR watermark on your video at the end of the work. Unlike the free one pro version removes both those limitations. This SCR screen recorder app frequently gets updated. Its new features give user the best recoding experience ever. The developers of this app have mentioned that it is in beta, and that means it will not work on all ROMs and devices. Anyway unlike most of the apps, this recorder supports a wide range of devices.

This is pretty much the best way to record your screen activity. Unfortunately root access is required in order to get this functionality. It records audio, allow you to put your front facing camera footage on the screen recording, and much more. SCR screen recorder is still in a developing stage and new more features are being tested all the time. There are plenty of features you can have with SCR screen recorder for a best recording activity.

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